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[#] Sat Mar 05 2022 01:34:56 EST from ParanoidDelusions

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It is the internet. We've been doing this long enough we know not to jump to conclusions - and we know what we MEAN isn't always how people reading it take it. 

*resumes 1000 yard virtual stare*


Thu Mar 03 2022 17:19:02 EST from Nurb432

Okie, i just read it backwards. it happens :) 


[#] Sat Mar 05 2022 01:39:11 EST from ParanoidDelusions

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So, here is the other thing about getting into Citadel in my mid teens and making "friends" that were... decades older than me. 

I'm 52 now, and I have Citadel friends who are in their 70s now. One of them has lost both his legs and has congenital heart failure. In the 80s, he ran a FRP game store and that was what his Citadel was about - and he... he seemed old to *me*... but he was really in the prime of his life. 

This generation isn't going to realize how cruel time is - because we don't allow them to have friends "our age" because we're hyper concerned that friends our age are going to fuck them. 

So they're never going to see their way older friends decline. They simply don't have them... and despite all their social justice posturing - they're "ageist" as hell. They don't know old people, they've just been told, "if they want to be your friend, they only want to fuck you." 

That wasn't MY experience - but maybe I was just a butt ugly kid. 


[#] Sat Mar 05 2022 12:28:43 EST from IGnatius T Foobar

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There are always going to be gatekeepers and there are always going to be assholes. And there are always going to be cool people to meet, despite all the noise. And sometimes people move from camp to camp, as they get older and different seasons of life bring out different parts of one's personality.

There's one particular chap who used to hang out here, who added all sorts of delightful chaos to the mix. Now he's an angry old queen who spends his time gatekeeping the furry scene and kicking out "nazis" from conventions and online forums (and his definition of "nazi" is basically anyone not ultra-woke).
Kind of sad, actually.

[#] Sat Mar 05 2022 12:52:14 EST from test2

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team america, big ending.  dicks, assholes and pussies.

[#] Sat Mar 05 2022 13:54:10 EST from Nurb432

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Sounds like a party i once went to.. 

Sat Mar 05 2022 12:52:14 PM EST from test2

team america, big ending.  dicks, assholes and pussies.


[#] Tue Mar 15 2022 20:23:38 EDT from Nurb432

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2nd riscV board showed. it actually boots..  ( still trying to get yocto to build. even the demo build fails.. not spent more time on it yet. ) 

Too bad it ships with Fedora.. Looking at how to build a Debian root FS for it. 

Not earth shaking but more than useable ..  2 64bit, cores, 8gb ram, hdmi, usb ports standard GPIO header, wifi, BT, bla bla. 

[#] Thu Mar 17 2022 15:18:34 EDT from LoanShark

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these look cool... notice the price on most is $65.02

tempted to play with one for the retro joy of programming a bare 65C02 with basically no OS, just a small library/boot ROM.

not sure what I would do with it though. control some RGB lighting, maybe...

[#] Thu Mar 17 2022 18:30:12 EDT from Nurb432

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Did not know anyone still made 65xx series processors. 

[#] Sat Mar 19 2022 14:42:30 EDT from Nurb432

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Got an email from a PCB company that due to 'the virus' HK is basically shut down at this point ( fluvid v2, everyone panic and hide! )  and nothing is shipping for the foreseeable future.  While its poor English, i am interpreting it as they are shutting down at some point during those few days and are down until future notice.  Gotta love 'engrish' 

So if you are expecting something ( like me. arrgh! ) dont hold your breath.   Wonder if how it will effect the rest of the supply chain, which is already struggling.


"All shipments, PCBA assembly and PCB production have been suspended from 14th to 20th March until further notice"

[#] Sat Mar 19 2022 15:35:03 EDT from Nurb432

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After spending several hours of reading and experimentation, finally figured out how to completely build a RISCV system from scratch, including all the stupid uboot partition nonsense. So that little 25 dollar RISCV board i was about to toss out the window a couple of months ago..  now boots.. 

Not tried to get video drivers to work yet, but WiFi drivers are there and as long as you configure networking before you boot, SSH works fine.  ( and really with 1 core and 512mb ram, i may not bother with video. its really meant to be an embedded controller, video might be ok for status or something but i dont think i care as this was just to be a cheap plaything until i got better.. which i did get )



[#] Thu Mar 24 2022 09:28:36 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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It's good, though ... the idea that you can now build a *usable* computer from unencumbered components is a Good Thing all around, even if it isn't the sooper-bestest machine.

[#] Thu Mar 24 2022 18:06:37 EDT from Nurb432

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the 2nd board is a bit more mainstream with its 2 cores and 8gb ram.  No GPU.   v2 is supposed to have that.


Thu Mar 24 2022 09:28:36 AM EDT from IGnatius T Foobar
It's good, though ... the idea that you can now build a *usable* computer from unencumbered components is a Good Thing all around, even if it isn't the sooper-bestest machine.


[#] Sun Mar 27 2022 19:16:46 EDT from Nurb432

Subject: Cloud FPGA

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I realize its amazon, and they are evil, but still, a pretty cool service.  Didn't realize this was a 'thing" now.

[#] Sat Apr 02 2022 08:41:55 EDT from Nurb432

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Was my biggest concern about RISC-V's long term future.  Glad im not the only one, and they are going to try to prevent it.

[#] Sat Apr 02 2022 17:23:48 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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I stopped reading El Reg when they got a bit too much San Franciso in their editorial style.

[#] Thu Jun 02 2022 20:30:27 EDT from Nurb432

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Well that was scary.

New beta version of the OS for my Jetson.  Currently it boots on SD then 'flips' root to m.2 and runs from that.   Figured it was safe to boot off a new SD card, with no 'flip'.

Killed it..  no longer boots even with old SD card.   Or new one..  arrrgh! 

Ended up using the 'dev kit' on another machine and reloading it via usb, directly onto m.2 ( a new feature, boot from m.2 ). Now it boots.. no video from either port but i can SSH so i know its alive. Arrgh. Panic time. But put it away for the day.  Was going to stick the SOM on another carrier board and try again. BUT thought id try another monitor, one that is better about displaying out of band frequencies instead of 'no signal' ( just in case.. as that happened with my RISC-V board at first. )

It booted and displayed properly via display-port.. wtf. Tried the hdmi port.. video.. wtf

put it back on the original HDMI monitor. it boots and displays. .wtf wtf wtf.


Some days i hate computers.



( and running the dev kit means loading a new computer with Ubuntu 18..  they have yet to update support for newer versions, or anything other than Ubuntu. bleh. Oh, and wont work via a VM. no one really knows why, but it has to be real hardware )

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