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[#] Thu Oct 08 2015 13:52:41 EDT from wizard of aahz

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hahahahah. That's awesome.

[#] Tue Oct 20 2015 23:35:04 EDT from zooer

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and there you go.....

[#] Mon Oct 26 2015 09:28:03 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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Ok then, if Zubkerberg is so fond of Star Wars, we would be happy to feed him to a sarlacc.

[#] Wed Feb 10 2016 19:29:24 EST from zooer

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I along with a friend who uses Uber when he travels have been discussing Uber and its operations.  They just changed their logo from a familiar and sensible old uber logo

to a new and confusing:

Ahhh yes, when I see THAT on a car I will know it is Uber.  

We started talking about how large the company is worldwide and he talked about all the job openings Uber has.
They have 300 engineering positions open, 40 design positions and 400 in "Design and Launch"  REALLY? This company is that big? 



[#] Fri Feb 26 2016 10:44:48 EST from IGnatius T Foobar

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My son and his girlfriend aren't speaking right now.

This is the result, of course, of a bunch of drama that happened on Facebook.

Heh.  I told him Facebook was nothing but trouble.  (Women too, of course, but primarily Facebook.)

[#] Fri Mar 18 2016 11:56:15 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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Fun little phishing message received today.

It was from "Bank of American"

And they were advising me that there was an IP address conflict on my account.

(Wow, sounds like they need some help with their network.)

[#] Sat Mar 19 2016 01:40:55 EDT from ax25

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I P Freely.

[#] Tue Mar 22 2016 19:06:34 EDT from wizard of aahz

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Had a google doc one the other day. Looked really good. almost caught me. Ihate when clients get viruses.

[#] Tue Mar 22 2016 19:52:33 EDT from zooer

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I had a friend whose email was compromised somehow and had an email from him to a google docs link.  It was pretty good, it discussed things he was interested in but I could tell it wasn't him.  He told me others thought it was from him.

[#] Wed Mar 30 2016 12:07:04 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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2016-03-30 10:07 from GREAT ILLUMINATI <> to recipient
Subject: HELLO.

Do you want to join the great Illuminati world wide? to become rich and
famous,Protection,power? we are currently looking for n >ew applicants to be initiated who understand very well the vision of the great Illuminati,here is your chance, we offer 5 milli >on to all new members after the initiation.if interested get back to us.

This one is too good to pass up! Membership in The Illuminati *and* a five million bonus?

They even know my secret code name: "Recipient"

[#] Wed Mar 30 2016 17:00:14 EDT from zooer

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As a current member of the Illuminati I must say that five million is chump change.


and I really mean aluminumati.... and five million is the amount of pixels I have viewed since I have started using a computer.

[#] Sun Apr 03 2016 01:15:08 EDT from ax25

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Having returned from a place that used to be a big producer of the ore that makes aluminumati (i.e. bauxite), that it is quite a coincidence that I was reading Snow Crash while I was there and was quite pix-elated in the process. 

[#] Tue Apr 12 2016 11:50:09 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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Traditionally, the mark of a true douchebag web site was the JavaScript popup that appears when you try to navigate away from the page. "WAIT! By leaving this page you are turning down the most incredible offer etc. etc. etc."

If a site did that, you always knew it was operated by the lowest lifeforms.

But now ... almost overnight, it seems the entire douchebag community has switched to a new technique, and it's even starting to go mainstream.

It's the overlay window that appears when the site sees that you're moving your mouse back up into the navigation bar. Suddenly this technique is EVERYWHERE.
And it's more popular than its predecessor. It appears not only on douchebag sites but also on slightly-douchey sites. It's like Clippy is suddenly there saying "I see you're about to go somewhere else, can I help you not do that?"

Whoever invented this technique should have an advertisement tattooed onto their eyeballs with a soldering iron.

[#] Wed Apr 13 2016 14:11:28 EDT from fleeb

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An advertisement for a Microsoft product, perhaps.

If only you could make blinking tattoos.

[#] Sun Apr 24 2016 13:00:54 EDT from zooer

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I know you hate facebook but you have the ability to log in with AOL, Yahoo, Google, and openID why not facebook? Is there a reason other than your hatred of facebook?

[#] Mon Apr 25 2016 10:42:41 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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Simple. AOL, Yahoo, and Google each have an OpenID IdP to connect to; Facebook and Twitter don't.

[#] Mon Apr 25 2016 14:25:08 EDT from zooer

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Thank you very much.

[#] Mon Apr 25 2016 16:12:07 EDT from zooer

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You are a nice guy Mr. Foobar, no matter what admin says about you.

[#] Wed Apr 27 2016 04:07:33 EDT from the_mgt

Subject: Ge me off your fucking mailing list!

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Dr Peter Vamplew, a lecturer and researcher in computer science at Federation University in Victoria, submitted the paper to the International Journal of Advanced Computer Technology earlier this year after receiving dozens of unsolicited emails from the publication and other journals of dubious repute.

Figure 1

Picture URL:

[#] Sat May 07 2016 10:04:16 EDT from zooer

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An annoying feature that has been around a while is covering half the screen with a graphic asking you to sign in or register.  Yeah, you are annoying the hell out of me so I am going to sign up for your crap.

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