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[#] Mon Jun 08 2015 16:42:41 EDT from DemonStalker <>

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But on the other hand it would be the best damn ten people around. And
hell, ten people usually made up the
core BBS users back in the day.

There is a mountain of truth in that.

Consider most "blogs" today. They are either personal fluff or disorganized diarrhea of the keyboard. Useless in either case.

And just don't even bother with the so-called (anti)social networking sites. They define "waste of time" at a sublime level of definition.

Back in the day you needed a modem and the "entry level barrier" was that you also needed to know how to use it.

Then you needed a local BBS list, which usually required that you actually HAD a friend who'd give you one.

And then you needed to either BE intelligent or be able to pass yourself off as intelligent (is there a difference?) or you would end up being the target of a seemingly-endless (but always funny, at least initially) flame war!

But yes, the core usership of all the truly good dialup systems rarely exceeded 10, if that. At least on the message boards (rooms). Some of those dialups were mainly file-sharing (yes, that went on in the 1980s). But for real messaging? Ten's a good number. Even works with five or six.

A windowing interface is ok for those that like it.
Personally, I use the text client for just about all my Citadel stuff.
Always have; probably always will.

Sysop: Jersey Devil BBS (1983 - 1996, Citadel:K2NE from 1986-1996)
...and others...

[#] Mon Jun 08 2015 16:44:40 EDT from DemonStalker <>

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... and who of us can truly not remember the ubiquitous line at login back then....

... You are caller #32,445.

[#] Wed Jun 17 2015 10:31:13 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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There is a very large "middle group" of people who are neither old-skool BBSers nor fluffDweebs who we wouldn't want online anyway.

During the years of 1996-2008 or thereabouts, many of those folks frequented Internet BBS's.  It was essentially a second golden age.

After that, however, most of them went to Fecesbook and will never come back.

[#] Sun Jun 28 2015 17:45:13 EDT from zooer

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I think cilantro tastes like soap and research has found it is genetics.

[#] Sun Jul 05 2015 22:30:02 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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If cilantro is soap then I'm going to start washing my dishes with it!

[#] Mon Jul 13 2015 18:39:56 EDT from zooer

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The Cheezzze Steak sandwich discussion is in two rooms, I am going to re-start it in this the food room.

When I was living in Florida I was eating steak sandwiches with chunks of beef, peppers and onions and whatever
cheese you wanted, I chose American cheese because it was the most CheezeWiz™ like. The sandwhich came with
sweet potato fries.

I decided to follow someone's recipe that was posted here on uncensored. I don't remember who posted it, and
haven't gone through all the messages of two rooms to find it. I do want to thank that person.

As suggested I picked up some rare very thin roast beef slices from the deli. Again, I always had it with
chunks of beef. I got some domestic Provolone from one of the local farm stands. It was local but it was cut
from a wheel and has some tang to it. I didn't use my cast iron pan, I just used a non-stick skillet. I heated
up some
olive oil, chopped up some peppers and onions. I put the peppers in first to let them get soft. While
waiting I took my roast beef and sprinkled the correct amount of GPS on it and by correct amount I will quote
the original post, "garlic to salt to black pepper (what we called "GPS"). The mixture is roughly 5/3/2."

Once the peppers cooked a little bit I added the chopped onion and while that was cooking down I sliced my
cheese. Once the onions cooked down a little bit I added the meat and started to mix and break everything
apart. After the meat was about half way done I added the cheese to let it melt. Once everything came together
I put it in the hollowed out rolls and enjoyed.

This was awesome as is. The GPS was perfect and the sandwich was fantastic.

I added a little smoked paprika, some lemon pepper and some hot sauce but I think it was perfect the way it was.
It was
almost too much with the stuff I added.

Boooo on Ignat for not having us over, and THANK YOU to whoever mentioned the using thin sliced roast beef, the
GPS and provolone. It was very good.

