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[#] Fri Mar 28 2014 07:27:46 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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With all due respect, CE/BCE is 100% bullshit. If you want to pull Christ out of the Christian calendar, use another calendar with another epoch. I would rather see you use the Jewish calendar and I'll convert to BC/AD if needed.

[#] Fri Mar 28 2014 08:57:36 EDT from fleeb

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Imagine having to translate all those epochs in a computer program that's just trying to calculate the current date.

[#] Fri Mar 28 2014 10:02:25 EDT from vince-q <>

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Advantage of the Jewish calendar: would have completely sidestepped the "Y2K" nonsense of some years ago.

DisadvantageS of the Jewish calendar:

1) no Christmas Vacation

2) no Easter Vacation

and the biggest disadvantage...

3) thirteen (???) months!

Oh, and there is another advantage -- *all* those Holidays --- yum!!!! (yes - I *love* Jewish food!)

[#] Fri Mar 28 2014 10:59:48 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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I would welcome a calendar where the epoch is the beginning of recorded history (4000 to 5000 BC) or perhaps the beginning of estimated human history (150000 to 300000 BC). Or we could just switch to Stardates.

But, if you're going to use a calendar whose epoch is the birth of Christ, there's no getting around calling it the Christian calendar. Words have meanings.
Don't make me get snarky and have Citadel display all dates with years relative to the birth of Hitler, ok?

[#] Fri Mar 28 2014 11:00:32 EDT from Mike Godwin

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I would *love* that!

[#] Fri Mar 28 2014 11:40:05 EDT from fleeb

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Hmm... Hitler's birth as an epoch... that's interesting...

[#] Fri Mar 28 2014 13:04:30 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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You may appropriately mark years in the calendar as "BH" (Before Hitler) and "AH" (Anno Hitlerium). (In case you haven't figured it out yet, this *is* a reductio ad absurdum of the "common era" nonsense.)

[#] Fri Mar 28 2014 16:14:18 EDT from zooer

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I am going to use ZC, zooer's calendar. It begins on my birthday, before that time didn't matter. Every month
has 30 days, at the end of the year with have five catch-up days where everyone gets a vacation. Every four
years there is a mustard day.

We would also switch to a dozenal/duodecimal system.

[#] Fri Mar 28 2014 16:21:41 EDT from fleeb

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I could go with the dozenal/duodecimal system. It would seriously help make arithmetic much easier.

Damn the French.

[#] Sat Mar 29 2014 07:46:49 EDT from zooer

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We are almost there, clocks, calendars, eggs, bagels, polydactyl cats, we are so close.

[#] Sat Mar 29 2014 22:52:11 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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We would also switch to a dozenal/duodecimal system.

Is that anything like the Dewey Decimal System? Because I liked the Dewey Decimal System far better than the Library of Congress System. In retrospect it makes sense that a card catalog designed by the government wouldn't make any sense. R

Actually does anyone even remember books?

[#] Sun Mar 30 2014 12:16:40 EDT from fleeb

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Er, no, it's a base 12 numeric system instead of base 10. It has several advantages over base 10, though. Multiplication and Division are considerably easier with that system, for one.

[#] Mon Mar 31 2014 08:26:37 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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Wouldn't that be even more true of Base 16? Bitwise arithmetic and all that?
Or is that a programmer-chauvinist viewpoint?

Perhaps we should just use Base 1. All numbers are zero, and math is easy.
You can even divide by zero.

[#] Mon Mar 31 2014 08:41:28 EDT from fleeb

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No, 12 is particularly great because it has so many divisors. You can divide it by 2, 3, and 6. Base 10 only has 2 and 5, making it a more awkward system to use by comparison.

(Oh, I forgot... base 12 also has 4 as a divisor... even better).

Wikipedia has a page that compares base 12 to base 10:

[#] Mon Mar 31 2014 10:43:20 EDT from zooer

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Doughnuts already use the base 12 system, that is an advantage.

Damn the French and their base ten system.

[#] Tue Apr 01 2014 12:19:52 EDT from Sig

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Somehow my laptop's sources.list got all weird, or maybe it's just ridiculously out of date because I haven't been keeping track of it. Anyway, I just reset to the defaults for my distro (Linux Mint Debian Edition) and did a dist-upgrade because I like living dangerously and don't keep anything important on this machine. We'll see what happens when the 1.1G of downloads is finished and the install starts...

[#] Tue Apr 01 2014 13:49:57 EDT from Sig

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Eh, it was time for a fresh load anyway.

[#] Tue Apr 01 2014 21:04:01 EDT from ax25

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You should pull out the modem and do it via dial up.  I know my wife appreciated the nights I upgraded the old laptop that way :-)

[#] Tue Apr 01 2014 21:20:45 EDT from Sig

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Egh. I have a USR 33.6 external somewhere. But no phone line.

[#] Thu Apr 03 2014 17:11:50 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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I have an external modem with a USB connection instead of a serial port. There aren't a whole lot of those around, as most people had moved to broadband by the time the "everything is USB" scene had arrived.

I use it to capture the Caller ID of incoming calls on my home phone line, splash them to the screen of my computer in the basement, and log them. Because, y'know, I'm way too cheap to spend $20 on a phone with built-in Caller ID display. And of course I got to build the solution with Linux.

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