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I'm thinking of deleting my facebook account. It will be painful though. I have so many real life family and friends on there, who i will almost certainly loose contact with online,

unless i can persuade them to use another means of online communication.

I could let everyone have my email address ( gmail Hmmm )? Will anyone bother to mail me? I'm not sure.

I could tell them to phone or sms message me on my mobile number? 

And i could try to get them to use another social media or online communications platform, where we could all see who is doing what, in one place; like facebook?



I was thinking of setting up an alternate open source, and decentralised social network; such as diaspore, or (my favourite) friendica.

I have had an account on a mastodon (twitter-like, FOSS, decentralised ... ) instance, and am loving it (even though i have never really grown to like twitter).

Mastodon actually has garnered a fair few users this past few months , compared to the others. The server i am a member of has alot of good people on it

(including a couple of my online friends ). But there is also one more solution (staring me in the face :) ); and that is the citadel software system.

Citadel is a general purpose communications platform, and i feel sure would replace any social media community software.


Posted by mo on Sun Mar 25 2018 17:52:46 EDT
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wizard of aahz  says:  Sun Mar 25 2018 20:04:15 EDT
mo - you could always just have them join uncensored.. This way they won't be discluded (TM)

mo  says:  Mon Mar 26 2018 07:56:42 EDT
That's a nice thought aahz. It would be much easier to get people to just join a server that's up n running. But most people are not tech oriented, let alone know what UNIX is, and i feel it would be easier for people to set up thier own, brand new micro-community, which would consist of people they already know. It's just getting a few to actually try.
I wonder how someone would get a post from citadel to their facebook ?

(i am all in favour of ditching it altogether (FB) but it would be helpful to post back now and then for some, and might get people to follow suit being in contact still.

mo  says:  Mon Mar 26 2018 07:58:43 EDT
Is there a limit to comment size here i wonder?
(my last one was made into a file, not a readable comment. Mmmm

IGnatius T Foobar  says:  Thu Apr 05 2018 11:15:25 EDT
mo: it's a software glitch that I'm in the process of fixing.

zooer  says:  Thu Apr 05 2018 12:01:17 EDT
Anytime you mention the word "f*cebook" the software converts the message to an attachment so people don't have to see that word. Mr. Foobar calls it a 'glitch' but we know better.

IGnatius T Foobar  says:  Sat Apr 07 2018 01:57:04 EDT
Ok, the bug is fixed, now let's talk fecesbook!

There have been a lot of instances where someone has decided to build a distributed network that isn't controlled by one evil company. I keep getting excited about them and disappointed when they don't catch on. Without a doubt, if one does achieve critical mass, it will be implemented in Citadel.

Mastodon looks promising. It is Twitter-like, however, and that leaves the problem of finding people to follow. That's the same problem has (well, that and the fact that it was inaccurately and inappropriately labeled as a hate speech site). I've got a Mastodon account, though, so send me your ID so I can finally connect with someone I know :)

Having friends and family on fecesbook is a curse, not a blessing, because most of them either don't realize or don't care that they've stopped connecting everywhere else. This is of course fecesbook's fault and the site needs to be shut down.

mo  says:  Tue Apr 10 2018 13:07:33 EDT
Thanks for fixing the bug. I won't mention f*cb**k directly again ;).

I will send you my mastodon details for sure.

Yes it is a curse have real friends and family member on f*cb**k, for the very reason you mentioned: lots of people now use nothing but f*cb**k to communicate, or maybe instagram - or whatsapp all owned by f*cb**k.
When you posted your last message three days ago, i was working in central London. I had just seen a picture posted on instagram/shared to f*cb**k (where i saw it) of one of my cousins who was visiting London for a few days (and who i had not seen in over ten years) . The location tag for the picture was in exactly the area i work each weekend, so i got in touch, and we were able to meet up that saturday in London. It's frustrating having so many people on there, it would really hurt leaving/deleting, so now i won't delete just yet. I think to get anyone to use another means of communication or socialising online - will nee a lot of patience. So thinking in thelong term is the way to go for me at least.

