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[#] Sat Apr 28 2012 08:52:20 EDT from the_mgt

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Finally bought a fire extinguisher for the car yesterday *smirk*

[#] Sun Apr 29 2012 14:17:41 EDT from maraakate

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Apr 24 2012 10:02am from zooer
I wish OO had the ability to print postal bar codes. There is another feature
I would like but I can't think of it now.

I use it on my computers for basic Word Processing. My wife took her laptop over to a friends house becaues her friend didn't have Microsoft Office and wanted to type up something. They came back complaining about how difficult it was to setup tables, etc. compared to Microsoft Office and I had to explain to them that I've only ever used it to basically open up *.doc files from the web and that's about as far as it goes for me.

[#] Sun Apr 29 2012 16:23:05 EDT from kc5tja

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One of my beefs with OO and LibreOffice is that you can create things
like tables, but you can't delete them afterwards. I've tried every
which way, short of disk-zapping the sectors containing the document

*sigh!* I miss GeoWrite. Why, oh why, couldn't the Linux folk just drop
the Microsoft way of doing things and adopt a _real_ flexible, easy to
use, *and* powerful document processing suite as their model instead?

[#] Sun Apr 29 2012 16:58:05 EDT from zooer

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Maybe I don't understand what you are trying to do.

Insert a table: Table-> Insert-> Table-> Enter table dementions.
Delete a table: Table-> Delete-> Table

[#] Sun Apr 29 2012 17:02:48 EDT from kc5tja

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I don't have a Delete option in any of my Table menus, and highlighting
the table and pressing backspace or DEL key (something you can do in MS
Office) doesn't work either.

[#] Sun Apr 29 2012 18:14:37 EDT from zooer

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okay, I have LibreOffice (Writer) 3.5, I didn't think it was a new feature but maybe it is.

[#] Sun Apr 29 2012 19:03:04 EDT from the_mgt

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If you just want to write documents and add/delete tables, use Lyx instead of some stupid Office Suite.

[#] Sun Apr 29 2012 20:16:46 EDT from maraakate

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Apr 29 2012 7:03pm from the_mgt
If you just want to write documents and add/delete tables, use Lyx
instead of some stupid Office Suite.

I may have to check that out. I don't need a whole Office suite.

[#] Mon Apr 30 2012 06:43:41 EDT from dothebart

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I like dokuwiki with the edittable plugin:


latex tables are very inferior.

[#] Tue May 01 2012 03:46:12 EDT from arabella

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While we're on the Open Source...


As some of you know I've been voted on to the board of a rugby club. The video editing software licence is up for renewal, and we just don't have the money for it.


So does anyone know if there is a good video editor, which has some cool way of providing the coach with a way of analysing the game?  I told the club that if anyone could find what we're looking for, it would be my good friends at UCG

[#] Tue May 01 2012 16:03:15 EDT from zooer

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Do you just want to play back the video from the camera or do you want to edit the video? What format is the video in?
I think several of the linux editors have some windows variant.

[#] Tue May 01 2012 18:50:19 EDT from triLcat

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obviously there's the windows live moviemaker. You can slow down stuff with it and cut bits and pieces. I don't know what features you're looking for. 

[#] Tue May 01 2012 19:07:58 EDT from zooer

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Last time I looked on Amazon the Windows based editors had gotten really cheap. ($35 and under) Now I remember when Avid cost
$60,000 so I am amazed with how cheap the software has gotten. Here is an el-cheapo mpeg1/2 editor: which I used several years ago and it nothing more than a cut/paste, insert/delete no
frills editor.

OpenShot live DVD is a stand alone linux distro with a video editor. I am sure there are limitations.

[#] Wed May 02 2012 03:31:32 EDT from arabella

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Thanks folks.


It turns out tho' that the software the coach wants is a very complex thing, allowing tagging of players, and analytical tools, it's the kind of thing you might see during poat match play by play breakdowns during sports shows.


I'm thinking it's always going to be expensive

[#] Wed May 02 2012 16:48:08 EDT from Martin Jernberg

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Floss Weekly

Heard about this BBS on FLOSS Weekly nice that the BBS scene still lives :)

[#] Wed May 02 2012 19:58:22 EDT from Dobrica Pavlinu i

Subject: FLOSS weekly

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Still listening to FLOSS weekly, and I had to revive by BBS past ;-)

OOH, it seems that Google login chewed utf-8 characters in my surname.

[#] Thu May 03 2012 01:14:41 EDT from maraakate

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Uncensored will never die! :D

[#] Thu May 03 2012 10:11:38 EDT from athos-mn

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But it can smell nasty when mixed with gasoline, aluminum, steel and plastics.


And the other body parts.

[#] Thu May 03 2012 10:50:37 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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Welcome FLOSS Weekly viewers/listeners! We hope that you'll stick around and enjoy the good company here.

[#] Thu May 03 2012 13:42:30 EDT from Jay Watkins

Subject: Looks Cool

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I have never heard of this system before, but it looks cool.

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