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[#] Fri Jan 27 2017 11:32:11 EST from fleeb

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I haven't had a proper addiction before. I may require training.

[#] Fri Jan 27 2017 13:02:27 EST from Ladyhawke

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Sometimes it actually is the coffee (taste, smell, etc).   My stepmother is downright addicted to Gevalia chocolate decaf.  If she doesn't have at least 2 per day stay clear, for sure

[#] Thu Feb 02 2017 14:22:47 EST from IGnatius T Foobar

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Can I walk like a penguin? Perhaps one with windows.

Certainly not a penguin *on* Windows.

Disney (100HE[tm]) has announced that they are shutting down Club Penguin at the end of next month. No surprise there, as it runs on Flash and is not douchey enough to support Disney's marketing/merchandising efforts at a sufficiently overkill level.

For those under a certain age, or more likely, with kids a certain age, this is disappointing. My kids have outgrown it but they remember it fondly and were frustrated when it started going downhill over the last couple of years (starting

I'm trying to remember my password so I can log in one more time and get kicked off properly.

[#] Wed Feb 08 2017 18:55:36 EST from Ladyhawke

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Seems that IBM built a smartwatch over 15yrs ago - complete with fingerprint scanner and even Penguin based - long before they were cool.

Too bad they lost their lead to the usual technocrats (again)


IBMSmartWatch.png (image/png, 267385 bytes) [ View | Download ]
[#] Thu Feb 09 2017 04:38:34 EST from the_mgt

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and it does not look bulky at all!

Never heard about that, not even in the Ubiquitous Computing seminar I once attended, which was pretty much covering all the old school stuff.

[#] Thu Feb 09 2017 19:13:14 EST from Ladyhawke

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Me either!  One of my staff dug it up.  Can't believe it had a fingerprint scanner, even!  My first thought was that the little slot looking thing at the bottom must be an SD card and hen realized that was a fingerprint scanner.  Dunno how you lose a head start like that..... 

[#] Fri Feb 17 2017 09:41:05 EST from IGnatius T Foobar

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I remember that.  It was during the heyday of "we know Linux is big now because even IBM is using it."

The product was simply ahead of its time.  This was before everyone had mobile data.

[#] Mon Feb 20 2017 14:48:55 EST from Ladyhawke

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Ha...and yet now we have degenerated first back to Lenovos - and now down to Macs.  Sow slide of death.....

[#] Thu Jun 15 2017 16:57:16 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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12:45pm : Simsalapoof! I open the front door and accidentally hit an Amazonopoly box at *just* the right speed and angle that it rolls down the front steps, picking up enough speed to cross the front walk and continue rolling down the hill in the front yard, finally coming to a stop about 30 feet away from the house.

4:30pm : Simsalapoof! My wife is leaving to take the IGlette to her dance class, stops by my office door and says "Be careful with that Amazon[opoly] box. That's your sister's shower gift and it's breakable."

She hasn't opened the box yet but if the contents are broken it is 100% Jeff Bezos' fault.