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[#] Mon Apr 09 2018 17:30:07 EDT from zooer

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How about a cheap bed sheet?  They shouldn't be looking at the background.  

Don't have a way to hang one up?  Build it from a few pieces of PVC pipe. 


[#] Mon Apr 09 2018 17:59:15 EDT from wizard of aahz

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Oh no. No sheet by itself. If IG is going to do it, he needs to do a full scale production. It cannot be done halfway. I expect a full set of lights, boom mics, etc... All in his tiny boudoir.

[#] Mon Apr 09 2018 21:18:52 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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Actually I *do* have a set of blue bed sheets that I bought a few years ago specifically to use for chroma key. And at the old house I painted the garage door chroma key blue for the same reason. (Did I mention I'm a nerd? A nerd with a degree in television and radio engineering?)

I *could* turn this room into a studio, but I'd have to remove the bed, and if I removed the bed, the problem would go away by itself. Or I could make Aahz happy and just do chroma key and replace the background to make it look like a fully appointed S&M dungeon, might as well not do anything halfway...

The real objective is to create a video image that does *not* give away the fact that I am at home. I have permission to be here but I can't advertise the fact.

[#] Tue Apr 10 2018 08:26:30 EDT from fleeb <>

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Or floating in space... maybe in that Tesla with the dummy...

[#] Wed Apr 11 2018 11:58:58 EDT from zooer

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[#] Wed Apr 11 2018 12:07:55 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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Naah ... I'm not running a home based business; I'm fully employed with a company that has an office.

[#] Wed Apr 11 2018 14:25:12 EDT from fleeb <>

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Gads... a home occupation permit... I didn't consider anything of the sort when I worked from home at my last job.

[#] Wed Apr 11 2018 15:06:46 EDT from wizard of aahz

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It;s the new protest.. Occupy Home!

[#] Wed Apr 11 2018 18:56:54 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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Yeah ... I'm not really concerned, even here in regulation-heavy New York.
The address printed on my business card is a real office where I have a real desk.

[#] Wed Apr 11 2018 23:27:36 EDT from wizard of aahz

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Are you sure your desk hasn't been moved out to the parking lot.... again?

[#] Thu Apr 12 2018 07:26:30 EDT from Freakdog

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Or, to the basement, with your red SwingLine?

[#] Thu Apr 12 2018 09:51:19 EDT from fleeb <>

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I'd expect him to be moved into the server room with all the noise.

[#] Sat Apr 14 2018 14:07:09 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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Doesn't matter.  I spent Friday at the office, and as usual, sat at my old desk with the south facing window.  Yay sunlight.

[#] Sat Apr 14 2018 17:39:22 EDT from zooer

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Get a piece of drywall and hand it up behind you?  A large piece of poster board?   

Hang this from the ceiling using two hooks and some string, use it when you need to . 

[#] Fri Apr 27 2018 09:57:14 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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The more I think about it, the more I like that idea.  I can just hang it on hooks behind me and easily stow it away when it isn't in use.  Or if I really want to be ghetto I can attach another set of strings to the bottom and two more hooks in the back of the room, and haul the whole thing up to the ceiling when I'm done with it.   (I think this way because I spent years around boats, and was a member of the Boy Scouts as a child, and am now a member of the Girl Scouts as an adult.)  Now to pick a color to paint it -- probably some sort of drab grey or boring beige.

Today I am at a real desk in a real office, so I'll have to make sure I turn my camera on for a few calls today.

And I just caught myself saying "oh, my instant messenger was turned off, no wonder I was having such a good morning"

[#] Fri Apr 27 2018 10:31:33 EDT from wizard of aahz

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<Goes to send random IMs to IG>

I'm looking at PM software again today.. I can't keep it all in my head anymore.

[#] Mon Apr 30 2018 06:16:03 EDT from fleeb <>

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Today will be the third day I haven't had VPN access to our machines in the other office (the one we were forced to leave for the presumably cheaper offices across the state, but close to where I live).

Which means another day of pondering what the fuck I can do to advance anything, when the code I last worked on (about three day's worth of effort) is waiting for me in a machine I can't access, due to a problem nobody has figured out (or at least the problem hasn't been communicated to me).

I am *very* *tempted* to give up on that VPN, build several machines in AWS, and basically set up our build environment there. The problem is, it would cost more, that cost would be pinned on us, and the idea might backfire into lost jobs or something... although they've squeezed us so tight, I don't know who we could lose now and remain functional. Maybe another manager. At the very least, we wouldn't be able to hire another developer, and we're starting to see enough customers that lacking a developer will become a serious issue.

So, yeah, tempting, but I dunno if it's a good idea in the long run.

I wonder if there's a way to circumvent NAT and local security by establishing outbound connections in this office to a server in AWS, then connect to the AWS server to reach the machines in this office. I have enough hardware, I could set up a build environment here. I have just enough bailing wire and duct tape...

[#] Tue May 01 2018 10:27:51 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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Pretty much every popular remote desktop package does this for you on its own, no need to get AWS involved. Set up a machine at the other office and install the free version of TeamViewer on it. No inbound firewall configuration is needed.

[#] Tue May 01 2018 13:33:10 EDT from fleeb <>

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Seems a bit silly, though, to install a desktop viewer to provide a graphical interface to what is ultimately going to be a terminal interfce.

Although, it would help me do the Windows dev stuff. Can't use a terminal interface for that.

[#] Wed May 09 2018 15:42:54 EDT from pandora

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I am usually pretty good at remembering to look at who opened my cube door before I say anything, but not today. I just what'd my boss. :/

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