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[#] Thu Sep 22 2016 14:03:23 EDT from the_mgt

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Tue Sep 20 2016 16:26:13 EDT from Ragnar Danneskjold @ Uncensored
Jews and Christians don't have people regularly committing acts of terror to perpetuate their religions. 

That is an interesting wording there. What is "regularly" and what does "perpetuate their religion" in that context mean? Jews in general do not go on a mission. Christians do, but that is still a little twist. Most of the islamist terror acts were not done in order to "perpetuate their religion", but to damage stuff and hurt people. But that is not something that only islamists do, and I do not intend to dig deep in history, we can stay in the very recent century or even last few years.

Since Israel is the holy land of the jews, their forces act to defend the holy land and the people of the only True god. That could be interpreted as "perpetuating their religion". Wether it is seen as terror or not, the opinions differ. Oh, and what about how Israel came into being, wasn't there something involving bombs?

With regards to christian terror, abortion clinics and doctors are a very contemporary example. Somme terror outfits with definite christian framing are the KKK, but those are rather tame compared to the Lord's Resistance Army. Wether their terror is to perpetuate their religion or wether they simply use religion as a shield might be a philosophical debate. Anders Breivik would be another example. The spin doctors on wikipedia claim that the Ireland conflicts were not about religion, although both parties were divided by protestant/catholic faith... I could open the can of worms that is pogroms against jews, but that would lead as astray.

There is also a study that most suicide bombings (even when they have islamic background) are motivated by religion directly, but because of some territorial pissings. For 23 years, the Tamil Tigers where world leader in the suicide bombing discipline.

Most of the time, we simple do not give a flying fuck who dies and who terrorizes. As long as it is not us.



List of sources to be conveniently ignored:'s_Resistance_Army

[#] Thu Sep 22 2016 14:48:22 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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I am voting my conscience.  My conscience tells me that beyond a shadow of a doubt, Trump is the best presidential candidate we've had this century.   What I object to is CruzBush and his supporters using "vote your conscience" as a code phrase for "vote for Hillary" -- which is absolutely, objectively, and undeniably what they are doing.

[#] Thu Sep 22 2016 19:44:56 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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Let's make something clear: if Hitlery wins the election, the blame for America's downfall will be placed squarely and 100% upon the supporters of Ted Cruz and his supporters. Anyone who does not ENTHUSIASTICALLY and PERSONALLY endorse Donald Trump is an enemy of America, of capitalism, of liberty, and of all good things in the universe.

You're either with Trump or you are aligned with Satan and his desire to destroy mankind.

This is the truth. It is objective and factual and undeniable.

[#] Fri Sep 23 2016 14:59:25 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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Interesting. It looks like Ted Cruz has been reading this discussion, because right after I posted the above message, the news started buzzing that Ted Bush Cruz is getting ready to endorse Donald Lincoln Reagan Trump.

A lot of endorsement and support ($$) has started to appear from "principled conservatives" (aka liberal faux opposition) over the last few days. It seems that they realize Trump has a real shot at winning by a margin larger than that by which Cuntbag will cheat, and they'd better start hedging their bets.

The Bush family plus Romney and the staff of National Review might end up being the only ones left standing in the #NeverTrump wing of Hillary's campaign.
I sincerely hope they all have massive heart attacks and drop dead -- right now.

[#] Sat Sep 24 2016 21:11:45 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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Cruz's tepid endorsement of Trump would have been well-received had he delivered it at the convention. It was pretty much exactly the message we were all hoping he would have delivered at that time.

He should have chosen a venue other than the ultra-liberal hate speech site "Facebook" to deliver it, though.

The response was predictable. The vast majority of commenters were split about evenly between the "Good job Ted, you were my first choice but it's time for us to unify around the nominee" set, and the "Welcome to the Trump Train" set ... with a small minority of Glenn Beck type retards who are now taking the Cruz stickers off their cars because they are among the dwindling remains of the #NeverTrump branch of the democrat party.

[#] Wed Sep 28 2016 10:11:13 EDT from Ragnar Danneskjold

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Well, it's been a couple of days since the debate. Trump came off like a baffon. Hillary as cold and calculating.

America loses.

[#] Wed Sep 28 2016 13:06:32 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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Trump did fine. He came off as strong and cut-the-crap anti establishmnent, just as we like him.

Meanwhile, we are three days away from losing the Internet. If this happens, it will be 100% the fault of Ted Cruz for spending too much time trying in vain to beat Trump for the nomination, and not starting the fight for the Internet sooner.

