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[#] Mon Jun 17 2024 07:36:17 EDT from Nurb432

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Bleh, and just as i posted i saw a blurb "AFT vows to work with congress .. " 

Going to end up banning it all, via law, and then decades of suits to try to get to SCOTUS to strike them down, if they have not been packed or subverted ( someone said 2 justices are going to be retiring during the next presidential term.  this could be the end of everything ).

[#] Tue Jun 18 2024 19:38:06 EDT from Nurb432

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I think today's attempt at explicit banning bump stocks by congress failed.  ( which is basically what SCOTUS said to do..  )

And while it doesn't matter now to do too much research since the bill has to be redone/introduced as regular process and will change, i think they were trying to add ALL semi auto weapons to the NFA.    "we didn't take your rights, as you can have them, but you gotta pay and register"

[#] Wed Jun 19 2024 12:12:04 EDT from Nurb432

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Hmm so something so clear as the bump stock rule being invalid, took nearly 8 years just to get to court to be nullified. Will take decades for the next one after congress passes an actual law banning them, IF it ever gets to SCOTUS...  Look how long the unconstitutional NFA has stood.. 

I wonder how many people went to jail for having one, and sat there waiting for it to be overturned.  


Our founders would be ashamed of us.

[#] Fri Jun 21 2024 14:09:29 EDT from Nurb432

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SCOTUS punched freedom in the nose today.

[#] Sat Jun 22 2024 07:28:13 EDT from darknetuser

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2024-06-14 10:39 from Nurb432
Looks like the bumpstock ban has been overturned by scotus ( i still
think they are stupid, but hey, if you want one, great, go get one )

I think what is meaningful about this one is I read it in the local headlines here, in a country which never reports this sort of stuff.

[#] Sat Jun 22 2024 09:02:24 EDT from Nurb432

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It wont last long. Now that SCOTUS told congress "well, just make a law" its just a matter of time.   It also means states that have banned them explicitly, they stand.  


They could have said "banning bump stocks is unconstitutional" but they didn't.  And I know why they did what they did ( staying in their lane and sticking with a ruling on the case in front of them, to avoid issues down the road ) but unfortunately it set things up for a lot of future restrictions.  "Fine, we will get congress to do it"


Same issue with a lot of other executive branch over-reach. Just says "go get it in law, then you are good". Sure, may get struck down eventually on real grounds, but most laws 'stick' until then.. decades.. 

[#] Sat Jun 22 2024 12:29:26 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

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Bump stocks are a bad idea, just legalize full auto.  No one should be prohibited from carrying any weapon they want.  If I want a turret on the back of my truck that can wipe out an entire army of invaders in under a minute, I am guaranteed that by the Constitution.  Anyone who is against that IS THE ARMY OF INVADERS and deserves to be shot hundreds of times.

[#] Sat Jun 22 2024 12:38:29 EDT from Nurb432

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I agree, however the ones that will shoot and kill you, and your dog, do not believe that. 

Something i told a kid once "ya, the sign says you have the right of way, but it wont matter if you get killed by a car for not looking first to see if they slow down" " so look first anyway"

Sat Jun 22 2024 12:29:26 EDT from IGnatius T Foobar

I am guaranteed that by the Constitution. 


[#] Mon Jul 08 2024 18:54:15 EDT from Nurb432

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May not make it thru, and it will be struck down, eventually... years?  But i guess there is now a push to get the ATF reclassify Glocks as machine guns since its 'too easy to convert'.

If they do this and dont get slapped down immediately, expect AR-15's next..


One source:


[#] Tue Jul 09 2024 18:24:43 EDT from zelgomer

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One source: r


Is that the date in the URL or just a coincidence?

[#] Tue Jul 09 2024 18:27:45 EDT from Nurb432

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Dammit, its the date, it is the correct story but there were newer versions from this week as its being pushed 'again'.  ill have to dig that up. 

[#] Sun Jul 14 2024 07:38:06 EDT from Nurb432

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Trump shooting: 


"Law enforcement sources told CBS News the suspect was shooting with AR-style rifle from 200-300 feet away."


Commence expanded attack on rifles. The left  just loves these events.

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