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[#] Fri Aug 28 2015 18:42:44 EDT from pato @ Uncensored

Subject: XMPP clients hanging on "connecting"

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Hey there,

I'm trying to connect pidgin to the XMPP service, with a self-signed certificate running on the server (i generated the certificate exactly the way it's described on your FAQ page).

Unfortunately, I can't get past the "connecting" status, even though when I login through webcit as an admin, it shows me that the XMPP account is "online".

The same happened with Thunderbird's XMPP client.

I've followed the instructions on your FAQ page and checked the "Allow plain text auth over unencrypted streams", and chose "Use encryption if available" on the connection security (the latter isn't in your FAQ page, perhaps it relates to an older pidgin version).

Any idea why the XMPP client(s) can't proceed with the connection?


Thanks in advance and admirations for the great work!


[#] Fri Aug 28 2015 20:00:17 EDT from pato @ Uncensored

Subject: Re: XMPP clients hanging on "connecting"

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Additional info:

When I use Thunderbird, and try to connect to my Citadel's XMPP on localhost, it tells me that the certificate is untrusted, asking me to add an exception for it. When I go to the "Add Security exception" screen, I can see the certificate with the "View" button, but pushing the button "Get Certificate" (from localhost:5222) makes Thunderbird to freeze.

I found this old-ish article, where in the chapter "Hacking Citadel: The XMPP Server Lacks SSL", mr. James Carter gives some explanation, but I am unsure whether this is still the issue and whether it is related at all.

I also tried changing the XMPP port to 2222, to avoid potential collisions, but ended up with the same result.

[#] Sun Aug 30 2015 03:37:08 EDT from marisag @ Uncensored

Subject: Re: Setting up SSL on ubuntu 14.04

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I can afford to pay $25 to fix this issue...

[#] Sun Aug 30 2015 05:01:29 EDT from "nnnn20430" <> to

Subject: Re: [Citadel Support] Setting up SSL on ubuntu 14.04

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for webcit to use ssl simply provide -s flag to webcit executable to
change port use flag -p
example command that i have systemd run:
/usr/local/webcit/webcit -d -s -p2443

/usr/local/webcit/ is where i have my webcit installed
inside it is a folder called keys which contains all the keys
/usr/local/webcit/keys # ls
citadel.cer citadel.csr citadel.key

i don't remember where keys came from i just compiled citadel my self i
think they got generated when i first ran webcit with ssl "-s"

On 08/26/2015 01:43 AM, marisag wrote:

I used the easy install and got citadel up and running, but it did not
create any SSL files as it did on my other servers. I tried rerunning
the easy install setup and the webcit setup utility but had the same
results. How do I get webcit to use https on port 2001? And of course
to use SSL for the citadel components also.



[#] Sun Aug 30 2015 10:41:10 EDT from marisag @ Uncensored

Subject: Re: [Citadel Support] Setting up SSL on ubuntu 14.04

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Thanks ill give that a try!

[#] Mon Aug 31 2015 09:23:53 EDT from pato @ Uncensored

Subject: Re: XMPP clients hanging on "connecting"

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Even more info (guess I shuld have started with that :) ):

I'm using the Ubuntu ship package, on Ubunutu 14.04 (Trusty)

[#] Mon Aug 31 2015 18:58:23 EDT from "Jorgen Ottosson" <> to

Subject: Re: New user, a few questions, some issues

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Ok then, some updated comments after more tries.

I did a new installation using repo and got more errors and also messages
like this after every restart of citadel:

"The Citadel server process (citserver) terminated unexpectedly."

"This could be the result of a bug in the server program, or some external

I seemed to lack some file "7" under /etc/citadel/netconfigs that was
being mentioned in logs somewhere.

Did some trying to save dump files but couldn't get it to work so I
stopped doing that to save time.


When instead trying to use the "Easy install" method on a NEW system with
Debian 8.1 amd64 the install ran through all stages without errors.

However, when looking at the install afterwards some issues appears.

Logs in system says: "citadel should not be configured to run as root!
Check the value of c_ctdluid"

And indeed when checking ps it seems that citadel is running as root, I
think the earlier installations I did ran as "citadel".

The file being mentioned above now exist but in
/usr/local/citadel/netconfigs instead. Many things seemed to be owned by
root but also groups lika staff is seen.

Why did this happen? I did some googling and found others to have
experienced similar things earlier.

How to fix? Change owner of files/folders directly or some other way? Fix

Where is the "c_ctdluid" mentioned in the log message to be found?

