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[#] Fri Sep 16 2011 08:55:19 EDT from Sig

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I was resisting the temptation to call in sick so I could be here when my Kindle arrived. Work called; the network is down. Muahahaha.

[#] Fri Sep 16 2011 11:28:19 EDT from fleeb

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Heh.. awesome!

[#] Sat Sep 17 2011 11:05:21 EDT from Sig

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A message from my son Nathan:


[#] Sun Sep 18 2011 01:33:04 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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Hi Nathan!  Your post is more lucid, insightful, and erudite than things written by many adults I know!

[#] Wed Sep 21 2011 19:21:59 EDT from Sig

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Visiting Maryland for a class for work. Had an awesome meeting today with our counterparts at the main shop and our customers, the latter of whom spent the whole time singing our praises to the bosses at the head office. It's been worthwhile for that meeting alone, not the least because we have been able to meet and put faces to login IDs.

[#] Wed Sep 21 2011 21:54:59 EDT from fleeb

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I live in Maryland. Roughly where might you be?

[#] Thu Sep 22 2011 07:43:41 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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Maryland UM! Take photos!

[#] Thu Sep 22 2011 13:52:22 EDT from Ford II

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They finally did it. I was dreading this day for years. Pandora now requires a version of flash newer than 8, which stored mp3s as temp files on your local machine making it really simple to get the mp3s they were playing for you.
now I'm going to have to hunt them down myself.

[#] Thu Sep 22 2011 14:59:59 EDT from Sig

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Arundel Mills mall is nearby. I don't know the area at all, sorry.

[#] Thu Sep 22 2011 15:35:44 EDT from bobhope

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[#] Thu Sep 22 2011 15:47:31 EDT from dell1074

Subject: Email Aliasing failing?

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Hi I went in and added an email alias address under the advanced tab for a user this was a simple change to forward mail from but it will not receive the email what am i doing wrong?


[#] Thu Sep 22 2011 16:10:40 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

Subject: Re: Email Aliasing failing?

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What you are doing wrong is posting Citadel questions in the Lobby.

[#] Sat Sep 24 2011 04:30:16 EDT from sandip

Subject: hi

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[#] Sat Sep 24 2011 13:26:29 EDT from Ladyhawke

Subject: Re: hi

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Howdie.  Have a car fire.

[#] Sat Sep 24 2011 18:28:18 EDT from fleeb

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L'auto flambe.

[#] Sat Sep 24 2011 21:43:01 EDT from wizard of aahz

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flame yourself?

[#] Mon Sep 26 2011 15:32:39 EDT from Ford II

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Things sound cooler if they're laser- whatever.
I bought a impact socket yesterday and it said it was laser forged or something like that.

I wonder why they stop at lasers?
Why doesn't Wendy's advertise a nuclear bomb infused hamburger, or maybe home depot can sell supernova invigorated screwdriver.

[#] Mon Sep 26 2011 17:03:05 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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Sorry, could you say that again? I didn't hear you because I was listening to my digital-ready headphones.

[#] Mon Sep 26 2011 19:36:02 EDT from jebblue

Subject: new web site look is cool

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I like the new look it is more updated though I'm not a fan of the web migration to dark colors. Perhaps when web 3 comes out we will get back to cheerier themes. Overall nice modernizing effort!


[#] Tue Sep 27 2011 15:45:57 EDT from Ford II

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my company firewall just started blocking ...
This Websense category is filtered: Malicious Web Sites.

Oh well. Fun while it lasted.

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