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[#] Thu Mar 17 2016 15:21:45 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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Considering the globalist agenda, I'm surprised they haven't doubled down on forcing everyone to use metric.

[#] Mon Mar 21 2016 15:17:53 EDT from Shazam

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I was in private school till 8th grade and public high school, but I don't have very strong memories in general. I do sort of remember taking some aptitude test to help me decide what career I should pursue, and it told me I should be a farmer. Now, I like gardening, (although I didn't then) and I loved the LIttle House on the Praire books, but that's not even close to having to be a farmer. 


So to update, my 13 year old I saw was playing Minecraft? I was sleeping or something when I wrote that, because he is and was at that time also 14 years old. Anyway, he was rejected from two high schools and accepted to two high schools. One he was rejected from was for not being strong enough academically, and that had been my favorite school, because they are so strong academically. I figured if he will put 80% of the minimum required effort, (which, based on my observations, is what he does now) then whoever requires more will force him to do and learn more.  But alas. That school said no. The other said no because they were overwhelmed with applications this year because a different boys high school up the road from them just closed down, and they have no room.

The two that said yes were Shlomo's school, based on that they love Shlomo and want his brother as well, and a brand new school that will be opening for the first time next year.

Shlomo asked us to please not send his brother to his school.

So we told the local new school yes.

Now my son's 8th grade Rebbe said we should quick apply to a school in the city, because he doesn't trust the new school, because they are new. No track record, see?

So I'm not sure what to do. It's not exactly correct to say that it doesn't hurt to apply. First of all, there will be an application fee, and we've already paid a lot of application fees lately and the budget is already stretched thin. Secondly, we already said yes to this new school, and gave them a deposit on next year, and I don't want to lose that money or insult the new school by applying to another school.

Once I write it out like that, those reasons seem pretty lame. But I also don't know anything about this city school (Broyers) except that we had applied to them for Shlomo and they said no, and to their girls division for Adina, and they said no.  But Shlomo is a little different, and Adina's application was handed in late. 

[#] Tue Mar 22 2016 10:12:41 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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Sounds like you made a good solid decision with good reasoning.  I'd say don't let someone else make you second guess yourself.  And besides, who really wants to schlep to the city every day?

[#] Wed Mar 23 2016 01:55:58 EDT from ax25

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My daughter (15) does not want my son (13) to attend the same high school.  Good thing the school district we are in offers 2 high school options, and my son fits in the opposing school program better.  Now we just need to figure out transportation....

[#] Wed Mar 23 2016 09:34:09 EDT from zooer

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Have your daughter drive him to the other school.  

[#] Sat Mar 26 2016 23:08:23 EDT from ax25

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That is most likely in the cards - assuming she gets her license soon.

[#] Tue Apr 05 2016 01:36:40 EDT from triLcat

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Send him where he's slated to go, and if there's a problem, you'll figure it out later. 

[#] Tue Apr 05 2016 01:49:15 EDT from ax25

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Tue Apr 05 2016 01:36:40 AM EDT from triLcat @ Uncensored

Send him where he's slated to go, and if there's a problem, you'll figure it out later. 

Not sure if that will work.  It would work to default to the default school, but not the other way around - i.e you can get a slot in the non-default school if you apply early, and fail back to your home school later.  I am not trying to play games with his education, but he seems to fit in best where he has challenges.  Thanks for responding trilCat.  I wanted to respond to you on your situation, but never could come up with a good response as I am stuck with many of the same issues.

[#] Wed Apr 06 2016 15:53:31 EDT from triLcat

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they're all private schools, no defaults.

[#] Thu Apr 07 2016 12:42:24 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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The public school is not an option? What town are you in?

[#] Sun May 22 2016 19:01:17 EDT from triLcat

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Sending religious Jewish children to public schools is a can of worms that most Orthodox American Jews prefer not to open. 
Having been to public school as a kid, I up and left the country ;) 

[#] Fri Jun 17 2016 11:05:25 EDT from Shazam

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I went to public school and loved it because socially I found a niche to fit in to, while, at private school, there were a total of 8 girls and I didn't like the other 7 girls and they didn't like me. That sucked. In high school I joined all the after school activities (which have since been cut due, ironically, to the increasing number of orthodox Jews in the district voting against the school's budgets). 

