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[#] Mon Jun 30 2014 16:23:47 EDT from fleeb

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Oddly, I'm now in the mood to listen to the song 'Brazil'.

[#] Tue Jul 01 2014 15:03:12 EDT from fleeb

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for ./config...




[#] Tue Jul 01 2014 15:09:11 EDT from fleeb

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"checking whether ether_hostton is declared..."

"Hi, I'm Ether Hostton. If I am your travelling companion, you must declare me as an import should you go through customs."

[#] Tue Jul 01 2014 15:14:07 EDT from fleeb

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"checking if --disable-protochain option is specified..."

This software potentially works at the molecular level, unless you disable protochains. Alternatively, you can use protochains to cut down trees, pairing down the number of files in your harddrive and allowing the ones closer to root to grow big and strong, since they won't be crowded out by the larger branches.

[#] Tue Jul 01 2014 15:29:50 EDT from LoanShark

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Oh yeah, fleeb's gone crazy again.

Anywho, I need to get back to filling out this 27b/6

[#] Tue Jul 01 2014 15:30:33 EDT from LoanShark

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protochains knocks down trees, but does it kill people?

[#] Tue Jul 01 2014 16:16:34 EDT from fleeb

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Yes, but more gently than the Peruvian gods.

[#] Wed Jul 02 2014 21:46:43 EDT from Sig

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I think I may have just burned a pretty big bridge with the officers running the joint, but I don't know what else I ethically could have done. As they have just demonstrated, it is very easy to get us removed from active duty orders without much recourse on our part.

[#] Thu Jul 03 2014 08:26:39 EDT from fleeb

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Ugh... that sounds awful, Sig.

The military's corruption and their stance on gays (at the time) were strongly contributing factors for convincing me that a life in the Army wasn't for me.

[#] Thu Jul 03 2014 12:11:59 EDT from LoanShark

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Sig: huh, what happened?

[#] Fri Jul 04 2014 09:59:07 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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Remember, the phrase "the truth will set you free" is just corporate douchespeak for "being honest will get you fired."

[#] Mon Jul 07 2014 18:59:25 EDT from LoanShark

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airline reservation systems are the worst.

actually, their reputation is undeserved in some respects; they don't JUST use screen scraping anymore, as there are various forms of structured host communication being added on beneath the web service gateways.

no, the problem is the consultants. want to get an option flag added to a webservice, which is already implemented in the native host "green screen" as a two-char option switch? sorry, you must battle your way through hordes of peon "project engineers" and consultants. good luck!

[ A big shout-out to Sabre here for being pragmatic; Sabre knows when their webservices suck, and are willing to allow developers to issue native host-layer commands when necessary. Amadeus, while better documented and better designed in general, is full of bureaucratic hell. ]

Oh, and I have a fever today. Yay.

[#] Tue Jul 08 2014 10:52:51 EDT from fleeb

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I am working with a version of g++ can can perhaps best be described as 'antediluvian'.

It's so old, I don't think it'll let me build the target compiler I want to build (g++ 4.8.1).

[#] Tue Jul 08 2014 15:36:27 EDT from fleeb

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When I was a kid, I used to read a lot of these books by Piers Anthony, in the Xanth series. In Xanth, all of the human characters had to have at least one magic power, or be exiled from Xanth. Certain characters had what they termed 'Magician' class talents, talents of such magnitude and ability that they were particularly powerful.

One character did not have a talent that manifested itself in any way that anyone could perceive, so he was thought to be magicless. His parents worried for him. An oracle indicated that he had a Magician-class magic talent, but nobody saw it. He was eventually told to leave Xanth, etc.

To get to the point, his talent was that he had an anti-magic field so powerful that no magic could adversely impact him, but it preferred to manifest itself in ways that involved subtltey, such that nobody could tell that he had an antimagic field.

He found himself in a battle against another Magician, one with the talent to polymorph others into whatever he desired. In the battle, that magician tried to turn him into any of a variety of things, but it always seemed like something else got in the way. Eventually, he managed to maneuver the guy into a position where nothing could possibly prevent him from polymorphing our hero, only to find that the very microbes around him were being polymorphed. At that point, he finally realized that there was no possibly way he could use his talent against the anti-magic character.

Trying to build gcc 4.7 on a version of Knoppix dating back to 2002 feels somewhat like that. The very microbes around this compiler refuses to allow it to compile on this damned machine. (Or, more specifically, the assembler barfed with a 'bigint' error during the compile... something I'd never seen happen with the GNU compiler before).

[#] Sat Jul 12 2014 11:04:19 EDT from Sig

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A Spell For Chameleon.

[#] Sat Jul 12 2014 19:39:40 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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I'm guessing that those microbes were actually Xanthomonas Campestris bacteria.
That's where the series got its name.

[#] Fri Jul 18 2014 15:02:59 EDT from fleeb

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We have this deadline I want to meet by October. I see that it's getting closer and closer to the end of July, and I'm thinking that the next month is October. Which gave me that accellerated feeling I normally get about having to get things done in a hurry and so on.

Imagine my surprise when I realized that next month isn't October... that it's August, and that I have two months between this one and the target date.

I'm not accustomed to reasonable deadlines.

[#] Mon Jul 21 2014 10:09:10 EDT from wizard of aahz

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I love deadlines..

I especially love the breeze they make as they go flying past me.

[#] Mon Jul 21 2014 11:45:11 EDT from fleeb

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Oh, yeah, it kind of smells like lemon furniture polish.

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