I will post up here, what i aim to try to get my circle to read; to gently introduce most of them to the ideas of privacy, anf how they are (me too) being used in so many ways by f*cb**k/g**gle et al... the gory details will be a shock to most i am sure (if i can get them to actually concentrate for long enough to read them). I welcome any suggestions on the opice i am about to write, and on advocacy, and persuasion in general.
I will set up a server one day soon also. Citadel is top of my list. I think it could replace most peoples 'free' webmail accounts, and act as a pretty good social network and forum for a group of family and friends (especially a group of relatives/family who actually know each other in real life). I have been evaluating a few other decentralised social networking systems, and the final choice of what to offer my circle (which i think willbe a long time coming yet maybe(?) maybe not??)willrest upon what they would be most comfortable using. I think citadel is pretty easy to use on the desktop for sure. We will see.
But the more i think of it, and in the light of nobody else in my circle (even the much more technically minded than me) making any shape to do anything: i will - and f*cb**k, g**glemail, and search are top of the list to jetisson.

I would Looove to see f*cb**k shut down! Bring it on! :)

slapshot <>  says:  Sun May 06 2018 01:13:17 EDT
For our Alpine Club we decided to have a private server and our choice is Citadel ! So easy to install, manage, it's bbs style is fashinating ... anyway, just a bit difficult having some help for details on how it is working to set it at its best. But we keep hard lol !
Thank you for this wonderful piece of software.


mo  says:  Tue Jul 17 2018 16:07:43 EDT
Hi Antonio I am happy to hear you, and your club use Citadel. Yes thier is a bit of magic from all the years people have been involved in such community building projects such as Citadel it seems.

darknetuser  says:  Wed Aug 07 2019 18:32:51 EDT
I am a bit late for the party, but who cares :) I removed my Facebook account long ago. I only joined because I needed some marketing platforms for a project of mine. It failed to work and I hated working with it, so it got removed. Facebook as a service is less a threat than mobile messaging services. People will join them and won't interact with you unless you are there. It is specially bad because you can arrange a date in a bar with your friends, and your friends will pull their phones out and start messaging people instead of spending time together. I totally feel robbed of my time when that happens. I have had some success getting people to use XMPP and Signal Messenger. I am not a huge fan of Signal Messenger for a number of reasons, but people is more likely to stay with it.

IGnatius T Foobar  says:  Tue Dec 10 2019 14:14:17 EST
People interacting with their phones instead of the people around them is a bigger problem than any individual messaging service. It's a fundamental problem in general. If someone is distracted by their phone while I am conversing with them, I just stop talking and walk away. They usually get the message pretty quick.

darknetuser  says:  Wed Dec 11 2019 08:48:28 EST
If you can get them to get the message, you are doing ok.

I have had bad experiences with people joining boardgame parties and paying more attention to the phone than to the board game, which resulted in lots of dead times and generally ruining the experience for every player.

That incident made think about making a freq inhibitor to kill phones during parties, no joke. It was that bad.

wizard of aahz  says:  Thu Dec 12 2019 07:58:37 EST
fundamental problem in general. If someone is distracted by their
phone while I am conversing with them, I just stop talking and walk

Sorry - didn't see what you were talking about, I was busy on Snapchat..

IGnatius T Foobar  says:  Sun Dec 29 2019 16:03:26 EST
There are lots of situations where it would be useful to jam everyone's phones so that they are forced to pay attention to the people right in front of them.

darknetuser  says:  Sun Dec 29 2019 16:59:09 EST
You know, I am still sore about the incident with the board game. Because that player ruined that game, everybody had a bad time and nobody in my regular gaming group wants to play it. It is a shame because it is a very good game I invested the equivalent of 75 euro in, and now Ihave trouble putting it on the table.

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