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[#] Sat Nov 04 2006 01:17:37 EST from wabewalker

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clever gift idea for kitties and their humans:  use scrap yarn to make felt balls

[#] Sat Nov 04 2006 01:48:38 EST from harry

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Cool, Wabe. The kitties should enjoy those. :-)

[#] Fri Nov 17 2006 11:01:48 EST from Ladyhawke

[Reply] [ReplyQuoted] [Headers] [Print] a wookie hat would be even cooler.  :-)

[#] Fri Nov 17 2006 13:09:42 EST from girthta

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You mean a wookie SUIT!

[#] Fri Nov 17 2006 13:55:00 EST from Ladyhawke

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Cooler yet!  Especially if complete with feet!

[#] Fri Nov 17 2006 14:59:33 EST from girthta

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got fleeb's yarn today.


Think, black alpaca, grey mohair with silver held in.

[#] Fri Nov 17 2006 15:06:31 EST from Ladyhawke

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That sounds *gorgeous*!

[#] Mon Nov 27 2006 11:41:48 EST from girthta

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Knitted fleeb's Pinky. Still need to finish it.

That lace pattern was a BEYOTCH!!! 

[#] Mon Nov 27 2006 20:31:11 EST from vermilion

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Wow, so much great crafty stuff going on here! You guys are awesome!
I've been crocheting for ages, and this year have started knitting as well (next
is embroidery...).

I've got this beginner-lace scarf on the needles right now, in a really pretty
Morehouse Merino laceweight yarn (very dark olive-forest-black variegation):
So far it's coming out pretty well, though I seem to have missed a yarnover
somewhere in this last row. Argh.

Is it weird that I'm all gung-ho to try lace, but I haven't tried cables yet and
intarsia still gives me the twitches when I think about attempting it?

[#] Tue Nov 28 2006 00:46:16 EST from 2Dog

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"Knit me a rainbow, and I'll weave you a dream"

[#] Tue Nov 28 2006 05:51:05 EST from girthta

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vermy- that's the next bit of lace I plan to do! (that exact pattern)

Fleeb's hat is pinky from the archives of knitty...with black alpaca and a grey mohair with silver metalic held with.

I have to finish my dad's scarf before I start my next project... which I think might either be a shrug for myself, another scarf for someone on this board, or a satchel for my husband.

Don't be scared of cables... they are insanely easy!!! once you see how easy it is, and the stunning effect it creates, you'll be hooked.

Intarsia...well...yea, that scares me. 

[#] Tue Nov 28 2006 10:23:09 EST from vermilion

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Hee, spooky! I can tell you - it's pretty simple. It took 3 tries in the beginning to grok how the stitches work (since I'm still new at this), and I have been diligently keeping a lifeline in place after every motif, but it's looking really good!

Next projects are a pair of Boy-Legwarmers for my sweetie, who asked for a pair for Christmas. And I think I'm going to do some wire crochet votive candle holders for my mom.

I'm sure cables are incredibly easy - maybe I'll do a pair of cabled fingerless gloves, since I keep seeing cool patterns for those. I did do faux minicables for Knitty's "Sox on 2 Stix" pattern - which turned out awesome!

[#] Tue Nov 28 2006 14:14:56 EST from girthta

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I guess I'm going to teach  mself to crochet now that I have a needle. 

[#] Tue Nov 28 2006 20:34:19 EST from vermilion

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Good luck! Apparently the hardest thing for knitters learning to crochet is getting used to having only one stick instead of two. But crochet is awesome because if you make a mistake it's supereasy to just rip it out to where things went wrong.

[#] Wed Nov 29 2006 02:36:38 EST from 2Dog

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Oh, I see... *harummph* ... just totally ignore me.

You wait. You'll see...




*sobs* "Why do you neglect me so?" *sobs*

[#] Wed Nov 29 2006 05:50:57 EST from girthta

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Did someone hear something???

Anyway, taught myself to crochet last night. Not hard. Learned single, half double, double, triple crochet. Still need to find better instructions on joining, sl st and working in round.

I'm making a snowman for my first project... because it's easy there's no gauge and I only have a size G. 

[#] Wed Nov 29 2006 08:35:50 EST from nadia

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a snowman g string?

[#] Wed Nov 29 2006 09:02:22 EST from triLcat

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nice going girty! I've only learned single and all I can do is round stuff. (yarmulkes and hats, basically) Annoying thing is that my mom can't really teach me much because she's left-handed and compensates in strange ways.

[#] Wed Nov 29 2006 10:56:07 EST from girthta

[Reply] [ReplyQuoted] [Headers] [Print] has a great tutorial (the pictures are really the thing for me) which is what I used.

I don't think you should have to pay to learn a craft... or to at least try. Except Peyote stitch, which I didn't get until I saw it.

I don't know the sl st or joining... gong to research that today. Then I have to learn how to read patterns. 

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