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[#] Wed Feb 13 2013 20:11:39 EST from zooer

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Apparently there is enough ninja problems they are writing

[#] Thu Feb 21 2013 07:32:28 EST from IGnatius T Foobar

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More ninjas plz.

[#] Thu Feb 21 2013 11:05:50 EST from IGnatius T Foobar

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*rubs eyes*

I'm still trying to re-adjust to the real world.

Getting removed from the Matrix is a jarring experience.

[#] Thu Feb 21 2013 11:57:18 EST from Ladyhawke

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Welcome home, IG.  Apparently, just in time for another Ninja attack.  I think we need to find Aahz some additional extra-curricular activities as he is clearly way too bored this month.....

[#] Thu Feb 21 2013 21:28:52 EST from fleeb

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I've been trying to work with my mouse on the left hand instead of the right for the past couple of days.

I have enough pain on my right hand using the mouse that it seems worth the effort to change up.

I have to say, though, it feels really, really odd.

[#] Fri Feb 22 2013 16:38:45 EST from fireball

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Depending on how/what the pain is, you might consider the temporary use of a trackball.

[#] Fri Feb 22 2013 23:04:48 EST from fleeb

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Amusingly, I moved from a trackball (which was my primary device) to a mouse.
Perhaps moving back would be a good idea, though.

[#] Sat Feb 23 2013 03:55:16 EST from interrupt

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that ID channel is psycho tv,

[#] Sat Feb 23 2013 14:56:38 EST from triLcat

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My sister uses a vertical mouse. She's says it's super-helpful.

[#] Sun Feb 24 2013 23:24:02 EST from fleeb

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As soon as I have a card again, I'm going to try a different style mouse.

I think that would be very helpful.

I think I'll also replace this god awful keyboard I bought. This thing sucks.

[#] Mon Feb 25 2013 02:29:40 EST from the8088er

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My peripherals of choice for the past three years have been...
Matias Tactile Pro 3 -
Kensington Expert Mouse -

Matias also makes a less-clicky but still tactile board ("Quiet Pro") and a tenkey-less of both the Tactile Pro and Quiet Pro. They are pretty good mechanical keybaords in my opinion, but I'm biased because I use a Macintosh and the Mac versions of the Matias boards are one of the only mechanical keyboards that get the numberpad layout correct for Macintosh (which includes an = key), have the modifier keys in the correct positions (though caps and control being swapped would make me happy; at least there's not some Fn key where left control should be though), and looks decent.

As for the Expert Mouse, I've probably had mine for about five years. When I played WoW a lot I was holding the right mouse button down a ton, and the contact started to fail and that would annoy me. I sent off to Kensington adnd they shipped me a new one, and told me to keep the old one. I used the old one on my second workstation for a while with the new one on my primary, but for whatever reason got bored one day, took the old one apart, took the individual microswitch apart, cleaned the contact leaf, bent it a bit, and put it all back together. After that I preferred my old one over the new one as the primary buttons were a bit more worn-in and had a lighter touch, so I switched the old one back to my primary workstation where it's been working great ever since. I also did the tactile-scroll delete which is accomplished through the removal of a magnet. The 'notches' Kensington put in place are offset from the actual actuation point, so sometimes one notch would bump the scrolcroll two lines and sometimes a notch wouldn't bump it at all. Removing the magnet makes it linear and removes that annoyance.

All in all I've never been happier with a setup and I don't think I'll make any changes to this until something dies completely. I have heard great things about CST's tracballs ( but haven't tried them for myself yet. If my Kensington should die ever, I would probably try one of those as a replacement.

My hand gets very unhappy when I o try to squeeze, even lightly, my thumb and ring/pinky finger together as you would to hold a mouse. Whatever ligament or tendon or whatever in my hand that runs down my thumb and into my palm gets cramped or sore after a period of time and it's rather painful. The trackball keeps my hand free and loose and I've never had a feeling of discomfort even after very long periods of use. I also feel like after a week or so of getting used to it initially I have a much greater gree degree** of control than I ever did with a mouse. As a final bonus, the desk real estate that it requires is minimal. My primary display is a 30", and because my workstation had free slots and I had free display controllers and displays, I now have five displays in my setup (primary and a 2x2 grid to the right of that). With a mouse I'd need either a huge mousepad, high sensitivity, or constant picking up and moving to navigate the displays, but the trackball makes it very easy.

So yeah, try a trackball. Just don't get one of those thumb-ball things or a trackball that's non-symmetrical (angled to the right for "ergonomic" purposes) unless you really think you'll like it. Personally I hate both.

[#] Mon Feb 25 2013 08:34:08 EST from fireball

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I don't actually use a trackball, because a decent one isn't so cheap as a decent mouse, and I wouldn't really want to adopt it for the slight amounts of gaming I do.  When I have more money for toys, I'll probably pick one up, just because for general use I like them.

As for keyboards though, mine is a mechanical Cherry Blue switch keyboard (tactile and clicky).  I was planning on getting one for awhile, and it was well worth the investment.  My keyboard is was made by WASD Keyboards (, and was custom etched from an illistrator file I created for it.   Worth every penny...

a pic:

Really though, having a good tactile keyboard is a really good investment if you use a computer a lot.  I know I like the blues better then the buckling springs of the model m, just because they have a lot lower pressure, I've not used enough alps switches to really say that I know much about them, especially not the recent ones.  Anything decent will be a crazy improvement over even a good membrane keyboard.

[#] Mon Feb 25 2013 21:39:33 EST from fleeb

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I moved away from the trackball I had been using for several years because my hands started to hurt, and they stopped hurting when I moved to a mouse.

It's possible that moving back to a trackball would fix that. I really preferred the trackball, to be honest. I had more control.

OTOH, I could move to a different style mouse that keeps my hand verticle more.

As for this keyboard, it still blows. Looks nice, but sucks ass.

[#] Mon Feb 25 2013 21:43:46 EST from wizard of aahz

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When I was reading the new entry to the board I misread it. Thought it said that this was a Hitler free zone.

[#] Mon Feb 25 2013 22:54:27 EST from IGnatius T Foobar

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Nope ... it's a "lots of Hitler" zone. We don't allow Godwin's Law Nazis to ruin our fun!

[#] Fri Mar 01 2013 14:58:30 EST from IGnatius T Foobar

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As of today, there is no Pope, there is no head of the CIA, and there is no Secretary of Defense.

We are so close to living John Lennon's dream.

[#] Fri Mar 01 2013 16:03:19 EST from zooer

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Imagine that.

[#] Fri Mar 01 2013 16:03:40 EST from zooer

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It makes me feel so popeless.

[#] Fri Mar 01 2013 20:13:55 EST from Ladyhawke

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All those people, just living for today

[#] Sat Mar 02 2013 12:09:00 EST from triLcat

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You may say I'm a dreamer, but only when I'm asleep.

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