[#] Wed Sep 28 2016 17:45:34 EDT from Ted Cruise

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That's not me! I wasn't even on the Internet, I was watching the debate on TV! Then I called up Jeb and told him I was sorry Trump beat his girlfriend Hillary.

[#] Sat Oct 01 2016 12:31:01 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

Subject: Clinton cheating begins

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[#] Sat Oct 01 2016 12:31:50 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

Subject: Clinton cheating begins

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According to sources, Randall Prince, a Columbus-area electrical worker, was doing a routine check of his companies wiring and electrical systems when he stumbled across approximately one dozen black, sealed ballot boxes filled with thousands of Franklin County votes for Hillary Clinton and other Democrat candidates.

[#] Sun Oct 02 2016 22:55:44 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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[ ]

As if we needed any more proof of the Uniparty ... George W. Bush's daughter attends a $5,000-a-plate Hillary Clinton fundraiser in Paris, and has her picture taken with buddy Huma Abedin.

I hope she makes it home quickly. Very quickly. As in, I hope her airplane crashes into the Bush home at very high speed, killing the whole family.

[#] Tue Oct 04 2016 22:38:05 EDT from Ragnar Danneskjold

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Pence looked great into tonight's VP debate. Kaine looked insane. And was a rude, interrupting asshole.

[#] Fri Oct 07 2016 18:20:14 EDT from LoanShark

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He's paying it forward. :-)

[#] Mon Oct 10 2016 09:18:37 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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Yuuuuuuuuge debate performance by Trump last night. Despite the three-Hitler team ganging up on him, he grabbed that debate by the pussy and won it big time.

[#] Mon Oct 10 2016 18:05:55 EDT from Ragnar Danneskjold

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He came out looking like he was on Xanax. Was a bit all over the place.

The area he did best was his answer about the Supreme Court. He wants judges that follow the Constitution. She wants ones who have "experience in the real world", ones who won't overturn Roe v. Wade and gay marriage, but will overturn Citizens United.

[#] Tue Oct 11 2016 13:10:32 EDT from LoanShark

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He did better this time than last time. But whether or not he "won" has been pretty much decided in the court of public opinion; he lost.

[#] Tue Oct 11 2016 22:07:45 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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...which is to say that the entire mainstream media deserves to die slowly and painfully because they are all working together to elect Hitlery Cunt Cunt Bitch Cunt Bitch Clinton.

Clinton could open fire with a machine gun in the middle of Times Square shouting "America Sucks!" and the media would cover for her.

The cold war ended in November 2008 and the commies won.   Trump represents our last, best, and only chance to restore our nation.  If he loses, the country will continue to plummet into even more of a shithole than it already has become.

Donald Trump is 100% equivalent to Abraham Lincoln.  Hitlery Cunton is 100% equivalent to Adolf Hilter.  Anyone who thinks it's a good idea to let Hitler (Clinton) steal the country away from Lincoln (Trump) is beyond evil.  I sincerely hope that every single member of the mainstream media contracts the Zika virus, cancer, AIDS, and rabies simultaneously.

And there's a VERY special place in Hell for the Bush family, who have shown just how liberal they are.  It wasn't enough for George H to order the assassination of Ronald Trump Reagan back in 1981.  The whole family are HitlerCunts and they all need to die.  The same goes for RomneyHitler, RyanHitler, and all of the sanctimonious shitheads who showed just how Hitler-equivalent they are by not supporting Trump.

There are only two types of people in the world: Trump supporters, and shit cunt bitch hitler asshole America-hating communist shitheads who desperately need to be beaten in the head with a nuclear bomb until they learn that democrats are the worst thing to ever happen to the universe.


[#] Wed Oct 12 2016 09:52:30 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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Now that I've spoken the objective truth, let's hear the counterarguments.

  • What is the left's solution for prosperity?  With blue collar jobs gone offshore, unskilled work being given to illegal immigrants, and white collar jobs being given to H1B's ... how does the left propose to keep America employed?  All I've heard is that they plan to tax us into prosperity.  What's the proposal?
  • What is the left's solution for security?  Cuntbag has already declared that she will increase the number of incoming terrorists by 550%, and take guns away from non-criminals.  So how does the left propose to keep America safe?

Answers from Americans only, please.

[#] Wed Oct 12 2016 18:12:54 EDT from Ragnar Danneskjold

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The left doesn't care about Americans. It is just a tool for one world government headed by George Soros.

That doesn't make Trump any less of a douche.

[#] Wed Oct 12 2016 20:19:55 EDT from LoanShark

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...which is to say that the entire mainstream media deserves to die

Yeah, too bad about all those journalists, making our minds up for us and all that...

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