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[#] Tue Apr 16 2019 13:24:27 EDT from fleeb @ Uncensored

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Heh... yeah, it'd be funny to meet. Very different people, Ragnar and me, but I think we're both decent folks once you get past the bullshit.

But then, we've thrown barbs and compliments at each other for over a decade.
We've seen pictures of each other, and kind of glimpsed each other's pain over the years.

Social outcast? Me? I dunno... maybe by choice in some ways. I can't handle the overhead of large groups, and I don't get out a lot. I have a small concern that I'll eventually withdraw completely and nobody will know I exist (which only becomes a concern in old age when you think your body might stain the floor).

But I've always been comfortable communicating with disembodied souls. It might come from having read a lot of books when I was young, as you get a feel for an author's personality from their turns of phrase, and as you improve your own writing to express who you are as accurately as possible with the words available to you, in all their subtlties.

Oh, heh... I met Melvin online, now that I think of it. I read his personals advert, and figured I needed to write something that would separate me from what I assumed he was receiving from others. Apparently, I accomplished that handily, as I think he still has that e-mail somewhere.

But it's still nice to meet in person, to see the eyebrowse, and the hear the tenor of the voice.

As for juggling, I haven't done that in too long. But I had a chance to do that 'steal the balls' trick with a juggler at that event I attended in San Diego. I should get some decent juggling balls and get back in practice again, as it's a fun way to pass the time, and I used to be just a tad above average at it.

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