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[#] Sun Jun 26 2022 16:22:14 EDT from Nurb432

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Right, my house was built in the late 50s; So im not in the market :)

[#] Mon Jun 27 2022 10:52:50 EDT from Nurb432

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So the feeder out front was empty.

4 birds come to the window, sit and beat on the glass. "hey, human, lets go.. we are hungry"


I understand why my parrot would do that, he was domesticated and had lived with me for some 30 years, but its funny how wild birds learn where the food comes from.

[#] Mon Jun 27 2022 11:58:46 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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Fun fact: electrical safety codes (since 2020) have been getting updated to require GFCI on all residential circuits.  This means new constructions only have GFCI-enabled breakers in the breaker box.  Local GFCI outlets on the first outlet of a circuit in a "wet" room (litterbox, kitchen, not-inside) are still required, for additional purrotection.  You can still purrchase breakers without GFCI purrotection, but those are now relegated to commercial and industrial applications.

Yup.  My town isn't on the 2020 code yet but that's definitely the new rule.  AFCI are required in some locations too.  My house is 31 years old so we only have GFCI in the kitchen, bathrooms, and garage, so when I do work in other areas, "it was like that when we moved in."

For a major renovation I'd replace the panel with one that has plug-on neutrals.  I hate pigtail neutrals because they clutter up the box.


[#] Mon Jun 27 2022 12:15:32 EDT from Nurb432

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If we had listened to Nikola, we wouldn't have all this wiring mess.  Of course his wireless transfer stuff was terribly inefficient..  

[#] Sun Jul 31 2022 10:51:22 EDT from Nurb432

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So electric chain pruner.. Anyone ever used canola oil for lubricant?  How was did it go long term? I read that it works ok, and is eco friendly as its safe for the environment and does not require any fossil oils.. Not that i care any about that of course, but its at my grocery so its one less stop, and it appears cheaper.    

Being i'm reading it from 'greenies' unsure how effective it really is.  it seems to work right this moment, but i dont want to cause long term damage.

[#] Sun Jul 31 2022 10:55:10 EDT from Nurb432

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wtf...    damned migraines.. ( and possible infection ... i feel like crap after some tooth work last week )

Sun Jul 31 2022 10:51:22 AM EDT from Nurb432

 How was did it go long term? 


[#] Thu Aug 04 2022 09:21:24 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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If we had listened to Nikola, we wouldn't have all this wiring

The problem there was that there was no way to meter it. Funny thing about that. Just like I mentioned in another room how nuclear energy, if used to its potential, would have made electricity too cheap to meter.

I'm currently in the process of finishing the wiring for the lamp posts I put up in my driveway when it was repaved. The cable enters the house in a corner of the garage, and then runs up a conduit (required by code, no exposed NM is allowed on the wall of an unfinished space) and emerges into the ceiling.
I have to get it all the way across the garage, then across a mud room, and then under a split stairway at the entrance so that I can put the switch where it needs to be. And of course it's laterally across the house so it has to go through all the joists, which means opening up the ceiling.

There were wasp nests inside. A giant freaking McMansion. Every time I opened up another bay there was more of this thing. Fortunately it was abandoned.
I didn't see a single insect, alive or dead. But this thing went on forever.
And it was FREAKING ME OUT. Knowing that this was inside the walls of my house is extremely disturbing.

[#] Thu Aug 04 2022 18:36:47 EDT from Nurb432

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And that is why Westinghouse shut it down.

Thu Aug 04 2022 09:21:24 AM EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

The problem there was that there was no way to meter it. 

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