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[#] Tue Aug 12 2014 21:58:07 EDT from Sig

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In mil circles, we're calling the latest adventurism in Iraq "Operation: Extended Warranty."

[#] Tue Aug 12 2014 22:06:23 EDT from vince-q <>

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Aug 12 2014 6:58pm from Sig @uncnsrd (Uncensored) in Politics & Propaganda>

In mil circles, we're calling the latest adventurism in Iraq
"Operation: Extended Warranty."

Omigod that's good!!! :-)

[#] Wed Aug 13 2014 19:43:05 EDT from vince-q <>

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President Obama walks into a local bank in Chicago to cash a check. He is surrounded by Secret Service agents. As he approaches the cashier he says, “Good morning Ma’am, could you please cash this check for me?”

“It would be my pleasure sir. Could you please show me your ID?”

“Truthfully, I did not bring my ID with me as I didn’t think there was any need to. I am President Barack Obama, the President of the United States of AMERICA !!!!”

“Yes sir, I know who you are, but with all the regulations and monitoring of the banks because of 9/11, impostors, forgers, money laundering, and bad mortgage underwriting not to mention requirements of the Dodd/Frank legislation, etc., I must insist on seeing ID.”

“Just ask anyone here at the bank who I am and they will tell you. Everybody knows who I am.”

“I am sorry Mr. President but these are the bank rules and I must follow them.”

“I am urging you, please, to cash this check. I need to buy a gift for Michelle for Valentine’s Day”

“Look Mr. President, here is an example of what we can do. One day, Tiger Woods came into one of our bank branches without ID. To prove he was Tiger Woods he pulled out his putter and made a beautiful shot across the bank into a coffee cup. With that shot we knew him to be Tiger Woods and cashed his check.”

“Another time, Andre Agassi came into the same place without ID. He pulled out his tennis racquet and made a fabulous shot where as the tennis ball landed in a coffee cup. With that shot we cashed his check.

So, Mr. President, what can you do to prove that it is you, and only you, as the President of the United States?”


Obama stands there thinking, and thinking, and finally says, “Honestly, my mind is a total blank…there is nothing that comes to my mind. I can’t think of a single thing. I have absolutely no idea what to do and I don’t have a clue.”

“Will that be large or small bills, Mr. President?"

[#] Sat Aug 16 2014 09:44:17 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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So, since the rule about the POTUS having to be a native-born American citizen is now optional, can we nominate anyone we want now?

I want to vote for Chaim Witz in 2016. He's freaking awesome and he pretty much just says what's on his mind. He has openly criticized Obamacare, militant islamists, the United Nations ("the most pathetic body on the face of the earth") ... and he does a lot of humanitarian work.

(That's his birth name, anyway. You may know him as Gene Simmons.)

[#] Sat Aug 16 2014 17:38:01 EDT from zooer

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There is so much Gene gets wrong.

[#] Sat Aug 16 2014 18:05:40 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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Well yes, he did neglect to get a personal computer when he was a kid.  Bloom County covered that pretty well.

[#] Sat Aug 16 2014 19:15:08 EDT from zooer

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In 2012 he made a guaranteed that Rick Perry would be the next president of the United States. He told Van
Halen they wouldn't make it unless they took the name he suggested, two small things among many big things.

[#] Sat Aug 16 2014 19:39:32 EDT from vince-q <>

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In 2012 he made a guaranteed that Rick Perry would be the next president
of the United States. He told Van

Given that Obama's administration has been a total and abject failure, it
could be argued that he really has not *been* President, particularly since he likes to spend more time off the job than on.

And when Perry is cleared, and when the money trail points back to the DNC and/or Hitlery/Billary it will turn out that being "indicted" may end up being Perry's ticket to the oval office.

And then it will be that a statement in 2012 that "Rick Perry [would] be the next president of the United States" will end up be more true than the seriously misguided folk on the left would ever want.

[#] Sat Aug 16 2014 22:41:34 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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Perry is decent; I'd be pleased to see him be the one to take down Hitlery.  Although, people who mess with the Clintons tend to die.

