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[#] Thu Jan 11 2018 09:25:52 EST from IGnatius T Foobar

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Unsurprisingly, my st00pid sister does a ton of that.  When the last couple of episodes of Disney In Space came out, she suddenly rewrote her childhood so that she has "always been" a Star Wars fan.

(Funny, the way the rest of us remember it, she said I was a loser because I liked sci fi.)

[#] Thu Jan 11 2018 15:22:18 EST from Ladyhawke

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How very Revenge of the Nerds of her...

[#] Thu Jan 11 2018 16:02:59 EST from zooer

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Try these:

1)  "Figures, you like Star Wars now that it sucks."

2) "Now that Disney owns Star Wars they are gearing their movies to a more child like audience."

[#] Thu Jan 11 2018 16:20:11 EST from IGnatius T Foobar

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Both true and worth saying, but as noted above, she now claims that she has "always been" a Star Wars fan ... which is certainly not true. She slept through ANH (which is fine, because she was two years old and we saw it at a drive-in at night) but by the time RotJ came out she was certain that I was a "loser" for liking that kind of film.

But yeah, if you take the retroactive lying out of the equation, Disney In Space is more her speed.

[#] Thu Jan 11 2018 17:54:02 EST from zooer

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Two possibilities; The first, she is saying "I always liked that" and by "I always liked that" she means she has liked it since it has become popular or her husband likes it.  The second possibility is she has always liked Star Wars but couldn't admit it because she didn't want to look like a geek/nerd/dweeb in front of her friends.

In either case steal her cookies when Mom isn't looking.

[#] Sat Jan 20 2018 11:18:16 EST from zooer

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Over use of the phrase "here is what you need to know", here is what you need to know.

 STOP, please fucking STOP.





[#] Sat Jan 20 2018 11:20:12 EST from zooer

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[#] Sun Jan 21 2018 12:55:58 EST from arabella

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... and also ....


[#] Mon Jan 22 2018 10:22:07 EST from Haven

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Better than the "Starship Troopers" movie's "Do you want to know more?"  

[#] Tue Jan 23 2018 18:25:37 EST from IGnatius T Foobar

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From most sites it would be better phrased "here's what we want you to think"

[#] Tue Jan 23 2018 20:16:42 EST from zooer

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That is exactly what I thought they were saying.  That link still works, but the stories change.

[#] Mon Apr 09 2018 14:29:30 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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Don't worry, on Fecesbook they're getting ready to change it to "prepare to receive your daily programming, citizen"

[#] Mon Apr 09 2018 17:10:37 EDT from wizard of aahz

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Trust the computer. The computer is your friend.

[#] Tue Apr 10 2018 11:03:02 EDT from kc5tja

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OOOH, can I lick your boots? PLEEEEASE?

[#] Wed Apr 25 2018 05:13:18 EDT from zooer

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The Top 40 Most Cringeworthy Used Phrases at the Office:

  1. Give 110 percent
  2. Think outside the box
  3. Hammer it out
  4. Heavy lifting
  5. Throw them under the bus
  6. Don't count your chickens before they've hatched
  7. Pushing the envelope
  8. Let the cat out of the bag
  9. Let's circle back
  10. Win-win situation
  11. Blue-sky thinking
  12. Boil the ocean
  13. Synergy
  14. Low-hanging fruit
  15. Take it to the next level
  16. Barking up the wrong tree
  17. Going forward
  18. Let's ballpark this
  19. Run this up the flagpole
  20. Back to square one
  21. There's no I in team
  22. Back to the drawing board
  23. Paradigm shift
  24. Elephant in the room
  25. Raise the bar
  26. Drill down
  27. Best thing since sliced bread
  28. Deep dive
  29. Skin in the game
  30. Reach out
  31. Touch base
  32. Play hardball
  33. Don't reinvent the wheel
  34. Kept in the loop
  35. The bottom line
  36. Down the road
  37. I'll loop you in
  38. Hit the nail on the head
  39. ASAP
  40. Team player

[#] Wed Apr 25 2018 13:24:50 EDT from kc5tja

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99% of those I use in day to day conversations, so aren't at all cringe worthy to me. However, two on that list absolutely are, and they're closely related.
Often, they even appear in the same sentence. "If you don't give 110%, you're not a team player."

[#] Mon Apr 30 2018 09:33:16 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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Some of those are cliche (110%, team player, don't count your chickens) but some have entered the mainstream because they simply work well (circle back, going forward, drill down, deep dive, loop you in).

One that I see missing is "getting into the weeds" (refers to working on the mechanical details of something, often used in the context of desiring not to do that during a high level conversation).

And of course there's a whole other vernacular associated with conference calls...

[#] Tue May 01 2018 09:15:12 EDT from zooer

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Stop saying "leak", it is called a "press release".  

[#] Fri May 04 2018 11:43:28 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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Ok, there *is* a business buzzword that's been bugging me lately, and it isn't on the above list.

When two things are related, stop saying that they "dovetail" into each other.
There are no doves here. Sometimes two things are simply related.

[#] Fri May 04 2018 16:23:14 EDT from wizard of aahz

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No doves! No peace!