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[#] Sat Sep 16 2023 17:25:21 EDT from Nurb432

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Here., they finish off the cat food we leave out for the neighbor cats. Then trash the place.  Pull the bowl out drag it down the walk.. flip over the 'shelter'...  Had one scream at me and try to attack me and one of my dogs one morning.  While i do like all of natures creatures, they are annoying as all hell i agree.

At least when possums come by, they are like the cats, polite. 

Sat Sep 16 2023 16:25:52 EDT from LadySerenaKitty

It may smell bad, but the coons are reducing your food waste, which is a good thing.


[#] Thu Sep 21 2023 20:13:38 EDT from Nurb432

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Damned price gouging on ARM boards of late. 

( or is that more of a rant than being annoyed? )


[#] Fri Sep 22 2023 10:19:46 EDT from Nurb432

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Lazy asses that use the handicap buttons on a door as they are too freaking lazy to open a door...


Around the office. its amazing .. 

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