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[#] Sat Aug 01 2015 14:37:07 EDT from dothebart

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[#] Mon Aug 03 2015 15:10:36 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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It's either horrifying or brilliant ... and right now I'm leaning towards brilliant.

[#] Mon Aug 03 2015 16:00:55 EDT from dothebart

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cybers deserve that.

[#] Mon Oct 19 2015 20:48:52 EDT from fleeb

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"I will slit your throat and sacrifice your corpse to Lord Satan," said Thomas.

[#] Wed Nov 25 2015 11:12:03 EST from IGnatius T Foobar

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Every time I read that it reminds me of a sentence we wrote some 30 years ago to see which special characters worked in the TI speech synthesizer.

"I will / your neck ( @ noon unless you give me a $ with an * on it."

[#] Wed Nov 25 2015 23:51:11 EST from vince-q

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Which leads to that famous quote:

"I have but one * for my country."

[#] Sun Dec 20 2015 16:52:34 EST from fleeb

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I think this might be the right room for what I have to announce.

I found my mother dead 6 Dec this year.

Her therapist called me with concerns that she hadn't kept two of her appointments, and that she was not in very good health last she saw her (on oxygen, using a wheelchair).

So, I went to the apartment, and she didn't answer. I called 911, they jimmied the door, and found her decomposing in the bathroom.

I had to identify the body, and I spent the money to have her cremated, and for a few death certificates that I can use to try to tidy up her affairs.

Such as they are... she has no money, and a crazy amount of debt.

So, Merry Christmas, everyone!

[#] Sun Dec 20 2015 21:22:52 EST from zooer

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I am sorry to hear that fleeb.

[#] Mon Dec 21 2015 08:26:23 EST from dothebart

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awww :-( deepest sympathy to you from the other side of the ocean, fleeb.

[#] Mon Dec 21 2015 11:08:21 EST from LoanShark

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Nobody should have to go through that. So sorry, fleeb.

[#] Fri Dec 25 2015 00:15:20 EST from IGnatius T Foobar

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I didn't even know she was still (even in some non-ideal form) in your life.
Sorry to hear the bad news. Was this your biomom or stepmom?

[#] Sun Dec 27 2015 20:49:04 EST from fleeb

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It was the bio-mom.

I have had even less contact with the step-mom.

I kept relatively vague tags on bio-mom, though.  I'd get the occasional Sue-gram and eventually would answer it once I built up the stamina to endure a long conversation with her that could alternate between drama and humor.

Her death has hit me kind of hard, though, considering she wasn't as far into my life as others.  I suppose it's simply the fact that she's someone who has been in my life from the beginning, despite its non-ideal nature, and I feel time slipping from me.


Or maybe it's just that it's someone I knew, somewhat well, who slipped away.

I know it's isn't the $10,800+ debt she left behind for her creditors (who likely won't see a dime of it).  That women manage to gain a debt from everyone around her, heh.

Even me, as I fronted the money for her cremation, knowing that it wouldn't happen any other way, and she doesn't have near enough money in her estate to cover it.  At least I'm not cleaning up her apartment... hoo-boy, but that place was a terrible mess.  Cat litter, dead mice, clothing strewn about the place higgledy-piggledy... I fear taking much of anything from it, but I did at least take her purse with the hopes I could find her SSN card in it (it wasn't there).  Her ID card had a picture that looked like an emaciated version of the woman I knew, though.  That might be why she didn't want me to see her for the last 5 years or so.

Overall, it's been a weird experience, but one I should have been able to predict, to some extent.  I couldn't predict my reaction, though.  I'm surprised this impacts me as much as it has, emotionally.  On the other hand, the death of Melvin's brother has bothered me more, I think.  Probably because of the impact that death had on the man's son, which pains me deeply.

[#] Sun Dec 27 2015 21:56:39 EST from IGnatius T Foobar

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This kind of thing deals a blow to your inner child, even if that child wasn't treated well.

[#] Wed Dec 30 2015 08:56:10 EST from fleeb

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I think that has been my sister's concern. She likes to think of me as a sort of Peter Pan, and is afraid that part of me is lost now.

I guess it has received a bit of a blow, but I like to think I'm just irresponsible enough to keep it with me.

[#] Thu Dec 31 2015 14:43:07 EST from wizard of aahz

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higgledy-piggledy... I fear taking much of anything from it, but I

Extra bonus points for use of higgledy-piggledy.

Tell your sister that even Peter Pan needs some time to rest and recover. If you can quote Bloom County that well, then you're just fine.

VEry sorry about the experience for you though. Just keep on, keeping on.

[#] Thu Dec 31 2015 15:08:36 EST from fleeb

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At the very least, I should spend some quality time with the tyke once some of the dust settles... maybe go to the White House and do things that ought to embarrass a man in his late 40s, but instead energizes me. Like maybe singing Dies Irae while juggling lacross balls as the tour guide tries to maintain composure.

[#] Thu Dec 31 2015 16:59:45 EST from zooer

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...and you have been flagged, good luck on getting anywhere near the White House.   (Just kidding, jump over the fence like everyone else)

You are aware that the people's house requires you to get permission to enter.  I would contact your representative and hope that his staff cares enough about you to help get you tickets.  

>> Public tour requests must be submitted through one's Member of Congress.

I got your member right here buddy.




[#] Thu Dec 31 2015 17:23:05 EST from wizard of aahz

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Quality time with the tyke works. Not really a tyke anymore though.

[#] Thu Jan 07 2016 06:59:12 EST from fleeb

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Aw... but that's the concern, isn't it? That he isn't much of a tyke anymore.


Please let him be a tyke.

[#] Thu Jan 07 2016 06:59:31 EST from fleeb

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*then looks around the room*

Oh, right. Hell.

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