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[#] Fri Jan 17 2020 23:17:04 EST from LoanShark

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Make it look like WOPR. (I just re-watched that. Free on Vudu recently.)

[#] Sat Jan 18 2020 23:10:55 EST from IGnatius T Foobar

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Dear Lazyweb: I have a reliable old HP LaserJet 5 printer, which has been printing plain black and white pages in my home for a long time now. Recently it has started jamming a lot. Print two pages, "remove paper jam". It always jams in the same place, with one sheet nearly out and another one on the way.
It *never* jams when I manually feed one page at a time through the sheet feeder.

What are the common causes of this kind of problem, and what parts/maintenance can be tried to fix it?

(I refuse to buy a new printer, because they no longer sell non-disposable printers for less than $1000000000000)

[#] Sun Jan 19 2020 10:06:39 EST from darknetuser

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(I refuse to buy a new printer, because they no longer sell
non-disposable printers for less than $1000000000000)

Actually, printer-makers don't care much if the printer is disposeable or not. Their business model is to sell ink to you.

Have you noticed the jamming just after switching the type of paper you feed to the printer?

[#] Wed Jan 22 2020 16:09:33 EST from athos-mn

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I'm not a printer guy, but aren't there some rubber parts that take the paper and do the feed? I'd imagine they'd get stiff with age.

I'm with you on the printer. First, if I ever need color prints, it's more cost effective to go somewhere else with it. I did have to get a new one a few years ago, but small business lasers are still loads cheaper in the long run over than ink jets.

[#] Fri Jan 24 2020 09:23:24 EST from IGnatius T Foobar

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That's just it, the LJ5 is built like a *real* business workhorse, and I can replace the toner for about $25. I'm not letting it go.

The paper type hasn't changed; in fact, it was midway through the third ream of a 3-pack of the same type of paper when the problem started happening.
The suggestion about the rollers is a decent one. I suppose I should also field strip it as much as I can and hit it with compressed air in case there's any debris lodged in the paper train anywhere.

I've heard of printers needing new imaging drums at some point in their lives, but those don't create paper jams when they need replacing, do they?

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