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[#] Mon Aug 13 2012 14:45:00 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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Ok, I have to admit that *this* is kind of unsettling.

User Name Num L Last Visit Logins Messages
------------------------- ----- - ---------- ------ --------
admin 77293 4 08/13/2012 516 15

Someone's logging in as "admin" and has been doing so for a while. No big
deal; it's not a real admin account, so this is really just some douche
pretending, but...

User Name Room Idle From host
------------------------- -------------------- ---- ------------------------
. admin Lobby crawl-66-249-71-57.googl

Why is the GoogleBot logging in with a username "admin" and password "admin"?

[#] Mon Aug 13 2012 18:09:37 EDT from zooer

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pfffft, Google are the good guys... REMEMBER? Google is your friend.

[#] Sun Aug 19 2012 09:02:12 EDT from the_mgt

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Surely it is just a spelling error and they originally wanted to be funny by using Adam as user and password. Same with the accidently recorded unencrypted wifi traffic, that was just a programming glitch, too. They would never ever do something really bad!

Ah, btw, if you happen to fornicate your dog while they are driving past your window fotographing your streets, it was your responsibility to close the curtains as it was your responsibility to change your admin password... Thats no experiment in massive  site hacking, you are overreacting!

But while we are on this, is there a way to blacklist usernames on "open" registration instances of citadel? The dictator in me demands censorship! 

[#] Sun Aug 19 2012 18:43:44 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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We could, but since everything is sent to Google anyway (via xml sitemap) there's no point :)

[#] Mon Aug 20 2012 04:39:42 EDT from the_mgt

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What  I mean is: When I have an open citadel instance where users can selfregister accounts without approval of the management, I'd like to blacklist certain user names, such as admin/Administrator/Retlih/Zuckerberg/Godwin/M*th*f*ck*/whatever. Should I file this under longterm feature request?

[#] Thu Sep 06 2012 13:50:28 EDT from zooer

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New Motorola phones getting Chrome browser.

[#] Fri Sep 07 2012 10:45:44 EDT from fleeb

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The Google tablet they currently advertise already has Chrome on it.

[#] Sat Sep 08 2012 15:08:21 EDT from triLcat

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I LOOOOVE my nexus 7, and yes, it has chrome.

[#] Sun Sep 09 2012 09:18:26 EDT from fleeb

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Oh, cool! Yours came in recently, then!

[#] Tue Sep 11 2012 02:11:16 EDT from triLcat

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I think I've had it for a little over a week. :)

OTOH, I'm back to using a nokia as my phone.

Truth be told, I'm not that sad. It does hotspots, and it works well as a phone.

Email works reasonably, and that's the thing I need most when I'm out.

I rather enjoy having a phone that the kids don't always want to play on...

[#] Fri Sep 21 2012 13:26:53 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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I want a Nexus 7.  I may have to get impulsive and order one.

[#] Sat Sep 22 2012 18:10:09 EDT from triLcat

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It's a sweet machine. I'm still waiting for my bluetooth keyboard case.

[#] Sun Sep 23 2012 11:58:36 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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Ok so I had a chance to play with a N7 in a store.  It's a little on the small side.  I want something I can carry around and get real work done on without having to lug my big 17" laptop around.  My netbook is on its last legs so I'm just about officially in the market for a replacement.

I'm thinking about either the Asus Transformer or the Samsung Galaxy Tab with a keyboard attached to it for when I need to do non-casual work.

The idea of using a tablet as a laptop replacement is beginning to sound appealing, as long as I can add the keyboard when I want to.

[#] Mon Sep 24 2012 10:02:01 EDT from zooer

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What ssh client do you recomend for an android phone?

[#] Mon Sep 24 2012 10:07:00 EDT from dothebart

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[#] Mon Sep 24 2012 11:34:42 EDT from zooer

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Are you asking me or telling me? I did look at that version.

[#] Tue Sep 25 2012 08:20:00 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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ConnectBot is definitely the most commonly used one.

[#] Tue Sep 25 2012 11:22:29 EDT from zooer

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I am trying it. the Virtual keyboard appears over the text, or at least it did the first time I tried it.

[#] Tue Sep 25 2012 11:25:01 EDT from zooer

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Haven't figured out how to make a "cntl" key with the virtual keyboard

[#] Tue Sep 25 2012 11:34:44 EDT from zooer

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Was able to get that but couldn't get the arrow keys to edit text. Feh, I will get it.

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