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[#] Wed Dec 31 1969 19:00:00 EST from rss

Subject: Why Is Google Not Supporting The Open Document Formats?

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None of Google services - Android, Chrome OS, Google Drive support Open Document Formats. I am left with puzzling questions why is Google not supporting ODF and locking users into an incompatible and vendor-locked OOXML format? Will Google endorse open standards and Open Document Formats or its users will be forced to use Microsoft's OOXML? I

[#] Mon May 06 2013 22:00:25 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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oh no! <pop>

[#] Sat May 18 2013 18:57:46 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

Subject: A Google+ user realizes how much Facebook sucks

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Heh.  This is funny.  May it be true with more and more people.

Hey there Google Plus,

I just wanted to say that I'm sorry we don't spend more time together.

You're like the nice girl that I'm friends with, but that I've never really considered seriously dating. I like you, really. I love to hangout with you. You're smart, you're easy to be around...

Facebook is the girl that I date. She's exciting, popular.... But, well, let's be honest here. She's fucking crazy. Seriously. I think she has honest pssychological disorders. And maybe a drug habit. She lies to me and manipulates me. And she's kind of a whore, too.

It's just that I've been with her for so long now. Things used to be so good in the beginning, and it's hard for me to admit that she's a totally different person than she used to be back when we first met....

I don't know why I don't spend more time with you, Google+. But do know that I think of you fondly. And as facebook spirals further into madness, I'll probably come here more often. Maybe we'll grow closer. Maybe something wonderful will happen and I'll finally let go of the past and end up with someone that treats me the way I deserve to be treated...


Patrick Rothfuss

[#] Thu May 23 2013 21:33:49 EDT from zooer

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Why don't you spend more time with G+? Because when she changes stuff around it no longer works right. A lot of
makeup and she wants you to call her new pet names for the same features. Don't "Chat" "Hangout" instead. feh.

Of course it might be her friend Samsung that is giving me the most problems but it still isn't right.

[#] Fri May 24 2013 10:07:46 EDT from Ladyhawke

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Maybe.  But at least she doesn't turn a golden goose into a pig, like Flickr just did.  <grmbl>

[#] Sun May 26 2013 22:54:30 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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Hey, whatever assists in the decline and spectacular failcrash of fecesbook is ok in my book. When fecesbook completes its transition to become the next wasteland like myspace, I will be a very happy IG.

[#] Mon Jun 03 2013 10:29:27 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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The Google Street View Van came to my neighborhood!

[ ]

Who wants to buy my house?

[#] Mon Jun 03 2013 10:31:31 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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The funny thing is, that tree right in the foreground in front of the fence, blew down (taking out the fence) during Hurricane Sandy ... which means the photos were taken before 2012-oct-22 , but they just went online recently.

[#] Mon Jun 03 2013 14:35:02 EDT from zooer

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The pictures do take a while from the time of taken to the time they are published. Several years ago I followed
the Google car giving it the middle finger so my car would not appear in street view. I happened to look out the
window one morning and saw the google car driving down my street so my car appeared on street view anyway. I
saw it by my parents house as well, they are now mapping the less populated areas.

[#] Mon Jun 03 2013 14:51:10 EDT from dothebart

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whew, thats lots of green. the one with the blue window frames?

[#] Mon Jun 03 2013 16:29:26 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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Yup, that's the Mouse House :) It's on a quarter acre (about 1011 square meters) and most of the open space is in the front where you see it in the photo.

[#] Sat Jun 08 2013 22:22:39 EDT from ax25

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What is the strange blob between the yards on the fence line and the road?  It looks like an ewok wrapped up in a blanket.

[#] Sat Jun 08 2013 22:24:46 EDT from ax25

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Aha!  It moves with the picture.  A leaf got stuck to the camera.

[#] Sun Jun 09 2013 08:30:33 EDT from zooer

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Using street view, if you head south on Congress Ave starting at the corner of Forest Hill Blvd and Congress
Ave in West Palm Beach Florida there seems to be a tree branch attached to the Google car.

I would also like to say good morning to Google and the NSA, and a great big thanks for making us safer and more

[#] Mon Jun 10 2013 12:24:23 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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Also available is this [ ] lovely property, which was abandoned by its owner. The story around the neighborhood is that she got married to someone in another country and simply left her house behind, since the mortgage was underwater anyway.

The power line got knocked down by a tree during "snowtober" in October 2011, and hasn't been restored since then. Windows have been broken too. The house is likely to be full of mold and needs to be torn down.

[#] Mon Jun 10 2013 12:26:12 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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I would also like to say good morning to the NSA for making us safer

Anyone want Mexican food for lunch today? I like ricin my burritos.

Oops, I spelled "rice in" incorrectly. Sorry I wasted your time, PRISM.

[#] Mon Jun 10 2013 13:02:29 EDT from ax25

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I prefer beans, but then that might give me gas.  Never had ricein my burrito.  Oops, I did it as well.  Do we use Verison for this connection?  Hey, let go of my arm.  I will not come with you until I am finished typ

[#] Mon Jun 10 2013 13:07:18 EDT from zooer

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Jun 10 2013 12:24pm from IGnatius T Foobar
Also available is this [ ] lovely property, which
was abandoned by its owner. The story around the neighborhood is that

Is the grass now covered by tiny trees? Is the abondon car with the overgrowth included?

Oops, I spelled "rice in" incorrectly. Sorry I wasted your time,

That joke was the bomb man.

[#] Mon Jun 10 2013 13:10:02 EDT from zooer

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Jun 10 2013 1:02pm from ax25
 Hey, let go of my arm.  I will not come with you until
I am finished typ

You laugh now....


[#] Mon Jun 10 2013 13:11:32 EDT from fleeb

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Most people don't know much about Dionysius Thrax, a Hellenistic grammarian (thus a Grecian grammarian). He wrote Art of Grammar, which like most Greeks works, will keep you in your seat until the very end.

Similarly, other grammarians have graced our history, but I don't think we've found anThrax like grammarian since the fall of Greece as a world power.

Oh dear...

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