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[#] Wed Apr 21 2021 21:37:01 EDT from ParanoidDelusions

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For all the shit I talk about Apple, I've got a 2012 i7 MBP that still has a working Radeon. It is interesting - because I only use it for things that don't bang on the GPU - so it is a powerful i7 that basically has an Apple self-destruct on it. I'm torn between just nurturing it around so I have an Intel Mac and burning out the GPU so I can send it away and have the hardware GPU disable hack done to it and not worry about it, and then GPU things will run on the integrated Intel HD graphics fine. 

I also have a G4 Quicksilver, and a G4 Graphite (the Graphite has MorphOS on it... which is personally, in my opinion, overpriced and under-delivering by today's Amiga expectations) - and a PowerMac 8500/500. And I run a number of Basilisk Mac 68k emulators. 

I like OS X a lot. It is a GORGEOUS OS. As long as you're coloring in the lines of Cupertino, they tend to be bullet proof for 99.5% of what people WANT to do with a computer. The integrate better with Wacom tablets than ANYTHING else designed for graphic artists - and they're *beautiful* machines. 

They're not magic, and they're not worth what they charge - and Apple's fixation on cramming as much high powered hardware into as little space as possible makes them difficult to work on and prone to premature heat death. 

And their walled garden can be infuriating. They do so many DUMB things and it all seems driven by pride and hubris. Their userbase are the biggest bunch of assholes this side of a Commodore convention. 


Wed Apr 21 2021 15:38:28 EDT from Nurb432

I did hear that some team is getting close to getting Linux to run correctly on them, and it may end up in mainline kernel.   But no accelerated GPU drivers as of yet. 

It does mean cheap Intel hardware soon, but who wants a device you cant replace the battery or update ram?    I tried to update the m.2 on my office machine, of course its not a standard socket and had to buy an adapter.   Just to find out that the screw holding it down,was pre-stripped from the factory. 

Of my own i actually do have an old Macbook. But it was when you could flip open the back panel, replace the battery, replace a hard drive, add ram..  I got it cheap, and since it was still 'fixable' i figured why not.  Ran OSX for about a day. Then off that went.   Had a Lombrard G3 before that, since i was a PPC fan.  And again,  you could still open the sob and do stuff.  Long gone. probably should have kept it. 

Wed Apr 21 2021 14:57:22 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

Oooooooh, anyone want the new and boring stuff?

M1 iMacs, only $1,299! And they're available in four colors ... or $1,499 for other colors!

Spring Loaded, everyone. It's innovative and the next big thing.



[#] Thu Apr 22 2021 09:48:43 EDT from Nurb432

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Mine is a core duo, not i7. But it does do the job when i need it.  Runs much better with Linux than OSX ever did.  My shop mac laptop, its perhaps 3 years old.  I only use it to run VMs via vBox so didnt really care about OSX, but after a few OS updates it started getting unstable, so off it went and Linux went on.  Later i dumped vBox and went KVM. but that is a different story, and not the fault of Apple. 

Had a G4 wind tunnel back when i still used the Lombard G3, and i agree, other than the apple part, they were great machines back then, if you didnt need windows.   That was before the 'great lockdown' movement they embarked on and ruined things ( for people like me at least )

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