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[#] Thu Jan 16 2014 12:22:19 EST from Sig

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Mine popped open in the crash process. The battery is right on top, easy to unplug, etc. Should be a simple swap if it's just the battery.

I really like the 7" size. Fits in the uniform cargo pocket.

[#] Thu Jan 16 2014 17:51:21 EST from fleeb

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I've been using mine for about two years or so without issue. Still functions pretty well. I just make sure to do enough to drain its battery every so often, and avoid keeping it on a charger. The thing does a very good job of conserving the battery, I've found.

[#] Sat Jan 18 2014 08:19:36 EST from dothebart

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an adorable Sony Experia Z just landed here.

put simple:


[#] Sat Jan 18 2014 15:40:39 EST from Lynda Falstaff

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Tue Jan 07 2014 20:51:48 EST from vince-q

We need and Android app for Citadel !!!

I've said that, but to be fair WebCit works nicely on my Galaxy Tab

[#] Wed Jan 22 2014 13:07:32 EST from triLcat

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just ordered a replacement screen for my nexus 7 (committed suicide off a printer). I hope my husband can manage the replacement.

[#] Wed Jan 22 2014 22:57:25 EST from ax25

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Picked up an X-Mass return for $31 recently:

Other than the fact it loves to drop the wifi connection continually and be generally slow, it has been a great Netflix watching tool and faster than booting up the laptop browsing, but generally worth about $31 or so :-) 

[#] Fri Jan 24 2014 07:43:53 EST from IGnatius T Foobar

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Micro Center for the win!! I love Micro Center :)

But yes, the thing about tablets is that really decent ones can now be built on the cheap, thanks to the declining price of SoC (system on a chip) components.
Google should do everything it can to flood the market with low-end Android devices tied into their ecosystem (like Novell did with the NE2000 card).

[#] Mon Feb 24 2014 07:45:20 EST from IGnatius T Foobar

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Well this is fun in a totally FAIL kind of way.

[ ]

Nokia is finally bringing out a line of Android phones. Except ... they're not really Android phones in the sense that they can be used as Android phones.

For starters, they skinned Android to look like Windows Phone. Ugh.

Then they removed all of the Google apps, Google services, Google API's, and the Google Play store, replacing all of these with Microsoft ones. So you don't get access to the huge library of Android software out there, and even if you were able to sideload some of the apps, anything accessing a Google API won't work.

Stephen E-Flop says that they did this to "differentiate" their Android offering from the others. Yeah, I suppose an unofficial Android build skinned to look like Windows and powered by craptastic Bing services counts as "differentiation" but not the kind of differentiation that's going to drive revenue. If people wanted that crap they'd just buy Windows Phones -- and that isn't happening either.

[#] Mon Feb 24 2014 17:03:40 EST from the_mgt

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But but but... I thought Android was superb ubartastatic just because it is Linux?! Even without the GNU part, isn't that even more fantastic? What do you need the google for, then?

Oh, wait, the Google Service and the APIs and the Store and the nifty integration of all those beautiful flowers in the walled garden, right... 

So, let's face it: Vanilla Android is so damned crippled and useless by itself, that you have to sell your soul to Satan Google to make any use of such a device. About the same thing as this Cupertino base BSD flavour? Why are we talking about the freedom of Android again? It is as free as a farmer in the Sahara to grow it's own food. Hooray for freedom!


In other news: I am as happy as a pig in the mud with my Jolla, it does everything I want and looks good while doing so. Of all the 25+ installed apps in the AlienDalvik/Android VM, I only use my banks app. All the other apps look too ugly or are too useless. I am mostly stopping the vm and only turning it on when neede.

[#] Thu May 08 2014 00:13:33 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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I'm a nerd so I'm enjoying this:

A mobile app called "OpenSignal" (got it on my android, but I think it's available for fruity phones as well) combines data from signal strength, Google Maps, and a database of tower locations, to plot your phone's location on a map along with all nearby towers. It draws a line between your phone and the tower currently in use.

It also uses the phone's compass to simulate a direction-finder towards the tower.

There are data/voice bandwidth test functions in there, and some wifi stuff as well, but it doesn't look as interesting.

[#] Thu May 08 2014 10:13:29 EDT from zooer

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Looks interesting but why does it have to:

read your contacts
read call log
Your accounts
read Google service configuration
run at startup

[#] Thu May 08 2014 11:02:56 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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Because it has the ability to keep a log of call quality.

[#] Thu May 08 2014 16:17:46 EDT from zooer

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Too many apps have to run at startup. I don't want that.

[#] Fri May 09 2014 11:42:51 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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I can't imagine you haven't rooted your phone and installed something like App Ops to acquire fine grained control of which apps have which permissions, overriding those granted at startup.

I always remove startup permissions from apps I only want running when I call them up. And I remove notification permissions from almost everything.
The last thing I need is an interruption of my day from a game reminding me to play it.

[#] Fri May 09 2014 15:13:49 EDT from zooer

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Verizon, I have heard of problems rooting Verizon phones.

[#] Sat May 17 2014 00:48:01 EDT from Sig

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I have a Bible reading app which I find very useful, particularly because it can switch between a bunch of different translations on the fly (even Russian if I'm feeling particularly masochistic).

I can only conclude, however, that it's a catholic app, because it likes to randomly pop up reminders that I'm behind on my reading list or haven't looked at anything in a while. I'm being guilt tripped by a Bible app. That's not cool, man.

I should definitely get around to doing something about that.

[#] Sat May 17 2014 09:07:17 EDT from zooer

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It isn't the app, it is gawd speaking to you through your cell phone.

[#] Sun May 18 2014 20:03:25 EDT from fleeb

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One thing you could do about that is become atheist.


[#] Tue May 20 2014 11:07:01 EDT from zooer

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And then spend a turn a tea in hell? I don't think so.

[#] Tue May 20 2014 11:48:59 EDT from Shazam

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What is everyone's favorite phone right now and why? I am going to have to replace my iphone at some point, so you lot are probably the smartest and most opinionated people I know.

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