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[#] Mon Apr 04 2016 10:56:15 EDT from wizard of aahz

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Greetings and salutations.

Looks like I'll be on the road some again the next couple of months.

Next Wednesday and Thursday I'll be in Miami

End of the month - I'll be in East Lansing

Anyone in those vicinities who wants a beer or three on me?

[#] Tue Apr 05 2016 13:38:11 EDT from fleeb

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Gads... what horrible thing did you do to deserve consignment to Miami?

[#] Tue Apr 05 2016 15:53:20 EDT from zooer

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Besides the bullets, the high crime and the foreign language what is wrong with Miami?  

If you ever on Dixie Hwy the answer is yes, she is a crack whore.

[#] Tue Apr 05 2016 17:13:53 EDT from wizard of aahz

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fleeb - is work life.. Is fine. Fly into airport.. Cab to hotel.. Work for two days.. take cab back to airport and fly home.

[#] Tue Apr 05 2016 18:32:37 EDT from zooer

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Tue Apr 05 2016 03:53:20 PM EDT from zooer

Besides the bullets, the high crime and the foreign language what is wrong with Miami?  

If you ever on Dixie Hwy the answer is yes, she is a crack whore.

If you ever?  

I don't know how that became so screwed up.  If you are ever see a female on Dixie Hwy, the answer is yes she is a crack whore.

[#] Wed Apr 06 2016 12:42:37 EDT from fleeb

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Heh... the English still has too much English, so to speak.

[#] Sat May 21 2016 23:04:15 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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fleeb - is work life.. Is fine. Fly into airport.. Cab to hotel.. Work

for two days.. take cab back to airport and fly home.

Have you paid the TSA your $85 fee to get on the very long line instead of the really long line?

[#] Fri Sep 16 2016 08:16:25 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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This question is primarily for fleeb, but I might as well post it in public to perhaps inspire a discussion.

My family is planning a trip to Washington DC next month. Typical sightseeing and museum visiting type of thing. fleeb, I know you live somewhat close to DC and might be familiar with the area. I also know that outside the capitol area, DC is kind of a shitty town. Can you provide any travel suggestions?

We want to lodge somewhere that's not in a lousy area, but probably not "in town" because that would obviously be expensive ... I'm sure the in-town hotels are fancy and expensive because the people who stay there are spending tax dollars. A neighboring town might make sense. My son did some googling and is suggesting that we stay in Arlington.

The other question is travel. We're taking the Amtrak down there (which for railfans is going to be part of the adventure!) so we won't have a car. There seems to be a big subway network down there.
Is it safe, or is the subway a high-crime location?

Any other suggestions?

[#] Fri Sep 16 2016 12:04:58 EDT from zooer

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Because this is public and open for discussion...  My sister lives near DC.  


This might be family fun, it is called Escape The Room.  You are "locked" in a room and you have to solve a mystery in order to get out.  You work together with your family to solve the problem.  Most likely you will be grouped with others work with them.  It requires reservations.

The Air and Space Museum is always kick ass.

The wife and daughter might enjoy the botanical gardens.

This might be a little out of the way but Jimmy's Old Town Tavern.  The owner is from Buffalo and I believe he worked at the anchor bar (chicken wings)  They have good food.

This place has several locations and the food is very good.




[#] Fri Sep 16 2016 12:11:30 EDT from zooer

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Whoops, for some reason I didn't see the "We are taking the train and wont have a car" sentence.  Ignore my restaurant suggestions.

A friend of mine stayed a night at the DoubleTree/Hilton Hotel (Crystal City)  It is near the Pentagon. I met up with him, he thought it was nice and so did I.  My niece lives a few blocks away, it is a decent area.  

[#] Fri Sep 16 2016 12:26:46 EDT from wizard of aahz

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And don't forget the Dulles Smithsonian Air and Space Extension (I actually think it's near Arlington).

Enola Gay
Space Shuttle.

Is awesome

[#] Fri Sep 16 2016 14:57:00 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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Thanks for all the suggestions, I'll put 'em on the list. I am the most interested in my question about whether the subway is safe for family travel.

[#] Fri Sep 16 2016 20:52:49 EDT from wizard of aahz

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I've done the Metro down there quite a bit and had no problems. I rarely have problems.

[#] Fri Sep 16 2016 22:10:41 EDT from zooer

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The train system is used by over paid government workers and people employed in DC. It is safe but you might not want your children exposed to those kind of people.  Vehicle traffic around DC can be difficult.  My friend used Uber and had no problems with it.

[#] Sat Sep 17 2016 15:15:54 EDT from fleeb

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The subway is the best way to go, but you should prefer daytime travel to night travel, as the crime associated with it happens at night most of the time.

Need to do a bit more research than usual, though, as it has been undergoing extensive repairs, and has been following a pretty shitty schedule lately.
I'm not sure whether or not they're nearly done... man, I hope so, as we really need it to be functioning properly.

I can tell you that the Amtrak station you are most likely to arrive at is Union Station. That place connects you to the Marc commuter line, Metro, and I suspect the bus system.

Knowing that you're arriving at Union Station, here's a web site to help you with specific travel needs regarding mass transit in the area:

They can help you plan out trips via mass transit quite nicely, and will tell you of any repairs going on with the system.

Arlington is probably a good bet. I'm more familiar with Maryland, but I don't have a tendency to look for any hotels in the area, so I don't know what's particularly pricy or not.

I would recommend, however, if you are coming out this way, you might take an interest in Silver Spring, MD, which is the heart of The Discovery Network.
Their headquarters is kind of fun to visit, and they have decent food nearby.
You can find it on the Metro Red line. The station there is quite new, as there has been a lot of work put into it recently to bring it up to date, and make it closer to a full-out station than a mere stop.

[#] Sat Sep 17 2016 15:19:19 EDT from fleeb

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Oh, yeah, I've taken the Metro on many occasions, even at night, and never had a problem.

Any crimes on the Metro itself are pretty well advertised, as they're rare enough to attract attention.

It's *outside* the Metro, near the stops, where you do not want to tarry at night. If you're travelling as a group, you probably won't have any trouble.

[#] Sun Sep 18 2016 22:03:16 EDT from Ragnar Danneskjold

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Eh, just drive. It's not that long a ride.

I would have suggested staying at the Key Bridge Marriott.

And Clydes is a great place to eat.

[#] Mon Sep 19 2016 10:52:38 EDT from fleeb

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Parking is notoriously awful in the DC area.

Drive if you must, but not in DC. Unless you like tickets. Even frivolous ones that you have to fight.

[#] Mon Sep 19 2016 11:34:54 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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My son is a railfan. We've wanted to take a long train trip for a long time.
This is our opportunity. Making videos of the Amtrak trip and then of the Metro will be a big adventure.

[#] Mon Sep 19 2016 15:21:00 EDT from fleeb

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It's kind of a pity you aren't staying in Maryland.

You could go to Brunswick, MD, and take the MARC commuter train into Union Station, switch to Metro, and go anywhere else you like in DC. Then get back to Union Station to catch the MARC back to Brunswick.

You'd get three different kinds of passenger train experiences that way.