Anyway. My daughter has been with only girls since first grade and it occurred to me recently that if she winds up going eventually to a public college, it might be a serious culture shock on her. My boys have been with only boys since first grade. Teenage hood is hard enough without forcing a new shock on them. I'm not sending to public schools. 

Akiva was convinced that he wants to apply to the city school, so we applied. The school accepted him right away and he is enthusiastic about going. Funny, huh? He will have to be out of the house every day by 6:30am, and be coming home around 9pm, and he is enthusiastic. Goes to show. If I figure out what, I'll tell you. 



[#] Mon Sep 26 2016 14:08:59 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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So we're a few weeks into the school year now ... how is Akiva handling the school?

[#] Mon Nov 14 2016 15:10:39 EST from Shazam

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Akiva's ride comes every morning, Sunday through Friday, at 6:20am.  I'm so impressed with him, he only ever missed the ride once (then we drove 20 minutes to the house of a teacher who also was going to be driving in to the school a bit later) but he makes in on to the transport every day. Some days he has woken up at 6:19, and still got on the van at 6:20. But he goes hungry on such days, so he really does try to wake up earlier. He comes home at 7pm Mondays and Wednesdays, and at 9pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays. 3:45pm on Sundays and probably about 1pm on Fridays.

As to how he is doing, I am dreading the upcoming parent-teacher meetings, because my David has a scheduling conflict so I have to go alone. I have to drive into the city, and find parking, and parallel park. I'm a huge baby about that, I avoid driving in to the city whenever it can be avoided, and my parallel parking would be hilarious if it weren't so sad.  But I hope to hear good things about him. I'm glad that he is in school so much, when he is home all he does is watch Popular MMOs and play Roblox. And eat and sleep a bit too, which is good. 

When Shlomo comes home, he watches Film Theory and Game Theory (and makes me watch them too, I've become a big MatPat fan) and he plays Roblox with Akiva. 

Incidentally, anyone else seen the Don't Hug Me I'm Scared episodes on YouTube? Ah, the fun things I would miss out on if I didn't have kids. 


[#] Wed Nov 16 2016 07:32:43 EST from fleeb

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I've seen all the Don't Hug Me videos. Wonderful stuff!

[#] Wed Nov 16 2016 13:06:17 EST from Shazam

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Aren't they? I thought you would like them. My Adina loves them but I can't seem to get anyone else to even look at them. Did you see MatPat's theory on it?

[#] Wed Nov 16 2016 14:09:05 EST from fleeb

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I haven't seen this video interpreting it, although I've seen others.

There's certainly an amazing amount of detail involved, and I expect the ultimately underlying message is: "Spend more time with your children, rather than allowing television to raise them."

[#] Thu Nov 17 2016 14:08:43 EST from Shazam

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With a dad like his, I don't know how healthy that would be.  There are a lot of good theories out there, I mean to go looking for alternate theories to Mat Pat's even though he does tie up quite a lot of it really nicely. If I understand him correctly, his theory is that the message is that having advertisers on television destroyed television, which apparently happened in England in 1955. 




[#] Wed Nov 23 2016 15:46:51 EST from Shazam

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My Shlomo is getting suspended from school.   :-(  I feel so sad but I'm not sure what to say about it. 


He has been inappropriately treating the Rosh Yeshiva, which is like the principal, and his other teachers and Rebbes as if they were his buddies, throwing his arm around them, throwing snow balls at them, walking into their offices without knocking.  Apparently he was talked to many times, and now he is getting suspended for a few days. He will be coming home tomorrow anyway for Thanksgiving, but instead of going back on Monday, he will stay home till Thursday or possibly the following Sunday. 

David is all for working hard to find him a therapist or social worker. I thought it didn't sound so bad, but he is pointing out to me that in 11th grade if he doesn't understand appropriate boundaries in life, he needs to learn it real quick before he finds himself arrested. 

He never really "got" social things. I took a real long time to get it too, maybe I also started to understand the world and people better in high school. He's going to be so embarrassed to see me and talk to me. I'm sure David and I will talk to him at length but we will probably tell my father and step mother and all his siblings some story about the school allowing him to stay home longer because he deserves a break. Or something. See, he not BAD as such. He just really doesn't understand social things. 

[#] Fri Nov 25 2016 14:10:34 EST from IGnatius T Foobar

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There's certainly an amazing amount of detail involved, and I expect

the ultimately underlying message is: "Spend more time with your
children, rather than allowing television to raise them."



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