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[#] Thu Nov 23 2023 13:37:23 EST from Nurb432

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That RK has a ( currently ) under utilized NPU on it.  That is where i was headed, i agree the GPU is not up for that task, but its NPU fills that gap.   While T/NPUs are mainly geared towards AI and not Crypto, they can do both as it is similar.  Of course, in crypto if its not ASIC  you are peeing in the ocean at this point.   And in AI wrld, N/TPU is that asic component.

A100s are basically 100% GPU . As is the older Tesla i have.  Their host PC is just there for i/o really. 

My lite coin miners, similar, they are 100% ASIC with a tiny arm board for i/o to the real world.

Thu Nov 23 2023 13:11:12 EST from IGnatius T Foobar
*cough* RK3588 *cough*  :)

Yes, I absolutely adore my RK3588 with the CPU and GPU on the same die, but that's not what I was referring to here.

When doing math-heavy jobs such as cryptomining and "AI" inference, it's all about the GPU density, the CPU is just there as an orchestrator and it isn't doing much other than feeding data to the workers. And so there are now modules (I'll find a spec for one if I can) that are basically all GPU, with some memory on the board, and a few ARM cores, to make it a "full" computer instead of a peripheral that needs to be installed "in" a computer.


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