The RNC has a "straw poll" up now, gathering some early intel about interest in possible nominees.  This will be a fun one for me because I am now a registered Republican.  As I mentioned a couple of years ago, despite being a lifelong libertarian I've totally given up on the Libertarian Party; they're just so non-pragmatic they have absolutely no hope of ever winning an election.  So I've registered Republican so I can vote in the primaries, and give one more vote towards nominating actual conservatives instead of just hoping.

We need to get a true conservative on the ballot. No establishment RINO is capable of beating Hitlery -- not with the liberal media easily cutting them all down. A true grassroots conservative will have a platform so genuine, so simple, so bona fide American that the press commies won't be able to warp it.

I saw several good conservatives on that straw poll, and several undesirable "democrat lite" unwanteds.

[#] Sun Aug 17 2014 08:07:49 EDT from zooer

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Yeah, I tried that registering and voting during the primaries... good luck with that.

[#] Mon Aug 18 2014 01:15:27 EDT from ax25

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I agree with Zooer.  Here you go IG:

I would run, but I have 0 charisma, and from what I have heard from the late 70's, that is the death knell for a politician.

I know you have tried local politics and even conventions etc... but what else can we do.... ?. ...

[#] Mon Aug 18 2014 08:32:27 EDT from fleeb

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Push for voting reform. Maybe. As if that would happen.

But I've mentioned this several times.

I dunno. Maybe this is what we deserve. Two out-of-touch political parties with ridiculous cronyism and an apathetic, disempowered public.

[#] Mon Aug 18 2014 09:46:40 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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Actually what we really need is to dismantle the establishment media -- preferably using vast amounts of deadly force.

[#] Mon Aug 18 2014 13:23:56 EDT from fleeb

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Or at least chop up the established media into smaller companies that are not owned by conglomerates.

[#] Mon Aug 18 2014 18:45:21 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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Chop chop chop! I've got a cleaver! Let me in to the MSNBC broadcast center!
I need to chop them up !!!

[#] Tue Aug 19 2014 08:50:00 EDT from fleeb

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Maybe I've been thinking about conglomerates wrongly.

We should see if we can get The Amazing Letterman to work with The Spellbinder to modify 'conglomerates' and turn them into 'congomerates'. Then, big business would be a huge party.

[#] Sat Aug 23 2014 14:03:31 EDT from dothebart

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nice sum up of the process.

Score: two days this year more than 70% of the electric power generated in germany were from renewable sources.

[#] Sun Aug 24 2014 07:02:38 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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Ok, and what do you pay per kilowatthour? (In your currency is fine; I'll convert it if I have to.)

[#] Tue Aug 26 2014 18:40:55 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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I just turned on the TV in my hotel room and PBS came on. They were doing a story on "the student loan crisis." Everything is a crisis with these commies.
And the answer is always more taxes. They kept cutting away to this self-entitled bitch crying (literally) over how crushing her student loan debt is going to be. They shot her with Obama posters plastered all over her dorm room wall.

Good morning, bitch! Life isn't all handouts and entitlements! Yeah, you have to pay back that big bill you ran up going to an expensive college! Did you think Barack Hitler Obama was going to pay the bill? Did I mention you're a self-entitled bitch, you self-entitled bitch? Not enough? Ok, listen up, self-entitled bitch: you're a self-entitled bitch!

Yeah, I'm more than a little annoyed. Actions have consequences. Bills have to be paid. Money doesn't just rain down from the heavens because someone promised you "hope and change."

And increasingly it's looking like college isn't worth it. I'll bet that self-entitled bitch (who is a self-entitled bitch) spent four or more years being lectured by communist professors about how society owes her something.
Welcome to the real world, bitch! Maybe you should have gone to an affordable school!

Maybe I should take those obama posters off your wall, roll them up and shove them down your big fat mouth so I don't have to hear you whining anymore, you self-entitled bitch!

Or maybe ...

... just maybe ...

... I should avoid PBS.

[#] Wed Aug 27 2014 02:19:11 EDT from vince-q <>

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1. Peyton Randolph
2. Henry Middleton
3. John Hancock
4. Henry Laurens
5. John Hay
6. Samuel Huntington
7. Thomas McKean
8. John Hanson
9. Elias Boudinot
10. Thomas Mifflin
11. Richard Henry Lee
12. Nathaniel Gorham
13. Arthur St. Clair
14. Cyrus Griffin

Each of the 14 individuals listed above have one thing in common.
What was it?

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