There is also this msg being mentioned in console: "configuration setting
c_port_number is not -1 (disabled) or a valid TCP-Port - check your
config! Default setting is: 504"

But I am absolutely certain that I left no part of the configuration empty
during the Easy install script installation procedure.

Anyone have any in input?



I have looked at Citadel earlier but never tried it. Now I installed it
and after having started to learn the various concepts and features I
think it looks really nice. And it has a number of useful features that I
would like to use.

I'm on Ubuntu 14.04 and latest version from repo.

I have a few problems with the setup though it seems.

I set up a number of rooms as RSS Feeds and some of them work and update
as expected but some dont at all. They are all set up in the same way. All
RSS URLs work in browsers.

Are there limits or issues I need to be aware of with feeds?

I also set up a few rooms with POP3 remote retrieval (internal mailserver)
and I got some emails over but then for some reason no more emails comes
over, despite more is coming into the pop user.

Also I did a session log inside the pop server and it shows Citadel pop
client is logged in, password ok, listing is received with a number of
emails waiting etc. A number of UIDL commands are sent but no RETR.
There's an OK from mailserver, there seems to be no errors in syntax etc.

I first used setting to save mail on server but changed and also removed
entry alltogether and added again, still couldn't get all emails down.

What am I missing here?

BTW I had to manually add the folder "/etc/citadel/netconfigs" before I
was able to save the remote retrieval settings at all.

Maybe I'm missing something else that for some reason is not configured
correctly with the repo version?

Any comments on any of the above appreciated.


[#] Tue Sep 01 2015 19:43:12 EDT from cryptearth @ Uncensored

Subject: Re: can't start-up citadel after update opensuse 13.1 to 13.2 on ovh

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Well, ok, there we go again ... (hopefully for the last time) ...

After messing around with alternatives like ApacheJames and Postfix I completely reinstalled my server again with a fresh clean OpenSuSE 13.2 x64. As reading about Tumbleweed I thought about using this fork and the available repo ...

And guess what happend? YES ! It finally worked again, as smooth as ever. Ok, now I have to re-configure all settings and re-add my certificates ... but nevermind.

I know the risks of the Tumbleweed-fork as it's something between active Factory-development and stable - and some packages may need a manual downgrade to stable ... but overall currently it's running fine.


I just wanted to let you guys know what could maybe a possible solution ... but be aware : AT YOUR OWN RISK !

Tue Aug 25 2015 11:25:40 EDT from cryptearth @ Uncensored Subject: Re: can't start-up citadel after update opensuse 13.1 to 13.2 on ovh

Yea, I know, pushing is not the best way to keep a topic up on the top, but sadly I still didn't got any response to my question.

But nevermind. As some friends of mine showed me some disadvangtages of citadel while I tried to fix this problem and also tried to setup other groupware systems I now decided to use a simple Apache James and some cheap forum-software to bring my site back up alive again.

Sorry to leave you guys, but there are better solutions than wait for a fix.


[#] Tue Sep 01 2015 23:36:51 EDT from ccig @ Uncensored

Subject: cant be accessed

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Hi. Our webmail ( cant be accessed, error message will always appear like beliw. Kindly assist. Tq

"Proxy Error

The proxy server received an invalid response from an upstream server.

The proxy server could not handle the request GET /.

Reason: Error reading from remote server

Apache/2.2.14 (Ubuntu) Server at Port 80"

[#] Wed Sep 02 2015 23:16:15 EDT from 9tontruck @ Uncensored

Subject: "Higher access is required" error when I enter my pop3 info

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Hi guys,


I am having hard time to setup the pop3 server. I finally found out that I need to goto "advanced -> Edit or delete this room -> remote retrieval". And now I am trying to add a pop3 host but it returns an error like this:

Higher access is required to access this function. Higher access is required to access this function.


What should I do in order to get through this problem? 


Thanks in advance!!



[#] Fri Sep 04 2015 10:25:27 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar @ Uncensored

Subject: Re: cant be accessed

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Hi. Our webmail ( cant be accessed, error
message will always appear like beliw. Kindly assist. Tq

The error message you posted isn't from Citadel. It says at the bottom that it's from an Apache proxy.

If you have Apache sitting in front of WebCit, try restarting WebCit.

[#] Fri Sep 04 2015 10:25:53 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar @ Uncensored

Subject: Re: "Higher access is required" error when I enter my pop3 info

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Higher access is required to access this function. Higher access is
required to access this function.

