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[#] Sun Oct 07 2012 14:42:57 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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omg ... the Transformer Infinity is totally droolworthy. I don't know if I want to drop that kind of coin, though.

[#] Wed Dec 31 1969 19:00:00 EST from rss

Subject: Why Is Google Not Supporting The Open Document Formats?

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None of Google services - Android, Chrome OS, Google Drive support Open Document Formats. I am left with puzzling questions why is Google not supporting ODF and locking users into an incompatible and vendor-locked OOXML format? Will Google endorse open standards and Open Document Formats or its users will be forced to use Microsoft's OOXML? I

[#] Tue Oct 09 2012 12:22:08 EDT from dothebart

Subject: Re: Why Is Google Not Supporting The Open Document Formats?

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whew, bad news that is.

[#] Tue Oct 09 2012 17:01:21 EDT from LoanShark

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Google in bid to avoid EU antitrust war

"Google has made a bid to avoid an antitrust war with Brussels by
offering to label information from its in-house services that are
included in its search results pages, according to people familiar with
the search giant’s submission. Under the proposal, Google would put its
brand on any of its own maps, stock quotes, airline flight details or
other pieces of information returned with search results. It is an
attempt to resolve regulators’ fears that Google is unfairly squeezing
out other specialist information services on the web."

[#] Wed Oct 10 2012 08:00:28 EDT from dothebart

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WTF? First hit a facebook link where you get to know what H16H means (HIGH) and that the battery has an high internal resistance and is dead?

And... most of the other links... just bullshit?

[#] Sun Oct 14 2012 23:17:08 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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Another Google success story:

(If you can't see the video, go to )

Most of you are already familiar with this video.  I didn't make the video for financial gain; I made it because I had something to say.

However, a couple of months it started getting a lot of hits and showed up in a lot of people's recommended video lists, so Google stuck a video ad spot in front of it.  Since then, I've made a nice chunk of change in ad revenue.  Thanks, Google!

[#] Mon Oct 15 2012 15:36:02 EDT from fleeb

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[#] Mon Oct 15 2012 17:31:17 EDT from zooer

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I will be darned if I am going to click on that link and generate you some more cash! ;)

Clever trick but I didn't fall for it.

[#] Mon Oct 15 2012 21:28:58 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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Encouraging clicks for the sole purpose of generating revenue violates Google's TOS, so I'm definitely not recommending you click for that purpose.

I'm proud of my video, though :)

[#] Tue Oct 16 2012 04:13:06 EDT from dothebart

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since i watched it without adds a while back, i'm probably a foundation of your u-tube success ;-)

[#] Tue Oct 16 2012 10:44:47 EDT from zooer

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I watched it, I didn't see any ads, but I wondered what the screams were in the basement.

[#] Tue Oct 16 2012 11:53:12 EDT from the8088er

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Good video! Quite well done!

[#] Mon Oct 22 2012 20:05:31 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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Google issued me another big payment today. I for one welcome our evil overlords!

[#] Mon Oct 22 2012 20:45:20 EDT from LoanShark

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A peek inside a Google datacenter. There is one object that is clearly not to scale. Can you spot it?

[#] Mon Oct 22 2012 20:45:44 EDT from LoanShark

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[#] Mon Oct 22 2012 23:58:16 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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Seems like they've carefully hacked the explorable map to make the laws of physics change if you try to get a look at the front of any rack. I guess it's better than getting blasted by the stormtrooper for unauthorized access, though.

[#] Thu Nov 08 2012 18:53:31 EST from zooer

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We knew it would come to this:

[#] Thu Nov 15 2012 12:30:04 EST from the_mgt

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Since when does google wrap urls from their search results with their own domain and some other total nonsense? And why are they doing that? Like:

What kind of "feature" is this? So that I only use their search engine in order to not get confused if I already had opened that link with my browser? I bet I can disable this tremendous gain in comfort by setting something in my associated google account somewhere...

If this is not evil from a privacy point of view (I suspect it is for tracking), it is vile from a usability point of view. Assholes!

[#] Thu Nov 15 2012 14:28:58 EST from zooer

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Ignat will suspend your account until you learn to enjoy the Google overlords.

[#] Fri Nov 16 2012 07:59:24 EST from IGnatius T Foobar

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All search engines do that. Information about what search results are clicked on is useful for improving future search results.

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