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[#] Mon Aug 18 2014 08:25:46 EDT from fleeb

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I wonder if that's true, or false advertising, for which they could be sued.

[#] Mon Aug 18 2014 10:01:40 EDT from dothebart

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probably that accounts for some weird site which they made up to completely missbehave in chrome, which doesn't do anything usefull at all.

or weird active x-shit, which is beyound chromes control...

[#] Mon Aug 18 2014 11:07:02 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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Rumors are now floating about that Microsoft is considering renaming Internet Explorer so they can detach it from its history as an insecure, standards-hostile browser. Hah.

[#] Mon Aug 18 2014 13:21:31 EDT from fleeb

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Internet Exploiter? Probably too close to the original name.

[#] Mon Aug 18 2014 13:27:15 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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Exploiter, Exploder, and aIEEeeeee are all appropriate but would probably not be considered.

[#] Mon Aug 18 2014 14:34:11 EDT from fleeb

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Internet Testiculator?

[#] Mon Aug 18 2014 15:35:28 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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It should be called "Bill Gates has not suffered a slow and agonizing death yet; please correct this ASAP."

[#] Mon Aug 18 2014 15:39:48 EDT from vince-q <>

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How about.... Internet Fecesfinder

[#] Mon Aug 18 2014 15:55:47 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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No, that's the name for the Facebook app.

[#] Mon Aug 18 2014 16:12:50 EDT from zooer

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Just because Ignat hates facebook so much I might get an account.

okay no I wont.

Unless I because worldly famous and need one for a place holder. I would make one message, "facebook sucks, I
don't need you to like me and you need to lead people not follow them."

[#] Tue Aug 19 2014 15:07:48 EDT from fleeb

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Gah... wrote my own netstat.exe utility for Windows such that it looks as much like the original as I could manage at the moment. It has a slight improvement, as the netstat -aob command actually shows multiple services to a svchost.exe instead of just the one that Microsoft's shows.

I did this only because the original one would crash under certain situations, and I figured I coudl probably write a version that wouldn't.

[#] Wed Aug 20 2014 02:29:13 EDT from dothebart

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oh, monkey steeve quits.

[#] Wed Aug 20 2014 08:17:02 EDT from fleeb

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Oh, that's neat.

Maybe Microsoft really is changing. He was one of the principle assholes of the company.

[#] Wed Aug 20 2014 14:59:44 EDT from DemonStalker <>

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fleeb wrote:

Maybe Microsoft really is changing.

Yeah. And hell is freezing over.

[#] Wed Aug 20 2014 15:21:52 EDT from LoanShark

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Sure they are: they're becoming less and less relevant. There aren't really any mainstream applications that require a PC anymore. All that's left is niche stuff...

[#] Wed Aug 20 2014 15:29:21 EDT from fleeb

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This is true. I'm sure they're shitting in their pants as people mvoe away from them.

[#] Wed Aug 20 2014 15:36:53 EDT from LoanShark

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A Mac running Office is too pricey though. That's their last remaining stronghold...

[#] Wed Aug 20 2014 16:14:54 EDT from fleeb

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A Chromebook running some of the basic office-related apps available to GMail users, though, can't be comforting to Microsoft.

[#] Wed Aug 20 2014 17:32:10 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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Of course not. That's why Chromebook is the subject that makes them get all frothy at the moment. It is the PC-less "Network Computing" vision taken to its logical end -- an end that allows Microsoft to be a player, but not to monopolize and control the entire industry.

It's their own fault, really. They could have implemented this a decade ago and cleaned up, but instead they held on to their desktop monopoly as long as they could. It won't be long before Microsoft's market share in desktops is as meaningless to the industry as a whole as IBM's market share in mainframes.

[#] Mon Aug 25 2014 08:54:50 EDT from the_mgt

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They might lose their monopoly on private desktops. I see more and more osx users at the university. Though, even in computational science, the majority is still on windows (even win8.x). Some surfaces or asus win8 rt tablets are around.

On the business desktop, windows will remain predominant. The single reason for this is, that even the fattest applications like CAD tools are at their core still the same as they were on windows2000 or even earlier. The whole structure still uses pathes that adher to the 8.3 filename length dogma. The main UI might look fancy and polished, but under the hood it uses obscure methods. One of these CAD tools uses multiuser database files which separate by tab indention and length of spaces for certain names.

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