(Booo on Ignat but it isn't like I would go over if I was invited)

[#] Wed Jul 15 2015 15:46:16 EDT from vince-q

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That recipe was mine.
We used it at "A Taste of Philly" (sandwich shop I owned some years back here in California).
Our cheese steak drove at least two other "cheese steak" shops out of business !! <evil grin>

Glad you liked it!!


[#] Wed Jul 15 2015 19:02:57 EDT from zooer

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Thank you very much Vince, I think I will forgo the other spices and just use the GPS when I decide to make this

[#] Thu Jul 16 2015 00:57:39 EDT from vince-q

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Yes. Good decision. The GPS (if used in moderation - do not "drown" the sandwich with it) is almost magical. It is, almost certainly, why those other sandwich shops closed. EVERYONE raved about that "incredible special taste" of our stuff. And that was the secret. Simple. To the point. And it works.

The pizza shop next door to us stopped making cheese steaks - they just could not hold a candle to ours - and the owner (a fellow Italian) came over to the shop and asked me how we got that taste, and how come his did not.

I told him "I guess you are just not Dago enough! I *am*!!"
He left, politely enough, muttering "stufff" in Italian that had me rolling on the floor laughing.

That was when we decided to give "the sandwich with 'the works'" its own special name: the "Don Vincenzo".,.. after all, we already sold a coffee brew called "Don Vincenzo's Blend".... a perfect match!

[#] Thu Jul 16 2015 01:02:09 EDT from vince-q

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Don Vincenzo's Blend (coffee)

This is incredibly simple and just as incredibly tasty.

Mix the beans (pre grind) in the following proportion:
French Roast; 60% by weight
Espresso Beans: 40% by weight

Stir the beans for a completely thorough mix.

Grind an appropriate amount for your brew. Use a burr-grinder please; anything else is Coffee Sacrilege.

Make sure you grind them 'just short of espresso' fine-ness. Drip is too coarse; espresso is too fine - aim for "in the middle."

If your brewer permits, set for 'strong.'

Then prepare to go directly to Coffee Heaven!

[#] Mon Jul 27 2015 11:07:40 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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waiting I took my roast beef and sprinkled the correct amount of GPS on
it and by correct amount I will quote
the original post, "garlic to salt to black pepper (what we called "GPS").
The mixture is roughly 5/3/2."

Don Vincenzo: please clarify, are the letters "GPS" out of order? Is it 5 parts garlic powder, 3 parts salt, 2 parts black pepper? Or are the last two switched?

And did you put it on anything else besides philly cheesesteaks?

[#] Tue Jul 28 2015 05:39:41 EDT from vince-q

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Garlic to pepper to salt in a 5/3/2 proportion.
We chose to call it "GPS" because we liked that.

[#] Tue Jul 28 2015 16:10:02 EDT from zooer

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Ahhh I used the quoted "garlic to salt to black pepper", that would change the taste.

[#] Mon Aug 03 2015 10:24:12 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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I made some cheesesteaks on my flattop over the weekend.  The flavor was great with the 5G-3P-2S seasoning combo.  Too bad the meat itself was low quality (my wife, a Pennsylvania native, came home with frozen sandwich steaks ... go figure).  Next time I want to go with sliced ribeye, which is what they use at my very favorite sandwich shop in Philadelphia (that would be Sonny's Famous on Market Street).  When you walk in you see a ribeye primal loaded into a slicer, and they've got that going all day to make the sandwiches.

[#] Mon Aug 03 2015 21:53:57 EDT from zooer

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And you didn't invite us?

[#] Thu Aug 06 2015 13:08:35 EDT from fleeb

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When did you get a new haircut?

[#] Thu Aug 06 2015 13:52:47 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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summer 2010 , why?

[#] Thu Aug 06 2015 21:24:45 EDT from fleeb

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I wanna see someone make some cheesesteaks on their flattop.

[#] Thu Aug 06 2015 23:11:40 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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<< rimshot >>

And here I went and spent all that money on a metal flattop when I could have just used my head.

[#] Wed Aug 12 2015 08:53:33 EDT from fleeb

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