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[#] Mon Sep 17 2012 13:05:24 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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Attn: all webmasters, everywhere

Unless your name is "YouTube," it is TOTALLY RUDE AND OBNOXIOUS to automatically begin a video playback when I land on a page. This is even more true if the video has nothing to do with the reason I went to the page.

I expect this kind of rude and obnoxious behavior from bottom feeders (along with the "Wait! You can't leave, you have to take advantage of our special offer!!1" when I try to navigate away), but it's particularly egregious when it's done by a site that's trying to be reputable.

[#] Mon Sep 24 2012 07:12:07 EDT from michaelmd

Subject: Kraftwerk

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the Japanese version of Pocket Calculator 12" had "Numbers"
 on the other side .. an awesome classic

[#] Sun Sep 30 2012 01:30:23 EDT from the8088er

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I'm the operator with my pocket calculator.

[#] Fri Oct 19 2012 13:52:07 EDT from fleeb

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Amazon has a lot of peculiar reviews for Avery Durable Binder Rings.

[#] Tue Nov 06 2012 16:10:38 EST from LoanShark

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These are sad times indeed. RIP Some of you UCGers will remember it fondly.

[#] Tue Nov 06 2012 16:42:07 EST from fleeb

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Gads... why? WHY!?

[#] Tue Nov 06 2012 18:00:49 EST from LoanShark

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May have spoken too soon. Many sites hosted on the host in question seem to have gone tits-up, possible hijacking.

[#] Tue Nov 06 2012 19:04:54 EST from zooer

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My mother said when she went to Walgreens their computers were having trouble and she was having trouble with her
internet connection. She wondered if something was going on.

[#] Tue Nov 06 2012 22:15:50 EST from Ladyhawke

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Teh Aliens are taking over the internets so they can rig the election!

[#] Wed Nov 07 2012 21:43:31 EST from IGnatius T Foobar

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May have spoken too soon. Many sites hosted on the host in question
seem to have gone tits-up, possible hijacking.

Looks like DNS hijacking, actually. The IP addresses aren't right.

[#] Thu Nov 08 2012 00:12:46 EST from LoanShark

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Agree. Although the main domain is still owned by the rightful owner. Strange. Seems to affect every domain on that box, the ones I know of, anyway.

[#] Tue Nov 20 2012 06:02:33 EST from dothebart

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heh, fecesbook offline.

[#] Thu Nov 29 2012 17:49:58 EST from dothebart

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mailserver loadtest... I know a similar situation where an exchange with ~10k users blew up after about a dozend reply alls.

40k recipients and most probably a hundret replies... i' d like to know what sort of mailsystem this was... and on what hardware.

[#] Thu Dec 13 2012 11:56:16 EST from zooer

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Hey, she got free implants! She will also be getting free housing, free food and free health and dental care for the next few years.

[#] Mon Jan 07 2013 23:26:13 EST from IGnatius T Foobar

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Can you imagine the hyper-overdose she'd get if one of those "implants" were breached?

[#] Sat Jan 19 2013 12:48:07 EST from IGnatius T Foobar

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"The Spider who couldn't hide"

[ ]

(Yes it's cute, even if you're arachnophobic)

[#] Sat Jan 19 2013 18:06:05 EST from fleeb

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I rather liked that video. Poor thing, was certainly not in its preferred environment.

[#] Thu Jan 24 2013 07:58:49 EST from dothebart

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