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[#] Fri Oct 03 2014 13:23:44 EDT from vince-q

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Heh. I was raised in an Italian household.
Home by dinner and STAY home unless a school event dictates otherwise, or unless the family was "going somewhere" in which case "home" became the car for the travel part and the relative's home for the visit part, and then the car again for the trip back to "real home."

Out after dinner without proper Adult Supervision?
That's called Going To College when/where/how I was raised!

[#] Mon Oct 06 2014 01:11:24 EDT from ax25

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For my upbringing (5 kids), it was more like Calvin and Hobbes (be back when the street lights come on), when I was younger.  When I was a teenager, it was more or less be home when you think you should be, and they would tell you if you were not (middle of the pack).

[#] Mon Oct 06 2014 03:05:14 EDT from triLcat

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Up until my dad got out of the army, it was home by bedtime (9 at the latest point - when I was 12). I had to be home for dinner, though, because I couldn't eat anywhere else - we were the only family that kept kosher within quite a large radius. I was allowed out after dinner, though, in junior high, as long as I claimed my homework was done.

I lived in a place where I couldn't get anywhere on my own in high school, so for high school, it was home whenever my parents or friend's parents brought me home. (unless I was sleeping over, and my parents had to approve that, too - I only remember sleeping over once on a school night, and it was to save my parents from having to pick me up from an afterschool activity.)

[#] Mon Oct 06 2014 03:10:34 EDT from triLcat

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oh. and then the fun started. The first three years of college, I was in dorms, so I did whatever.
Then I moved back "home" (my parents bought an apartment in Israel, and I moved in.) My dad was still in the US the first year, so I had some freedom, but then my dad finished up stuff in the US and came to Israel and he insisted that I had to be home on the last bus (i.e. 12:30am) every night - no sleeping anywhere but home. 
You can imagine that at 20, this did not go over well...

Now I have to worry about the baby-sitter's curfew... 
Fortunately, we have a 17-year-old baby-sitter in our building, so her parents are pretty calm about her being "out" late

(how out-of-the-house are you when you're in the same building?) 


[#] Tue Oct 07 2014 20:39:13 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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By age 20 the genie is already out of the bottle, especially if some time has already been spent living away from home.

[#] Thu Oct 09 2014 13:54:12 EDT from triLcat

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Tue Oct 07 2014 20:39:13 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar @ Uncensored
By age 20 the genie is already out of the bottle, especially if some time has already been spent living away from home.

Yeah. My dad really didn't quite get that memo.

[#] Sat Jan 24 2015 09:19:06 EST from dothebart

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"Gravity Glue"


Stacking stones. beautify pictures fascinating music.

[#] Sun Jan 25 2015 05:38:21 EST from fleeb

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Great patience.

[#] Thu Jan 29 2015 08:56:45 EST from fleeb

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So, I went to the breakroom at work, looking for something to drink, and I saw a can of V8. There are different kinds of V8 drinks, of course, and this one appeared to be labelled 'Vaginal'.

Until I got a closer look at the can, and it actually reads 'Original'.

Methinks I need bifocals.

[#] Fri Jan 30 2015 14:56:42 EST from LoanShark

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You may need more than bifocals. (Repressed heterosexuality? Is that a thing?)

[#] Sat Jan 31 2015 19:01:00 EST from fleeb

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Heh, it's a thing. The human mind is odd.

Gads, though... the thought of me being straight is perhaps entirely too odd to ponder too deeply.

[#] Wed Mar 11 2015 22:32:55 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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Let me clue you in, then. Here's how women appear when you are a straight male.

1. When you are a little boy, girls are just kind of there. There isn't much difference; you're just happy to have other kids around.

2. Then you get a little older and you get to the age where you say, "eeew, girls are gross!"

3. And eventually you become a teenager, and girls aren't gross anymore ... they're pretty darn awesome.

4. At some point you may even marry one, and when you witness childbirth for the first time, you realize ... yes, girls really are gross.

[#] Fri Mar 13 2015 06:25:00 EDT from fleeb

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[#] Sun Mar 15 2015 15:52:55 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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It's pretty much like that.  Babies are beautiful.  Pregnancy is beautiful.  Childbirth is pretty damn disgusting.

[#] Sun Mar 15 2015 20:38:14 EDT from fleeb

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I suppose sex is occasionally rather disgusting as well.

[#] Mon Mar 16 2015 08:33:08 EDT from Freakdog <>

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Sun Mar 15 2015 08:38:14 PM EDT from fleeb @ Uncensored

I suppose sex is occasionally rather disgusting as well.

Only if done right. ;-)

[#] Sat Mar 21 2015 15:20:56 EDT from triLcat

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IG - You're supposed to stand next to your wife's HEAD, not watch the birth. 
(That's what they tell religious Jewish men - they're not supposed to look at the "works" during the birth process) 

[#] Mon Mar 23 2015 10:13:24 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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And I've also heard that during a caesarian they put up a curtain and Dad isn't allowed to peek through. "We've had too many guys pass out" they say.
Whatevs ... I don't follow other people's rules, you know that :)

[#] Wed Mar 25 2015 19:35:30 EDT from triLcat

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Truth is that I'm kind of sad that I didn't get to watch any of my births. Especially #2 - he was born in the sac. It would've been cool to see. 

Can't believe I'm really not going to do that ever again...

But I've got two with serious birth defects... too scared to see what happens next time.

(one blind in one eye and one with a serious malformation of the kidney)

plus I'm sick, had crappy pregnancies, and I have trouble taking care of the three I have.
It's hard to make peace with it, but I do know (logically) that it's the right decision.


[#] Fri Apr 17 2015 19:40:38 EDT from zooer

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