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[#] Sun May 05 2024 18:18:44 EDT from Nurb432

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USB charge-only cables.  Especially when you get them mixed up with your real cables and think something is broke and start to panic.


Ya, i should just toss the damned things.

[#] Fri May 17 2024 13:26:09 EDT from Nurb432

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Grrrrr  "here is a bunch of more overhead for your daily life that does not mean crap in the real world" "oh, and here is a bunch of new overhead you get today, without warning, and no explanation of what it means, and ill use a bunch of PM terms and act like you are an idiot when you ask what/why" 


That exit door is getting closer...

[#] Tue Jun 04 2024 14:13:43 EDT from Nurb432

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"innovation management" 

So sick of service now people.  Really i am. 

[#] Wed Jun 05 2024 07:29:55 EDT from Nurb432

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Weather men and regular reporters. Either they are borderline illiterate or get paid by the word.


"Chance of rain between 10 and 2, then from 2 to 5 a chance of rain, then after 5 rain chances."   Or the "mostly cloudy" bla bla bla hours "then party sunny" 


"X Road will be closed Sunday. The road will also be closed Monday thru Thursday"

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