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[#] Fri Dec 12 2014 23:35:02 EST from ax25

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I would not know as I am more of a Bazaar man myself :-)  Always meant to give Hg a spin, but now I am scared.

[#] Sat Dec 13 2014 15:25:58 EST from dothebart

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oh, any non-canonical associated BZR fans around?

I've always noticed it as inferiour comrpomise between hg/git and svn/cvs...


[#] Sat Dec 13 2014 18:04:39 EST from fleeb

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It's also entirely possible my confusion with Mercurial (or at least with TortoiseHg) is self-inflicted... that I'm trying to understand it a little too thoroughly, and if I just got into the swing of things and didn't think about it, everything would be super-simple and spiffy-funshine.

[#] Sun Dec 14 2014 23:55:56 EST from ax25

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Not a fan, just a fan of Python, as it is likely I could possibly fix it if it broke in the future.

[#] Mon Dec 15 2014 05:07:56 EST from dothebart

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Sun Dec 14 2014 23:55:56 EST from ax25 @ Uncensored

Not a fan, just a fan of Python, as it is likely I could possibly fix it if it broke in the future.

well, this accounts true for HG too ;-)

[#] Thu Dec 18 2014 23:14:02 EST from ax25

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True Hg is Python, but I found Bzr quite a simple transition from my days using CVS -> Subversion -> Bzr.  Most of the commands just stayed the same (at least until Bzr with repos).

[#] Fri Dec 19 2014 08:39:29 EST from fleeb

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I think my problems involve TortoiseHg's default settings. They automatically push my commits to the remote repository, when I'd rather resolve things locally first.

I may need to investigate this a little further. In the meantime, following some advice I should have ignored, I managed to really fubar the repository after a particularly errant merge.

Maybe, possibly, permissions should be established to prevent me from doing something so dangerous.

[#] Sat Dec 20 2014 16:02:21 EST from IGnatius T Foobar

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I have nothing to say about any of this ... to be totally honest, I was happy with CVS. I was persuaded into SVN and later Git because "that's how we do it now" but all I've ever needed is simple version control...

[#] Tue Dec 23 2014 00:16:53 EST from ax25

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I hear you IG.  I have found myself re-explaining the ways of the Cederqvist cvs manual to those that could not be bothered with reading that ancient history.

As to the Tortoise gui overlay on Windows Explorer.  I guess I would have to say that I gave up on that back in the days of Win95 as it did unexpected things to me as well.  I did give the Bzr tools and gateway tools to other repositories a try back a few years ago and had some success, but became mostly just a sysadmin after some point.

I found the Bzr add on tools that converted what I knew in Bzr to (whatever repo) to work with my mindset the best.  But from what little I looked, Bzr is probably on the way out compared to the new hotness Git.  Good luck, and post back your findings so others can avoid breaking toes on the rocky bottom bits of the river. 

[#] Tue Dec 23 2014 08:09:28 EST from IGnatius T Foobar

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Everything is on its way out except Git and for some reason, Hg.

[#] Fri Dec 26 2014 08:34:45 EST from fleeb

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This TortoiseHg that I'm using is on a Linux system, but still acts oddly.

I'm lead to believe that there are default settings that need to be fixed to make the tool act the way I should expect.

Which is kind of dumb, honestly.

[#] Sat Dec 27 2014 13:22:18 EST from dothebart

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well, the linux experience is not as nice as the windows one (to be honest)

the hg manager which you can open from thg is way to complex at first sight; disabling the mq with it is a good thing to get users used to it, and then once they know enable it.

the hg manager also has a pretty descent visualisation of the patch queues, once you have it.

I like it a lot. git stash is nice, but, the visualisations aren't that nice.

[#] Sat Jan 03 2015 15:27:09 EST from IGnatius T Foobar

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Has anyone ever tried/used the "Duktape" javascript engine? [ ]

It seems to be aimed at being small, portable, and easy to embed, rather than focusing on speed.

As many of you know, I have been looking for such a thing. This appears to be "it" but I'm concerned that it has to be a project that is likely to be around and maintained for the foreseeable future.

[#] Sat Jan 03 2015 23:34:03 EST from ax25

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Thanks for the heads up IG.  Early days indeed, but looks like a fun alternative to firing up a browser or using V8 for Python.

[#] Sun Jan 04 2015 13:36:58 EST from dothebart

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I think a collegue of mine has been taking a look at it, and was pretty fond of its interface.

maybe he will tell me more tomorow.

Fiddling about the V8 api for 2 months now, I think the choice can't be that bad.

[#] Wed Jan 07 2015 17:55:56 EST from IGnatius T Foobar

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ax25: that's fascinating, but what kind of application calls for a scripting language to be embedded into another scripting language? Or are you trying to make use of a library in the other language?

[#] Wed Jan 07 2015 19:09:27 EST from dothebart

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I guess if you've got a build system in python (scons) it makes sense to be able to call jsmins implemented in javascript (which seems to be quiet common nowadays...) without spawning a new process...


[#] Thu Jan 08 2015 23:56:21 EST from ax25

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IG, much evaluation...  If you want to do much automated stuff on the web (in Python), you need to either run a JS engine (like V8), to get the code working, or something like this lib.  I have not tried it yet, but it looks like it will scratch an itch for me in quite a few ways on some stalled projects that I have shelved due to how messy a process it is to deal with web pages with javascript in them in Python.  If I am wrong, and there is something I am overlooking, I would love to be enlightened!

[#] Fri Jan 09 2015 03:47:51 EST from dothebart

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finaly you have to know that many QA web stuff is done in python (i.e. selenium)

another means for that is phantom js:

[#] Fri Jan 09 2015 08:03:15 EST from ax25

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I have used selenium, but had not tried PhantomJS.  That sounds like a keeper as well.

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