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[#] Sun Sep 12 2021 18:24:27 EDT from Nurb432

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At least THIS time if it goes south for me personally, i can early retire if i need to as the 'company' wont go away, just many in our agency.  If i cant do a lateral into another agency, then I go find something back in private sector to supplement income a bit until the house is paid off and to re-gain insurance ( the bigger deal ). Too young for medicaid or SS ( or is that medicare, i can never remember which is which )

In previous collapses like this, i was too young, so i was simply screwed and just had to start over.  I did get out before others did as i saw it coming, but it was the same result, leaving and starting over.

Sun Sep 12 2021 05:18:09 PM EDT from LoanShark

there is a reason why the movie Office Space brought in the management consultants for the opening scenes.


[#] Fri Sep 17 2021 09:55:51 EDT from Nurb432

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Against better judgement i ordered a new laptop for myself. i dont NEED one.I didnt really need to be wasting money. But i did anyway.  I have grown sort of fond of this little flip-top chromebook i have. Wasn't sure id like the idea, but its actually kind of neat having both a tablet and a laptop at same time. Not even taken my real tablet out of the house since i got it. Problem is its really low on storage, like 16g for the OS and only 10" ( its also ARM, a selling point, for me anyway :) ).  So the new one is 13" ( i'm getting old.. :( ) and 256g. It is intel in this case.

Shipping from china ( i know.. shoot me ) with an eta of 2.5 weeks.  I'm taking bets with people at the office that it shows up before they find my macbook. Got asked again by purchasing yesterday " have you seen your new computer yet ".

[#] Fri Sep 17 2021 10:15:06 EDT from Nurb432

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"deploying a short cut to our desktops with an ico file is really difficult'  ( we are actually just asking to have an existing one replaced.. one they pushed out several years ago. new logo, new text, same link. )



[#] Mon Sep 20 2021 14:37:20 EDT from Nurb432

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Well, i guess Apple won the race. Got an email that its waiting for me in our dispatch area. WFH today so it will get picked up tomorrow. If i had ordered them at same time. the 'personal' laptop would have beat it by a month at least.

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