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[#] Fri Oct 30 2015 08:05:54 EDT from fleeb

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Heus! Amicus Wild Will!

[#] Fri Oct 30 2015 13:05:06 EDT from MJ

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I think I saw you IG. Were you the one speaking with three guys sitting at the gray table? I'm watching the series again. It really is well made.

[#] Fri Oct 30 2015 13:44:23 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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Yes, that's me (a decade ago when I still had hair...)

Part 7 ("No Carrier") at the 20 minute mark.

[#] Fri Oct 30 2015 14:18:10 EDT from MJ

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Did he have like a "casting" call to find out who wanted to be interviewed or did they reach out to all of you. He seemed to have found a lot of people that wanted to talk about BBS just wasn't sure how he found you all.

[#] Fri Oct 30 2015 14:43:39 EDT from zooer

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[#] Fri Oct 30 2015 16:05:39 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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Well, the thing is, Jason was part of the "scene" during its heyday, so he knew where to look. He knew what topics he wanted to cover, so it was just a matter of figuring out where everyone was.

He ended up discarding most of our interview. It started in a room that was very cool looking but had terrible acoustics, and when he realized how bad it was we moved to a nearby conference room.

[#] Fri Oct 30 2015 16:21:51 EDT from zooer

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Terrible acoustics?  There was one interview that looked like it was done in a hotel hallway. it echoed, the lighting was bad, and the shot framing looked odd.

[#] Fri Oct 30 2015 20:37:06 EDT from Groo the Wanderer

Subject: Re: Hi Guys!

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Thanks man, hope all is going well for you and everyone else on UCG! 

Yeah all that anxiety about not getting this job, now I just have a huge amount of anxiety keeping the job.  So all is normal for me.  8)

[#] Fri Oct 30 2015 20:54:27 EDT from Groo the Wanderer

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Mon Oct 19 2015 05:34:03 EDT from fleeb

I rather fancy the idea of the comic character 'Groo the Wanderer' stumbling into an AT&T facility and wreaking havoc.

Imagine you're a customer calling AT&T's support staff...

Customer: "I'm having trouble with the web site.  It won't accept my login, and I know I'm using the correct password."

Support staff over phone: "Well, let's see if we can help you with that.  Do you know your accou-- WHAT THE HELL?! WHAT IS THAT SWORD-WIELDING MENDICANT DOING HERE?"

Gruff voice over phone, in the distance: "I DO NOT KNOW WHAT 'MENDICANT' MEANS, BUT I DO NOT LIKE BEING CALLED THAT!"

[sounds of fighting over the phone]

Customer: "Sheesh, never mind.  I'll just pay my bill by mail."

Ah so I see you've been there!  Fortunately the union protects me from getting fired over slaying customers.  I just say, if they don't want to be slain, why are they at the tip of my swords?!?

I'm sorry, but I just can't stand grown adults that forget their passwords.  It, it just gets under my skin. (no offense)  I spend sometimes hours on that project.

Oh hi, I'm Groo, how can I help you?

"oh hi, I need to set up my phone, but I lost my old one."

"Did you back it up on the cloud?"

"What's the cloud?"   At this point I contemplate slaying, but I hold off

"So, do you have an email?" I ask

"No. I have a Gmail" I tell them I'll be right back.  I go into the back room and go nuts for a few minutes, then return

"So that's good, we just need to put your e-um-Gmail into the phone and everything will be great!"

"But I forgot the password"

"Do you have a back up gmail?"

"No, my son made this one for me, I didn't know you could have two gmails."

 Usually after like 10 minutes of this kind of thing, 5-10 times a day, the union needs to be called.  But hey, all in a days hell.

The next part usually consists of them not getting all of their contacts and blaming me, and asking for someone else to help me, even though I've done all that I could do.

But after all of that I then ask them to pick a new password.  The person then tells me something like this.  7&yiu1klRRpoi. 

I question them if they will remember it, they look confused, they say their son or daughter told them to make it cryptic like that.  They usually take my advice to make it easier for them to remember.

This does happen everyday, and has for the last 3.5 years that I've worked there. 

Now if this was my old self that everyone is more familiar with, I'd have been fired by now. 8)

[#] Mon Nov 02 2015 10:46:26 EST from fleeb

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It's good to know that Unions are useful for something.

[#] Tue Nov 03 2015 08:52:37 EST from zooer

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You forgot to close your sarcasm tag

[#] Wed Nov 04 2015 17:03:56 EST from fleeb

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Are you expecting?

You missed your period.

[#] Wed Nov 04 2015 17:12:40 EST from fleeb

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[#] Wed Nov 11 2015 23:37:43 EST from ax25

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۞         ۩


My text video games would have been much cooler looking if we had unicode back in the 80's.

[#] Fri Nov 13 2015 07:20:51 EST from IGnatius T Foobar

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Unicode and emoji are like a mainstreaming of the character sets from 30 years ago, back when they had graphics characters in them.

[#] Wed Nov 25 2015 20:56:28 EST from zooer

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Happy Happy day

[#] Thu Nov 26 2015 10:33:53 EST from IGnatius T Foobar

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Happy turkey day, turkeys!  God bless what's left of America.

[#] Sun Dec 13 2015 17:54:27 EST from zooer

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As of today, there are only 377 shopping days left until Christmas.

[#] Sun Dec 13 2015 17:59:00 EST from zooer

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...and 331 days until we meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

[#] Sun Dec 20 2015 01:10:02 EST from ryan42

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