You have to be an administrator to use that function.

[#] Sat Sep 05 2015 04:04:26 EDT from marisag @ Uncensored

Subject: How to truncate log files

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my lightly loaded system had over 32gb of transaction files. How do i decrease the number of segments used? Is there a admin or command line too to truncate/mark as backed up the logs?

[#] Sat Sep 05 2015 15:07:06 EDT from cleansound @ Uncensored

Subject: Calendar events and Attendees

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I recently stumbled across Citadel, so this is my first experience.  I installed Citadel+Webcit 8.24 to play with on a fresh Debian Jessie vbox guest, from apt-get, and so far I'm only using webcit to interact with it.  I have set all of the SMTP/POP/IMAP global settings to -1 (from inside webcit) because we don't need an email server, we mostly want a reference calendar, contacts, and a forum for project discussion. 

As an organization, our biggest current need is a master calendar we can view in-browser, where the boss can add events, assign people to them, and the rest of the users can view it.  Being able to check availability against a personal calendar would be a big plus.  Citadel seems to have all these abilities, but in my first attempts I can't seem to make the "Attendees" part of an event work.

I created a room called Master Calendar in floor 0.  If I create a new event in this calendar and tab over to Attendees, I can't seem to add them.  I made the Global Address Book public (because my test users aren't listed in the other contacts menus), and I am choosing "test1 <test1@citadel>"  and trying to add that user.  The username shows up in the Attendees box, but clicking "Check attendee availability" does nothing, and I can't select test1 in the Attendees box.  If I click "Save" it will update other info about the event, but not attendees I tried to add.

I assume I'm doing something wrong, any help?  I was hoping the event would pop up on the user's personal calendar, and ideally show a conflict with the user's personal calendar if it exists.

[#] Sat Sep 05 2015 22:24:22 EDT from "Sebastian Pipping" <> to

Subject: Bug report: Citadel configure script --with-with_*

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The configure script of Citadel advertises options


but the related code

AC_ARG_WITH(with_ldap, .........
dnl AC_ARG_WITH(with_libdspam, ........
AC_ARG_WITH(with_gc, ........

makes them end up as


For proof see:

# fgrep with_with configure
if test "${with_with_ldap+set}" = set; then :
if test "${with_with_gc+set}" = set; then :

I suppose it's unintentional. Would you accept a patch?



PS: It seems there has been a bug tracker at,
previously. Has it been moved? If the docs say where to report bugs
to, I didn't find it.

[#] Sun Sep 06 2015 04:33:05 EDT from jakov @ Uncensored

Subject: Attachments frequently CORRUPTED

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Hello there!


Let me first say that I am so impressed with how simple Citadel was to set up. Especially after failing to setup some other groupware solutions on Linux.


However, now it has happened several times that attachments have become corrupted. Both attachments I have sent, and attachments I have received from gmail accounts. It makes no apparent difference if I used webcit or an IMAP client (OSX Mail and Thunderbird).

A casual inspection of received PDFs with "vim", gives that there seems to be a lot of ^M newlines sprinkled inside the PDF?


However, this problem does not happen all the time. I have not managed to intentionally reproduce it by just sending a random PDF to myself, for instance.


But images frequently are corrupted, to the point that I no longer email images from my smartphone, because the risk of failure is high.


Does anyone have experience with attachment corruption?   I don't know if it's relevant, but I run Citadel on a raspberry pi with an SSD attached.

[#] Sun Sep 06 2015 15:40:17 EDT from dothebart @ Uncensored

Subject: Re: Bug report: Citadel configure script --with-with_*

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the dspam module was nowhere near what one could call alpha. If you want to work on it, yes, patches welcome. elsewes its just rm -rf if you insist.

[#] Sun Sep 06 2015 15:43:34 EDT from "Sebastian Pipping" <> to

Subject: Re: [Citadel Support] Re: Bug report: Citadel configure script--with-with_*

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On 06.09.2015 21:40, dothebart wrote:
the dspam module was nowhere near what one could call alpha. If you want
to work on it, yes, patches welcome. elsewes its just rm -rf if you insist.

I'm aware that the dspam lines are commented out. It's not really about
dspam. It's about the names of the configure switches.


[#] Mon Sep 07 2015 07:54:19 EDT from "Sebastian Pipping" <> to

Subject: Re: [Citadel Support] Attachments frequently CORRUPTED

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On 06.09.2015 10:33, jakov wrote:
I don't know
if it's relevant, but I run Citadel on a raspberry pi with an SSD attached.

