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[#] Mon Oct 20 2014 15:48:20 EDT from LoanShark

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Why is it necessary when Open Office will do the same things in
file-compatible ways, and is FREE ???

OpenOffice is file-compatible except when it isn't. :-(

Sad, really. I had high hopes for it, but I need to get work done. They're still not compatible with circa-Y2K MS formats. Not fully. The stylesheets were getting munged for the official documents I need to send over to a major reservation-system company... has to be on their stylesheet or not at all.

[#] Tue Oct 21 2014 10:26:24 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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Apologies to IG, for buying M$ office, it is a necessary evil.

Every time you buy a Micro$oft product, Satan kills a kitten.

[#] Tue Oct 21 2014 10:48:15 EDT from fleeb

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I assume by 'Satan', you mean 'Bill Gates'.

[#] Wed Oct 22 2014 01:28:16 EDT from vince-q

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Satan.... Bill Gates...
And they twain shall become one flesh...

[#] Sat Oct 25 2014 23:50:37 EDT from Sig

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If all I need to do is create things, LibreOffice or one of the many other products out there works just fine.

If I have a real business need to exchange files with other people and other organizations, I'm installing MS Office. Hating Microsquish doesn't stop it from being the de facto standard for some things. The best language to speak is the one which will be understood.

[#] Sat Oct 25 2014 23:51:48 EDT from Sig

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That said, I haven't bothered to install it in several years.

[#] Sun Oct 26 2014 00:01:56 EDT from vince-q

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doesn't stop it from being the de facto standard for some things. The

best language to speak is the one which will be understood.

Or, as was put by Archbishop Cranmer to the committee formed to "put" the Bible into English: to make it in the "Language understanded of the People."

[#] Sun Oct 26 2014 05:42:51 EDT from fleeb

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Oh, geez...

Briefly, I worked for a paper where the owner insisted on leaving this unedited piece of trash article in the paper because 'people would understand it better'.

But they wouldn't. It was a travesty of English, incomprehensible to anyone who would read the paper (well educated or not), and served only to demonstrate the power of idiotic management.

(The paper didn't survive all the graft it took to bring it into existance, but that's a different story).

[#] Wed Oct 29 2014 11:36:09 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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If I have a real business need to exchange files with other people and

other organizations, I'm installing MS Office. Hating Microsquish
doesn't stop it from being the de facto standard for some things. The

best language to speak is the one which will be understood.

Violence is the universal language.

Stab people who send you M$ Office documents.

[#] Wed Nov 26 2014 07:14:45 EST from the_mgt

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The real evil is not the office itself, but the documents created with it. Almost nobody can produce a document that is not like acid on a chainsaw applied to your eyeballs.

And if somebody took the effort to make a beautiful style template, he could have used any office (or better even *Tex). Documents you send away should be PDF anyway.

Another evil if MS Office in the business world is Outlook. You get it with the business pack of Office and everybody starts using it. Then they want to connect the outlooks and BÄM you are trapped. You need either a full blown Exchange server or some pseudo-open source software with connector. Both are fucking expensive, especially since you already paid a lot for all those office installations. (If you used Thunderbird [which is crap, too. but at least it is free crap], you could choose from a wide range of groupware solutions.)

The biggest joke still is, that people buy office, because "you need it". Because someone else bought office. Instead of stopping this circle of moronity... (Also, because people are lazy assholes and do not know and do not care about file extensions and their meaning.)

My business office needs are fulfilled by LibreOffice. I send out PDFs. My private text writing needs are fulfilled by Lyx. I send out PDFs too. My girlfriend uses LibreOffice and Lyx, too, and she is a teacher at a school. No need for costly MS Office.

The only people I know of that really used a feature of Office that was incompatible to OpenOffice were using annotations. Those annotations were crippled between the office suites.

Apple has a rather reasonable price for their Office stuff and the document templates provided are really good looking.

[#] Mon Dec 01 2014 06:48:12 EST from Sig

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As an editor, I make heavy use of annotations and change tracking. Shall I just refuse to work with 90% of the working world?

[#] Tue Dec 02 2014 02:06:52 EST from ax25

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No, just convince them to open your document in the free copy and move forward :-)

[#] Thu Dec 11 2014 19:09:09 EST from the_mgt

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Dunno if those annotations are now more compatible. Most of the people I know use Word for text crimes on their own, without cooperation.

[#] Fri Dec 12 2014 08:30:37 EST from fleeb

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Ah, I remember a wonderful cooperative text crime resulting in a widely distributed advertisement telling possible customers not to worry about their floppy dicks anymore.

Sadly, given the sales of the product, sex doesn't really sell as well as you'd think.

[#] Sat Aug 15 2015 14:14:53 EDT from dothebart

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so, 3 Years ago they stole the bike of my GF on the tram station.

Today we found it. :-]]

[#] Tue Aug 18 2015 13:26:46 EDT from fleeb

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Wow... is it in good condition?

[#] Wed Aug 19 2015 11:44:48 EDT from dothebart

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well, seems it was heavily used, and kept outside.

One set of magura brake pads seems to have worn down in that time, and the rubber from the ergons is getting sticky (which is a common rubber EOL-warningsign)

For shure the saddle wasn't in a that bad shape either.

the XT-Triggers are still working well, one of the gears in the pedals is also dry and worn.. but the hubs are still in pretty good shape.

You see, this is a 20 years old frame with pretty expensive and modern equipment...

Meanwhile the addBike was sold, which you could plug into the whole at the back..

[#] Fri Apr 01 2016 13:56:26 EDT from athos-mn

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Kinda weird to be thought of as "kind of a big deal", even in the really small world of roller derby. I've been reffing it for six years, and recently started doing a small web series to help newer referees learn the game, especially since there's a lot of leagues that are very isolated. So... in the course of a just a few months, I got invitations to do clinics, travel and expenses paid, in both Sao Paulo, Brazil, and Toulouse, France. Just got back from Sao Paulo - great freakin' time. Still just weird that people want to pay to have me come teach them. 

[#] Thu Apr 07 2016 10:18:05 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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How did the bike return?  Did you see it "in the wild" and claimed it?

[#] Thu Apr 14 2016 17:34:47 EDT from dothebart

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Yes, the pic I've posted was when we found it, right next to the place where my favorite bike shop used to be, around 1km from home.

We called the police, they came, looked up the file (and failed) for the stolen bike, picked off the stuff that we said wasn't ours (the lock and the bungee strap) and let us take it home.

Since the bike and its parts are really unique in that combination and we could name each of them they believed us.


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