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[#] Mon May 11 2015 02:01:05 EDT from ax25

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Nice, I give it a 1 out of 10, but, you can dance to it. /paper bag over head


[#] Sun Sep 06 2015 14:37:22 EDT from dothebart

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oh, theres a wheel-chair in unicode: ♿

[#] Tue Sep 08 2015 12:32:34 EDT from LoanShark

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whoa, that actually displayed correctly on the text client. complete with blue background. I guess colored fonts are a thing now. blame emoji.

[#] Wed Sep 09 2015 01:24:14 EDT from ax25

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The future invades the past.  News at 11.

[#] Wed Sep 23 2015 08:41:30 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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None of my screens showed the blue background (Chrome in webcit, Linux console, or MobaXterm on 'doze), but the wheelchair rendered properly on all of them.

What's the deal with emoji anyway?  Are they Unicode characters, or something else entirely?

[#] Fri Sep 25 2015 05:20:08 EDT from dothebart

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hm, I think the first prominent colored font thing was the candybar that apple added...

[#] Sun Oct 04 2015 23:01:47 EDT from ax25

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I am awaiting animated emoji to come to the www.  I think I will have to do it for gopherspace first for the win.

[#] Fri Oct 09 2015 04:43:23 EDT from dothebart

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[#] Sun Oct 11 2015 22:30:40 EDT from ax25

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Damn hover cup must be broken.  Time to imagine another one.

[#] Mon Oct 12 2015 12:21:58 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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Dell and EMC are merging. Oh boy.

[ ]

Hopefully this will spell the end of Compellent (which is crap), Equalogic (which is crap), and Powervault (which is utter and complete crap).

It also makes anyone running VMware on non-Dell hardware a second class citizen.

[#] Mon Oct 12 2015 12:50:04 EDT from dothebart

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hm, we will see whether regulation authorities like that?

[#] Mon Oct 12 2015 13:24:54 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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It'll happen. HP bought 3PAR, so it made sense that Dell should own a storage company as well.

There was a fairly large Dell-EMC partnership running for a number of years.
They eventually parted ways and Dell bought a couple of different crappy storage companies. It makes sense for them to get back with EMC, but I'd like to see them spin off VMware.

Then what an independent VMware should do is work to become more of a total platform.

[#] Thu Oct 15 2015 01:25:34 EDT from ax25

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Mon Oct 12 2015 12:21:58 PM EDT from IGnatius T Foobar @ Uncensored

...It also makes anyone running VMware on non-Dell hardware a second class citizen.

Raises hand.  Not that I would ever upgrade.  It is only in place for a "special" VM for some Cisco wireless gear.  I would love to V2V it to a KVM setup if I had the time.

[#] Sat Nov 07 2015 08:17:52 EST from dothebart

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hm, pandoc would seem as a nice alternative to all that java cruft for indexing... wouldn't it be written in haskell and didn't offer a library version...

However, one could use that by shell exec and pipe stuff in/out of it...

[#] Sat Nov 21 2015 13:04:17 EST from IGnatius T Foobar

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When I hear "Pandoc" I think that it's a service that shows you documentation you asked for, then suggests other documentation you might like, and you can thumbs-up or thumbs-down each document...

[#] Fri Dec 04 2015 04:43:22 EST from dothebart

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Remember that Competition Pro with the C64 in its socket?

How'bout an XBox controller with a pi zero inside?

[#] Fri Dec 04 2015 09:55:12 EST from John Goerzen

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Yeah, pandoc is really slick.  I've used it to do things like convert from one wiki engine to another, convert HTML to LaTeX, etc.  Very nice tool.

It is written in Haskell, but as a Haskell fan myself, I see that as a benefit ;-)

[#] Mon Dec 07 2015 20:00:30 EST from IGnatius T Foobar

Subject: Let's Encrypt

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This is interesting. ]

It's a "free, automated, and open" certificate authority.

They've already got their root cross-signed by a CA that existing browsers trust, and they're working on getting their own root trusted too.  Sponsors of the project include big names like Cisco and fecesbook.

The idea is that it is both open and gratis, so everything is completely transparent, and the automation removes the need for humans to manually validate applications for certificate signing.  The new piece is that they've written a protocol and a client to automate the process of getting your CSR to them, proving that you own the domain, and getting the signed certificate back.  It appears to be designed so that web server software could potentially be set up to automatically handle the enrollment, with the site operator only needing to enter their domain name and contact information.

The low end of the certificate market keeps getting lower and lower.  This could be the piece that makes the bottom fall out.  And really, that's ok.  The place for big expensive certificate authorities really ought to be to provide high end certificates that come with insurance and other value added services.   Very basic encryption -- or, as the rest of us call it, just make the browser warning go away -- needs to be freely available to all.

[#] Mon Jan 18 2016 10:09:47 EST from dothebart

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hm, still more windows phones shipped per year than macs?

and... it seems the ipad needs a refresh.

[#] Tue Jan 19 2016 09:27:55 EST from dothebart

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another representation of that dataset:

didn't know that the TRS-80 was such a popular system when it was relevant...

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