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[#] Wed May 14 2014 15:50:34 EDT from mo

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May 16 2011 7:39pm from fleeb @uncnsrd
That Jack Conte guy made another great piece of music... this time
with a small chamber orchestra:


[#] Tue May 27 2014 10:35:23 EDT from fleeb

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I can't get Powerhouse out of my head now. Raymond Scott stabs at me from beyond his grave. Assuming he is no longer alive.

[#] Tue May 27 2014 10:36:24 EDT from fleeb

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Incidentally, that is an insidious piece of music to have stuck in your head.

Imagine working with Powerhouse stuck in your head. Imagine an hour long commute along a busy highway with Powerhouse stuck in your head. It's actually rather amusing, if rather demented.

[#] Tue May 27 2014 10:39:57 EDT from fleeb

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Someone with speakers mounted in their car should drive along the DC beltway blaring Powerhouse. My god, but that would be funny.

[#] Sat Jun 07 2014 13:36:07 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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I can think of better things to shoot out your windows if you're in DC...  :)

[#] Mon Jun 09 2014 08:23:43 EDT from fleeb

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I sometimes thing the only thing keeping our president alive is the fact that killing him would probably snarl traffic in the DC area for a week.

[#] Mon Jun 09 2014 08:23:59 EDT from fleeb

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I sometimes think these things, too, rather than thing them.

[#] Mon Jun 09 2014 13:28:03 EDT from zooer

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^^ That and Biden.

[#] Mon Jun 09 2014 20:00:44 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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Back when Hitlery was carpetbagging in NY so she could hold a senate seat here, every time she was in town there were roads closed so she and her alleged husband could travel in safety. They still have a house here which they list as their primary residence, but thankfully they're never around.

(Same town that I live in, technically ... perhaps I should list that as the reason I'm moving.)

[#] Fri Jun 13 2014 12:59:37 EDT from wizard of aahz

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Actually IG, they're still around. I've been passed by their motorcade more than once when they were getting off at the exit.

[#] Fri Jun 13 2014 16:41:57 EDT from zooer

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You see Ignat you don't have it so bad, the Clintons could barely afford a home.

[#] Fri Jun 13 2014 16:46:16 EDT from fleeb

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Could you imagine someone pulling off an animation of what it might be like in the Clinton family home, as a weird parody of the Simpsons?

"The Clintons"

I mean, it sorta works already. Thing is, I expect it would be a much weirder animation than The Simpsons.

[#] Sat Jun 14 2014 08:41:33 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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Actually IG, they're still around. I've been passed by their motorcade

The last time I saw them "around town" pretending to be a family, there was only one visible SS and perhaps another outside; evidently "former" presidents get their coverage tapered down after a while. However I'm sure now that Hitlery has aspirations of getting back into the white house, they've probably upped her coverage.


(I'm moving. This town isn't big enough for both of us.)

[#] Sat Jun 14 2014 09:57:23 EDT from zooer

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But at least they care about the little guy.

bwahahahahhaaaa, it is so hard to say that without laughing.

[#] Mon Jun 16 2014 08:55:51 EDT from fleeb

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The little guy tastes crunchy, even in milk.

[#] Sat Jun 21 2014 20:48:36 EDT from fleeb

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One of my favorite composers is Josquin des Pres:

Mille Regretz.

[#] Mon Jun 23 2014 10:11:04 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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This may be the most awesome recording of all time.

[ ]

Of course, it's documented as "the most unwanted song" -- scientifically designed to incorporate lyrical and musical elements that are annoying to most people. Bagpipes, cowboy music, an opera singer rapping, and a children's choir urging people to shop at wal-mart.

[#] Mon Jun 23 2014 10:55:05 EDT from fleeb

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I listened to the whole thing this morning.

It's oddly bad. I say 'oddly', because compositionally, the guy who wrote it did a fine job. It's just... wow...

[#] Mon Jun 23 2014 11:09:12 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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I thought of you when I listened; it's got fleeb written all over it.

[#] Mon Jun 23 2014 11:41:53 EDT from fleeb

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Honestly, I wish I'd thought of it.

I'm intrigued as to how the other song (the 'good' one) sounds.

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