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[#] Wed Dec 31 1969 19:00:00 EST from rss

Subject: Why Is Google Not Supporting The Open Document Formats?

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None of Google services - Android, Chrome OS, Google Drive support Open Document Formats. I am left with puzzling questions why is Google not supporting ODF and locking users into an incompatible and vendor-locked OOXML format? Will Google endorse open standards and Open Document Formats or its users will be forced to use Microsoft's OOXML? I

[#] Wed Mar 20 2013 11:40:03 EDT from dothebart

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according to facebook is raising the fences to its walled garden...  Apps which allow chatting across borders etc. have got locked m2m accounts now - are not useable anymore.

[#] Mon Apr 01 2013 07:30:18 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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I am normally not a fan of April Fools Day on the Internet, but Google's "new product rollout" this year is amusing.

[#] Mon Apr 01 2013 14:41:29 EDT from Ladyhawke

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Cute.  Did you notice that they made the "Try It" button functional?  Even went another layer down with it...

[#] Thu Apr 04 2013 12:52:19 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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I'm sure that the Google-haters will be in a big tizzy today over the announcement that Google will be forking the Webkit rendering engine for use in future versions of the Chrome browser.

The interesting thing is that Opera has decided to go along with them, and will be using Google's engine instead of Webkit.

Looks like Apple is on their own now. But does anyone actually use Safari?

[#] Thu Apr 04 2013 15:35:45 EDT from zooer

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I don't think that is the reason why people hate Google.

[#] Thu Apr 04 2013 18:07:39 EDT from fireball

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Google always adds multiple layers to their april fools.


Also the reason google haters would state to be angry at this is because they see it as google taking over another open source project for their own uses, likely lowering support for the origional project, in favor of the google varient (which they are).  I can't think this, as forking is part of the awesomeness of open-source.  When your goals don't match the project goals completely, you can always fork the project.  I'm not going to deny Google that just because they're the embodyment of pure evil.

[#] Thu Apr 04 2013 18:35:05 EDT from zooer

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Google *IS* Hitler.

[#] Thu Apr 04 2013 19:24:57 EDT from Ladyhawke

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Wrong room, Zooer

[#] Fri Apr 05 2013 06:12:34 EDT from dothebart

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otoh, seems like apple is going to "clean up" much of the google cruft too.

I guess maintaining portability to two javascript engines in one code simply makes it a mess.

their architectures and thoughts howto proceed are simply diversifying to much to continue in one project; so imho that fork is ok.

Lets see what comes from this, phoronix is going to tell ;-)

[#] Fri Apr 05 2013 14:30:43 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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Wow, that prng "faq" reads like sour grapes from an Apple fanboi.

[#] Sat Apr 06 2013 00:45:35 EDT from fireball

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1.10 is the stupidest thing I ever read.  "It's not really open source because no one can understand the complexities of a rendering engine."  Really now?

[#] Sat Apr 06 2013 11:34:08 EDT from zooer

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"You see, this phone system consists of a multibillion-dollar matrix of space age technology that is so
sophisticated -- even we can't handle it."
-Lily Tomlin as "Ernestine" the phone operator.

[#] Sat Apr 06 2013 11:36:28 EDT from zooer

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and I found the video of it.

[#] Sat Apr 06 2013 16:33:36 EDT from Ladyhawke

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"Is this the Party to whom I am speaking?  I would like to discuss the abuse of your instrument...."

[#] Fri Apr 12 2013 10:49:56 EDT from fleeb

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Man, I love Ernestine. Great character.

I mentioned her during one of my improv classes, and the instructor thought the reference was 'obscure'.

I guess I've become old now.

[#] Fri Apr 12 2013 21:41:40 EDT from Ladyhawke

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Sadly so - though hopefully we'll get a lot older still!  My lead architect is 28.  Far too frequently, he has no idea what I'm talking about when I quote various "classics", such as Princess Bride, Bukaroo Bonzai, When Harry Met Sally, Blazing Saddles, etc.

[#] Tue Apr 16 2013 09:50:52 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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Not a *lot* older still. I hope I die before I become "elderly" and obsolete.

[#] Wed Apr 17 2013 09:33:43 EDT from wizard of aahz

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Before you become obsolete? I passed that years ago.

[#] Thu Apr 18 2013 18:27:11 EDT from Ladyhawke

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You passed IGgy becoming obsolete?  How fast were you going?

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