A friend of mine had corruption problems with Raspberries and an SD
card. Key question could be if you turn it on and off frequently and if
you use a file system with journaling (e.g. ext3/4) or not (e.g. ext2).
If you have an old unused notebook around, you could try with that for
a while instead.



[#] Sat Sep 12 2015 03:03:53 EDT from kiwols @ Uncensored

Subject: Re: Outbound mail beeing stuck without error

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Has anyone found a resolution to this probelm?

I am getting the same problem with mail sent to AOL, gmail, and similar addresses.

The email gets stuck in the queue with a Dec 31 1969 Next Attempt date.

It will finally send when I click Restart Now to reboot the Citadel server.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.


Thu Apr 16 2015 04:36:39 EDT from dothebart @ Uncensored Subject: Re: Outbound mail beeing stuck without error

Ok, that gives a good point.

What you're noting is probably greylisting. Greylisting sends the SMTP code for currently unavailable come back later. The SMTP conversation is closed with not sending the mail, but as the protocol describes.

Your case however is different: The conversation is stuck somewhere in mid-air. This rather sounds like a tar-pit or connection problems.

You can enable SMTP sending debugging; You should see the SMTP conversations in the syslog.

If that doesn't help, maybe running tcpdump with filtering for port 25 and the microsoft mailservers could bring us closer to the problem.

Thu Apr 16 2015 03:02:46 EDT from Roknrol @ Uncensored Subject: Re: Outbound mail beeing stuck without error

Follow up with what I hope is additional relevant information.

Frequently the emails that fail to send are to MSN's servers.  If I delete the email from the mail queue, restart the mail server, and then resend it, it sends right away.  I note that MSN's servers seem to have ICMP replies disabled (no ping response, but servers are up).

In my digging last week, when I was researching the craigslist issue, I came across an "issue" where some email servers reject emails from smaller domains with the expectation that "legit" domains will just resend the emails (spammers are apparently too lazy to hit "resend").  I suspect that most email servers will automatically retry (and Citadel may, as well - I have no idea). 

This is an awfully big conclusion to leap to, but I think based on the lack of logged errors, that maybe the server isn't picking up on the failure/bounce/whatever so it's never triggered to actually resend?

I'm really out of my depth at this point and could use some direction from someone that knows more.

Thanks in advance


Mon Apr 13 2015 16:03:40 EDT from Roknrol @ Uncensored Subject: Re: Outbound mail beeing stuck without error

Hi Pusaken - I've been encountering a similar issue that may help someone volunteer some expertise.

My mail server almost always works perfectly - I regularly send emails to other domains without issue (gmail and Google-hosted domains, Amazon, Hotmail, etc), however I have now twice had an email message hang in my queue the way you describe below.  Both emails were sent to the domain, and both sit in the queue.  I think mine may end up sending before yours because the date listed is 1969.  Anyway, when there's one email hung, almost all other emails sent *also* hang.  The last time this happened I had to actually delete everything in the queue before I could get anything to send. 

While troubleshooting this I encountered some information that points to a potential Reverse DNS configuration (although for me that was a red herring, it might be worth looking into for your issue).

Other than that, the only relevant errors that I can find in the logs say:

Apr 13 12:48:15 ****** citserver[2218]: SMTPCQ: Msg No 14767: already in progress!
Apr 13 12:48:15 ****** citserver[2218]: No external notifiers configured on system/user

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Tue Mar 24 2015 05:09:53 EDTfrom pusaken @ Uncensored Subject: Outbound mail beeing stuck without error

Hello everyone,

I am having trouble with my outbound smtp-queue. Since my smarthost provider enforced higher security standards I had to switch to google. Therefore I changed my smarthost configuration acccordingly, and - after a message from google pointing out that a "less secure app" tried to send mail and was blocked - I lessened the google account preferences to allow less secure access.

But now the outbound smtp queue behaves oddly. New items are added with "next attempt" in Jan 1970 (which is ok I think) but they are not processed. Instead they sit there waiting for santa clause or someone else. There is no outbound error (like connection refused or connection interrupted, which I got while the smarthost was blocking citadel).

Actually one mail accidentially got sent tonight - I don't know why this one got through.

Is there a way to clean the message queue? When will a send attempt be made, when the date reads Jan 1970?

Might a complete configuration reset of citadel help? How can I accomplish that?

Thanks for your help,

kindest regards,






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