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[#] Thu Sep 18 2014 18:40:12 EDT from LoanShark

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fleeb: eh, I hear you gotta package for me?

[#] Thu Sep 18 2014 21:48:25 EDT from fleeb

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TCP/IP, yes.

[#] Fri Sep 19 2014 18:37:45 EDT from LoanShark

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Maybe you should have used FedEx instead of carrier pigeon?

[#] Fri Sep 19 2014 18:51:37 EDT from LoanShark

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Gah, this toothache is becoming horrendous. I feel almost like I have CANCER AND AIDS.

Oh god, then pain.

[#] Sat Sep 20 2014 01:56:22 EDT from vince-q

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Two Excedrin tablets. Repeat every 4 to 6 hours.
Excedrin is (almost) a specific for dental pain.
Eventually it will not work. But it should get you to Monday.
See a dentist. ASAP.


[#] Sat Sep 20 2014 01:58:43 EDT from vince-q

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If it is a cavity (as opposed to an infected root) you might try OraGel. It is available at just about every pharmacy and most well-stocked supermarkets. Over the counter (no prescription needed). Use as directed and put directly onto the cavity. Works wonders. Again this is a short term thing to "tide you over" until you can get to the dentist.

[#] Sat Sep 20 2014 10:28:49 EDT from fleeb

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Dental pain truly sucks. I hope it passes soon.

[#] Sat Sep 20 2014 10:47:19 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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You should have that treated at the Farokh Center For OH GOD THE PAIN

I hear Ygorl works there as a consultant...

[#] Sat Sep 20 2014 12:21:45 EDT from LoanShark

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Dentist is booked for monday. I have some codeine thing that is available OTC in Ireland. For the moment. Thanks for the tip on Oragel..

[#] Sat Sep 20 2014 12:33:34 EDT from vince-q

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Codeine over the counter is only a distant memory from my childhood (1950s) here in the US. Here it is considered opiate and is very heavily watched for MD "overprescribing."

When I was a kid there were quite a few over-the-counter opiates available. I don't remember the names other than one, "Gum Balm" which was the one my mother would keep handy for those pesky adult teeth that kept poking through my gums starting around age 6 or so. Of course, it kept the Tooth Fairy busy and the piggy bank happy!

All of that went away completely by roughly 1960.

There remains the fable that Coca Cola once contained trace amounts of cocaine. It really cannot be proven either way, but those of us who grew up in that era distinctly remember the stern warnings to never use Coke to chase down that aspirin tablet!

And the similarities - you use a straw with coke and also with Coke (although I've never seen anyone try to drink a coca cola through a twenty dollar bill).

And of course .... Things Go Better With Coke!

[#] Sat Sep 20 2014 13:49:19 EDT from LoanShark

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LOL. Yeah, that straw.

In my childhood (in the 80s, not the 50s) Cheracol with codeine was still available behind the prescription counter, without a prescription. You just had to sign for it and promise to be good.

I think that is still the case in some states, but it varies state-by-state.

[#] Sat Sep 20 2014 13:53:00 EDT from zooer

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I hope your tooth pain goes away.

I had a Canadian friend and used to get 222s from her when she would visit. I don't think they are OTC anymore
in Canada. Codeine, acetaminophen, caffeine. Every once and a while I would take one, just one not the two
recommended I just needed one to get over aches. I miss it.

When I had a bad toothache on a Saturday night I took some Tylenol, the pain got worse as the night went on. I
was in a lot of pain, I took one of my father's pain pills from when he broke his hip. Waaalaaaa. I could
think straight again. I flossed my teeth and used one of those in between the teeth brush/pick thingies. Out
popped a piece of food that had gotten lodged. I rinsed with some salt water and I was golden. No more pain,
no more worries. That little piece of caught food caused all the problems.

[#] Sat Sep 20 2014 13:53:35 EDT from zooer

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Again I hope you feel better soon, dental pain is the worst.

[#] Sat Sep 20 2014 16:31:47 EDT from LoanShark

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that sounds like exactly what I've been taking - codeine/acetamiophen/caffeine. OTC effervescent stuff from Ireland.

cure might be worse than the disease--I just fought off a pretty horrendous wave of nausea. that's gone now. hope this orajel does the trick because that might be the last time I'm taking that nasty stuff...

[#] Sat Sep 20 2014 16:33:54 EDT from LoanShark

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or maybe the nausea was an adverse reaction to doing Amadeus systems integration on a weekend--it's a toss-up.

(where is the ygorl/farokh OH GOD THE PAIN service when you need it?)

[#] Sat Sep 20 2014 16:36:22 EDT from vince-q

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Sounds like a bad interaction between codeine and caffeine. Try to find an OTC product without the caffeine.

[#] Sat Sep 20 2014 16:39:59 EDT from LoanShark

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quite possibly.

[#] Mon Sep 22 2014 08:16:10 EDT from fleeb

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I recall using cloves when I had a nasty toothache in college (and had no money to do much of anything with it).

I don't recall the cloves doing much good, honestly, other than making my tongue a bit numb. But then, maybe the pain was bad enough that it did work, in that I only felt some of the pain and not all of it.

[#] Mon Sep 22 2014 16:05:53 EDT from LoanShark

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oil of clove - yeah, Lisa bought some for me. It appears to do something, but not much, and does not last long. Orajel seems to be quite a bit superior.

I think a dentist could perhaps make use of oil of clove, but would have to keep continuously applying it.

You seen that scene from Marathon Man? (Yikes!)

One more day of this. Today's appointment with the oral surgeon was just an initial consultation.

[#] Mon Sep 22 2014 19:54:56 EDT from Sig

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I had three fillings this morning. That is too many to do at once, I have decided.

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