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[#] Wed Dec 30 2020 07:56:51 EST from Nurb432

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Ya, without him there would have been no commodore as they would not have made the transition from calculators and stuff.. He brought Atari back from the dead as a competitor too. Pushed tech a bit further than it was ready to be pushed.  Brought computers to the masses, ( even more than Clive did in the UK i think, but it would be a close competition ) and in effect he built the foundation of the "dock", but missed the "big boat" as it sailed past him.

Never got to meet him but i think i would have liked him ( unlike many of the others of his day )



Tue Dec 29 2020 20:39:43 EST from ParanoidDelusions

He perplexes me. He is absolutely the Anti-Moore, the Anti-Gates, the Anti-Jobs. He was the antithesis of everything they were. 

But possibly the most influential to the early success of home computing of all of them. 



[#] Wed Dec 30 2020 10:20:29 EST from ParanoidDelusions

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And,the MOS 6502 drove nearly everything from that era and drove the 8 bit home electronics revolution.

The Atari 2600 to the NES were all MOS 6502 or variations. It is amazing that they managed to drive themselves into the ground when they were selling the chip that was the heart of *everyone's* machine.