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[#] Thu Dec 15 2022 11:03:06 EST from Nurb432

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Somewhat related, for fun sometimes id setup a QEMU VM with like 50 CPUs then boot something that shows the # and take a screenshot.   "hey, got a new PC"  


lol people fell for it every time.

Thu Dec 15 2022 10:25:20 AM EST from LadySerenaKitty

That's a known issue when you have more than a thousand nested beast-hyves on a single machine.


[#] Sat Dec 17 2022 15:03:32 EST from IGnatius T Foobar

Subject: Re: Please help this penguin-blooded hacker deal with a Macintrash...

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macOS has its own set of problems in this area, however. Running
Docker on a Mac has always been painful, because it always involved a

fully virtualized (not just containerized) Linux guest. That's even
more painful on Apple Silicon.

Yeah. On my current Windoze machine I am virtualizing AMD64 on AMD64, and that is obviously the best case scenario, especially when running paravirt drivers for storage and network. Emulating an AMD64 on an M2 would necessarily be slower.

I may just ditch the whole thing and set up the tooling for development machines in our lab. Our cloud team doesn't really know much about the lab so they're not considering it (and I'm only part time on the cloud team so I'm not really directing things there). But they *are* building cloud-init scripts with the idea that development machines can have short lifecycles and quickly be replaced when there's a lot of new tooling available.

So I might just take the Mac because it sucks slightly less than windoze, and just put all of my Linux on the other side of the glass somewhere. We're doing cloud automation, not desktop software.

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