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[#] Sat Feb 09 2013 17:04:16 EST from triLcat

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I had a really good social experience in high school, and a crap one in college...

And I wasn't a 'cool kid' in high school. I just had a really good core of close friends. (4 really close, another 6 or so that were less close, but still friends, and a dozen or so friendly acquaintances)


[#] Thu Feb 14 2013 01:02:39 EST from IGnatius T Foobar

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Random musing for the day.

I'm on vacation. There, I said it. My house is empty. Come on over and rob the place.

This may sound weird coming from someone who inherited his mother's panophobia but I was giving it some thought as we were packing to leave. The things I consider valuable aren't things that a burglar would consider valuable.
Of course, any potential burglar would probably peek inside the front window and see our aging furniture and obsolete television, and decide not to bother in the first place.

But we really do live simply. There's no cash in the house, no really expensive jewelry, not even any high end electronics. Quite frankly, you could level the place and the only thing I'd be concerned about is our cats.

[#] Thu Feb 14 2013 10:46:22 EST from LoanShark

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frankly, you could level the place and the only thing I'd be concerned

about is our cats.

Amen. We have one most prized possession, and she has four paws. Before we got her, I was overly attached to my ski collection. Now I could give two shits.

[#] Thu Feb 14 2013 15:30:04 EST from triLcat

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I do really like my computer and tablet.  

I don't leave home for very long without finding the dog a place to stay.


[#] Fri Feb 15 2013 07:50:55 EST from fleeb

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This explains why IG isn't concerned about Aahz's ninjas wrecking his snow-blower.

[#] Fri Feb 15 2013 11:01:07 EST from Spell Binder

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Before we got her, I was overly attached to my ski collection. Now I
could give two shits.

LS: The real question is, can you give a mass of two shits?

[#] Sat Feb 16 2013 14:03:37 EST from fleeb

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Sounds like someone's Indian name. Chief Mass Of Two Shits.

[#] Sat Feb 16 2013 16:58:15 EST from zooer

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Massachusetts is a nice state.

[#] Sat Feb 16 2013 23:51:33 EST from Ladyhawke

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Only if you're poor.

[#] Sun Feb 17 2013 02:53:02 EST from generica

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[#] Sun Feb 17 2013 15:51:55 EST from IGnatius T Foobar

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Massachusetts is a nice state.

As long as you steer clear of all the Massholes.

[#] Sun Feb 17 2013 18:11:11 EST from Ladyhawke

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Think most of them have headed to CT, where it's cheaper.

[#] Tue Feb 19 2013 08:05:25 EST from fleeb

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Just south of DC, you can find a city named Manassas.


[#] Tue Feb 26 2013 10:34:23 EST from Shazam

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I've fantasized about running into grade-school teachers or class mates and then saying something insanely witty that makes them feel stupid or amazingly saving the day by doing something impossible and flying off into the sun with my cape waving in the wind while they stare at my back and wish they could be me.
I'm still not very good at yelling at people.

While I was cleaning for Pesach yesterday I ran into a pile of embarassingly bad poetry I wrote as an older teenager. But more embarrassing than the actual attemp at poetry was how I poured my emotions and thoughts into those poems. I am still wondering if I should throw them out or just hide them with my old diaries.

I forget sometimes how deeply depressed I was for years. Actually. I forget all the time, the only time it comes back to remind me is when any doctors ask if I ever suffered depression. Then I straight up lie and say only for a few month after Akiva was born.

[#] Thu Mar 07 2013 07:24:00 EST from IGnatius T Foobar

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I wouldn't dwell on that.  Teenagers are kind of exploring their range of emotions and at that age seem to have a need to pour themselves out one way or another.  Everyone does it to some extent.

[#] Thu Mar 07 2013 09:59:33 EST from fireball

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Well, there's also the kind of teens who shut themselves off from everyone, and tries not to express their emotions much at all.  Though that's just another method of handling emotions.

[#] Sun Mar 10 2013 07:16:59 EDT from generica

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I wrote binders of crap when I was in high school, and moved away withuot fully bringing everything with me as an 18 year old; coming back a month later to find that all my writings and personal emo crap that was in my bedroom has been thrown out; while everything else was still there. My parents read it all and decided to purge it from my possession without discussing with me first. I stopped writing personal things after that.

[#] Sun Mar 10 2013 15:37:34 EDT from fleeb

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Anyone remember or have heard of Ben Underwood?

He was a blind teenager who had amazing echo-location skills. He would play video games (which I still don't quite get), basketball, rollerblade, and so on without being able to see.

His eyes had been removed because he suffered from a kind of cancer that starts out in the eyes, but will travel along the optic nerves to the rest of his body if not addressed soon.

He gained a kind of fame for his echo-location skills.

Unfortunately, at the age of 16, the cancer returned and killed him.

I've never met the kid, but I feel awful that such a thing should happen.
I hope his life was full for the length of time he had it.

[#] Mon Mar 11 2013 04:32:46 EDT from dothebart

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sounds like a good reason not to return anymore, so they can continue watching that part of your room they like?

[#] Mon Mar 11 2013 10:31:10 EDT from zooer

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I do remember hearing about the kid with the excellent echo location skills but I had no idea his cancer

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