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[#] Thu Jan 12 2012 10:45:20 EST from chrisleonard

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Wed Jan 11 2012 14:46:41 EST from IGnatius T Foobar
Really what I wanted to know was whether he was visiting Uncensored in general and looking around for something, or whether he was really looking to search the Citadel Support room.

My patience with Citadel support requests posted to the Lobby has reached absolute zero.

On the other hand, a site-wide search is something I would like to be able to offer. It's definitely a possibility since our index is, in fact, site-wide.
It's just a matter of writing a good user interface for it -- one that can show a list of things found in various rooms, made more complicated by the fact that you'd have to render things like calendar items, contacts, wiki articles, blog posts, etc. all together on one page.

In my defense, a Lobby is a natural starting point, and without a site-wide search (which would make it obvious where the support stuff *really* was) you are relying on my old, slightly dyslexic eyes to find the support room.  And ... that failed at first.  So yes, an interface for searching the index would be great.  Google search is adequate, but you could probably offer more citadel-specific value by writing a citadel-specific interface.

Put another way, to a n00b, there's no difference between a site-wide search or a more specific search, as we probably have no idea where to look for the specific stuff to begin with.

By the way, I liked that someone referred to me as The Coach.  If I stick around here, I might have to change my login name to that.

[#] Thu Jan 12 2012 11:52:40 EST from IGnatius T Foobar

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It's ok, I was actually thinking of someone else when I said that. You were courteous enough to simply ask for help navigating the system, and you correctly pointed out a place where we could improve it.

Occasionally we get people who carelessly post demands for help with their Citadel installations in the first place they land, without bothering to look for the proper place first. These are usually the same people who ask stupid questions that are clearly answered in the documentation.

Then again, this is the board where we genuinely and sincerely welcome new members by telling them to die in a car fire. So let me be the first to say, welcome to Uncensored; please die in a car fire! (Yeah, we're somewhat bizarre in that sense. If you like that kind of thing then you're in good company.)

[#] Thu Jan 12 2012 14:41:48 EST from Ford II

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Aren't the rooms public now? Can't you just point the google at it?
It'll even cache old messages for you no?

[#] Thu Jan 12 2012 16:11:48 EST from z

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Apparently, this account as a REALLY simple password, which I discovered by accident.

[#] Thu Jan 12 2012 16:22:15 EST from fleeb

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Heh... 'z'?

[#] Thu Jan 12 2012 19:22:10 EST from IGnatius T Foobar

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Of course, since anyone can create an account, this is not a big deal. (On the other hand ... at one time in the past we had a banned user use a "poorly passworded account" as an excuse to legitimize coming back and raising hell again.)

[#] Thu Jan 12 2012 20:09:17 EST from zooer

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I was the one who stumbled over it.  I messed up logging in, somehow only hitting the "Z" and then the easy password.  (no it isn't  "ooer", it is much easier) 

Of course the old citadel86 days of just entering the password always made me chuckle, especially when it said, "That password is already in use"

[#] Fri Jan 13 2012 03:05:34 EST from Nite*Star

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Yes, Google search has a nice little box (for which they provide the code) one can place on their web site to search their site. Of course, that would only help the web folks, and not those of us who log in via SSH or telnet....

[#] Fri Jan 13 2012 11:39:16 EST from the8088er

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Of course the old citadel86 days of just entering the password always
made me chuckle, especially when it said, "That password is already

YOou have entered an incorrect password. Please try again. The correct password is: ...

[#] Fri Jan 13 2012 11:47:44 EST from fleeb

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"Eh, good enough. Welcome to..."

[#] Sat Jan 14 2012 06:55:02 EST from Nite*Star

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Die in macaroni fire?

[#] Sat Jan 14 2012 15:51:09 EST from Nite*Star

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Whatever in the world happened to the Aminal posting his pr0n pics? o_O

[#] Sat Jan 14 2012 16:22:03 EST from triLcat

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impressive. I may never stop being horrified.


[#] Sat Jan 14 2012 17:10:06 EST from Nite*Star

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Oh, dear my ... someone please excavate my brain before I ever ask such a thing again. Where is the Grey Elf when you need him most? o_O

[#] Sun Jan 15 2012 10:11:31 EST from IGnatius T Foobar

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He died in a car fire.

[#] Tue Jan 17 2012 07:23:36 EST from IGnatius T Foobar

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So I'm guessing that pretty much everyone here is smart enough and savvy enough that you all already know about SOPA and PIPA and the need to activize against it?

Or does Uncensored have to participate in tomorrow's blackout?

[#] Tue Jan 17 2012 13:15:51 EST from skpacman

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I say go ahead and participate in the blackout.

My server will be participating as well.

I've been following PIPA and SOPA from the get-go. Thanks to our friends at,, and several other activist sites agains those bills, I've been signing every single petition that has gone through against the legislation.


[#] Tue Jan 17 2012 16:44:44 EST from IGnatius T Foobar

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You know what, I've been thinking about this from the wrong angle. Although most of you are smart enough to know how bad SOPA/PIPA are, and have hopefully already joined the fight against it, this type of thing goes back to our site's very roots.

(I wonder if our old buddy Farokh supports SOPA)

[#] Tue Jan 17 2012 16:54:24 EST from fleeb

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Blackout? I know about SOPA, and know it's a very, very bad thing, but I didn't know there was a call for a blackout.

Gads, if our company blacked out, it would lead to massive captioning problems to several networks.

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