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[#] Thu Jan 30 2014 18:36:02 EST from Ladyhawke

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Damn it, IG, I already had dibs on that Delorian.

[#] Fri Jan 31 2014 08:57:29 EST from IGnatius T Foobar

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Where's that? My geography isn't very good.

Where's America? That's easy. Look for the places painted deep red on an election map.

[#] Fri Jan 31 2014 17:17:00 EST from fleeb

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So, a little east of Europe?

[#] Sun Feb 02 2014 04:32:28 EST from vince-q

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Where's America? That's easy. Look for the places painted deep red

on an election map.

And I understand the final line of the Star Spangled Banner is being re-written in those areas to say "the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brains!"

[#] Sun Feb 02 2014 09:24:33 EST from zooer

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Why would they keep the word "free"?

[#] Mon Feb 03 2014 03:47:12 EST from vince-q

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Feb 2 2014 9:24am from zooer @uncnsrd
Why would they keep the word "free"?

Because they ***woundn't*** have an Obama-like nanny government telling them when they could wipe their ass or what sized soft drink they'd be allowed to buy, or any number of other lib-tard nonsense regulations.

For starters.

[#] Mon Feb 03 2014 12:54:20 EST from zooer

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So you think we are free or would be free without Obama? Government is the problem, not any one politician.

[#] Tue Feb 04 2014 02:05:52 EST from vince-q

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You have to start somewhere.
And right now, "somewhere" is getting rid of Obama.

If he were a Republican he would have been impeached 2 years ago.
If he were Nixon, make that four years ago.

But, bad as he is, Hitlery Clin-Ton would be infinitely worse.

[#] Tue Feb 04 2014 09:52:20 EST from wizard of aahz

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Someone please save me from this user.. It's 9:45 and I'm already considering alcohol.

[#] Tue Feb 04 2014 11:59:27 EST from anonymous

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The Gods have brought you alcohol.

[#] Tue Feb 04 2014 12:32:00 EST from LoanShark

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Thought you were a nymph worshipper more than a Bacchus worshipper. Or is it "all of the above"

[#] Tue Feb 04 2014 16:21:42 EST from wizard of aahz

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I do not worship nymphs. I just enjoy them.

[#] Wed Feb 05 2014 08:11:08 EST from IGnatius T Foobar

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Nymphs and alcohol? Where do we show up for the Aahz party?

[#] Wed Feb 05 2014 08:57:05 EST from fleeb

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Just follow the yellow brick road.

[#] Wed Feb 05 2014 09:11:13 EST from wizard of aahz

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Actually, just won a party at Howl at the Moon in Boston.. Am thinking about it.

[#] Wed Feb 05 2014 19:36:12 EST from fleeb

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In July, I submitted to this stupid test to help them ascertain if I was good enough for the job. I was told I wasn't.

Today, I got the *same* *exact* *test* for another position that earns less income. I looked over my answers, made certain changes, and submitted it.
I passed their test this time.

The changes I made were of a nature where my original answer was in some ways more correct than the changes I made today. Whoever created this test doesn't seem to know what the fuck they're doing, and it cost me a lot of money.

[#] Thu Feb 06 2014 07:44:30 EST from IGnatius T Foobar

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"If this company is a bowl of ice cream, and you are a topping, how willing are you to work 168 hours per week at minimum wage?"

[#] Thu Feb 06 2014 11:19:18 EST from Shazam

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I'm an employer now. I don't hate employees. I really don't. But what a bunch of whiners, seriously, they're as bad my kids. And everybody wants to be paid off the books. The young ones, who are 20 or 21, when they get their first pay check are always so shocked at the taxes. Then they get angry at me, because I issue the checks. Sorry, kiddies! That's the Real World for you. I get a pay check with taxes taken out too. That's life, suck it up.

[#] Thu Feb 06 2014 12:19:41 EST from IGnatius T Foobar

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They *should* be angry about the taxes. And they ought to be taking pitchforks and torches to the high-taxing commies who made it that way.

[#] Thu Feb 06 2014 12:41:07 EST from triLcat

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The correct response to complaints about taxes is "please be sure to vote against them in the next election"

and I've had sticker-shock about taxes... but I just knew that it's part of the deal... 

working under the table is passing off your tax problems to everyone else... why are you so special that you shouldn't need to pay and everyone else should carry you?

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