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[#] Sun Sep 18 2022 20:28:59 EDT from zelgomer

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2022-09-18 22:45 from Nurb432 <>
Man, this thing about the credit cards and a new ISO standard is
really bringing out the hypocrites.   "They are infringing on my
rights! Congress needs to get involved and make them stop"

Ya, lets open the door to fascism just because you f-ers are
hypocrites and dont understand how the constitution works or who it
applies to....


Yeah, a lot of gun people are like the weed voters. They care about one thing and one thing only, to the detriment of other rights.

Along this subject, even before news of that credit card thing came out, I recently decided I wanted a new one, and I'm going to get it from a local store I've never patronized before and pay with cash, so that this one can be as "off the grid" as it can be short of private sale (but in this case I want one new). Problem is, he doesn't have any in stock right now. I've popped in a few times to check and chat the guy up. The last time I thought, I've taken up this guy's time, it would be polite to at least buy some accessory that I could use. And what did I use to pay? Without thinking, the damn credit card. So now there's a paper trail of me at least having visited this store. Dammit!!

[#] Mon Sep 19 2022 07:29:44 EDT from Nurb432

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Oops :)

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