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[#] Mon Apr 15 2024 16:59:55 EDT from Nurb432

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Should look into 9Front, and perhaps Mothra browser  

Mon Apr 15 2024 15:43:12 EDT from darknetuser
I use the terminal specifically because it allows me to visit Uncensored without having to commit 1.5 gigabytes of RAM torunning a bloated bew browser that is not necessary at all.


[#] Mon Apr 15 2024 18:39:08 EDT from fandarel

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Should look into 9Front, and perhaps Mothra browser  

just keep in mind that mothra doesn't do JS. it might work on the current webcit (I'll have to try it) but doubtful it will work with the new one, and definitely not with xterm.js.

I find the mouse inefficient. I'll use it when I need to, but if I can do what I need to do without it, i'll skip it. i'm quite fond of the text client for that reason, but wouldn't be objectionable to something like xterm.js either. i'd spin it up in a minimal browser and just let it sit there, alt-tab to it when i wanted to use it. Which is pretty much how I survive modern OS's anyway.

[#] Mon Apr 15 2024 20:39:11 EDT from zelgomer

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What do you think? Do you use the text client because it's your
preferred experience and you don't care what software provides it, or

do you use it specifically because it doesn
't require a browser?

The second one. The environment that I connect from does not even have X (or Wayland, or Windows, you get the idea).

If you need some extra hands on the text client, I might be able to make some of my time available as a way of giving back.

[#] Tue Apr 16 2024 09:27:38 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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To be clear -- we will never discontinue the regular terminal option. What is under consideration is building a text client experience that is optimized for a *known* terminal. The fact that we can now count on the basic set of ANSI escape sequences being there 100% of the time got us pretty far -- for example, we can now turn on color without worrying about whether the user's terminal supports it. I'm interested in taking that even further. For example, I'd like to enable the status line, a full screen editor, and sixel graphics.
But those are things that require a bit more of a controlled environment, which xterm.js would be.

Also I uninstalled Kitty after finding out how widely the rest of the industry is working to standardize Sixel graphics.

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