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[#] Tue Feb 09 2021 11:51:35 EST from Nurb432

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For the first few months around here, it felt more like the 80s. .Back before the big push around here to pave every tree and farm in sight, and over run us with people. When it was a nice area to live in.. "Progress" they call it.  None of us call it that.

You could drive around and not have to worry about being hit by idiots, or endless lines at the ( too many ) stop lights. Go to the grocery get your stuff and leave.. not fight with crowds in your way.  Could walk to the park and not hear endless tires on the 'main' road.

Of course all the mom-pop stores are long gone, and you only saw buildings as you drive around instead of trees and crops, but it was still nice to at least remember sort of what it was like.


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