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[#] Sat Jul 06 2024 08:25:20 EDT from Nurb432

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Fri Jul 05 2024 21:16:24 EDT from zelgomer
Well this room has been quite a ride. Now if you'll all excuse me, I will be spending my Friday evening enjoying some lucious "free speech."


[#] Thu Jul 11 2024 08:57:06 EDT from nonservator

Subject: Blasts from the past

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Back in 1940, while the Hitler/Stalin alliance was still flourishing, Dalton Trumbo wrote an anti-war play to encourage the US to stay out of WWII. Once the alliance was broken, and the “Help!” signal went out from Moscow, Trumbo stopped printing the play and did everything he could to get the existing copies pulped. A few years later, a couple of anti-war protesters who didn’t know the story behind this wrote to Trumbo to ask where they could find a copy of the play. His response to these people who just wanted to read his words and express their beliefs? He reported them to the FBI as likely Nazi sympathizers.

Now, to be fair, Trumbo did later say that he regretted this, but also to be fair, reading his rationale makes it sound like he regrets it less because he realized that persecuting people for wanting a play was wrong and more because it drew the FBI’s attention to him. After all, the feds seemed less interesting in arresting these alleged Nazis than they did in why Trumbo would have written this play and then almost immediately done everything possible to suppress it. If the FBI would have just tossed those two guys in the gulag, he’d have been fine with that.


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