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[#] Tue Sep 06 2011 08:39:46 EDT from dothebart @ Uncensored

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just found

Furniture races...

[#] Tue Sep 06 2011 09:03:05 EDT from zooer @ Uncensored

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Must be why I see so many couches on the side of the road on I-95.

[#] Tue Sep 06 2011 13:03:00 EDT from the_mgt @ Uncensored

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Add a fridge with a big amount of beer inside and you could totally go on a relaxed saturday leisure ride.

[#] Thu Sep 08 2011 18:23:55 EDT from dothebart @ Uncensored

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postits as pixels in windowscreens... fancy

[#] Fri Sep 09 2011 01:38:09 EDT from Animal @ Uncensored

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[#] Fri Sep 09 2011 04:04:02 EDT from dothebart @ Uncensored

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so an elk got drunk and endet up hanging in an apple-tree:

[#] Sun Oct 02 2011 17:51:45 EDT from fleeb @ Uncensored

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So, would you let your 9 year old daughter do this?

[#] Sun Oct 02 2011 21:42:13 EDT from zooer @ Uncensored

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She looked like she was having a great time.


[#] Mon Oct 03 2011 01:13:48 EDT from triLcat @ Uncensored

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that was indescribably horrible. Her parents, coaches, and everyone who watched the show at the stadium should be jailed.

[#] Thu Oct 06 2011 20:27:57 EDT from Ford II @ Uncensored

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I like that "Chargement..." bit.

[#] Thu Oct 06 2011 20:30:08 EDT from Ford II @ Uncensored

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They should sell that: go play with a wrestler. They know what they're doing, nobody ever gets hurt...

[#] Wed Oct 12 2011 12:40:13 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar @ Uncensored

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And it appeared that she knew how to fake-wrestle just like the pros. She did a good job.

[#] Wed Nov 30 2011 09:59:41 EST from IGnatius T Foobar @ Uncensored

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Yeesh. I'm a big fan of playing stupid games with words, but it takes a particularly severe kind of brain damage to consign another human being to a lifetime of having to deal with a semantically broken (or just stupid) name.

[#] Thu Dec 01 2011 06:18:56 EST from triLcat @ Uncensored

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Yeah, I felt a very heavy responsibility in naming my children. I wanted them to have names that were known/accepted names, not too common, had some meaning (not just in terms of their actual definition, but in terms of the sentiment.) names that wouldn't get more than a normal amount of teasing. I got called Leach for part of a school year, but seriously, there's nothing wrong with the name Leah. Kids will tease pretty much any name some.

Le dash a, though, is doomed to a lifetime of people misspelling/mispronouncing her name and just plain thinking it's weird.

[#] Thu Dec 01 2011 07:57:01 EST from the_mgt @ Uncensored

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I might sound like a prick here, but I think she will not live in an overly literate part of reality. So long as everyone can say her name correcctly, she will not really suffer.

But the name reminded me of this old video:  <object style="height: 390px; width: 640px"><param name="movie" value=""><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"><param name="allowScriptAccess" value="always"><embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowfullscreen="true" allowScriptAccess="always" width="640" height="360"></object>

[#] Fri Dec 02 2011 06:12:54 EST from dothebart @ Uncensored

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if the person who draws the line...





stops a little later.....









her name would be........






LeHyphena ?


Srsly, this simply is an act of "don't mess with geeks, or you'll find your pic on the net with some fun about you" I guess this Ledesha actualy didn't know that. ;-)

[#] Fri Dec 02 2011 17:40:06 EST from fleeb @ Uncensored

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That would be Ledasha's mother. Ledasha will likely grow quite the sense of humor thanks to her mother. That, or she'll be permanently angry for no good reason.

Yeah, I was thinking Lehyphena as well, dothebart.

[#] Tue Dec 06 2011 12:50:20 EST from IGnatius T Foobar @ Uncensored

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Later in life she'll hook up with Bobby Tables.

(Either that or she'll simply start spelling her name l-e-d-a-s-h-a)

[#] Thu Jan 05 2012 17:28:50 EST from fleeb @ Uncensored

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Livid Lobster, Inc. is a media company. However, the folks posting reviews for this place comfortably refer to it as a very nice up-scale restaurant, despite knowing better. I think Google finds this annoying, because they removed all of the comments, but they're returning rather quickly.

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